Why would someone waste time and more importantly money putting almost $2,000 worth of mobile phones on a grill? Well, for advertising…

No matter how stupid this was, I couldn’t help watching until the end, secretly hoping the iPhone would be the last phone standing. Spoiler: it wasn’t. If you have 2 minutes of your time to kill, watch this video.

Is this how you would put your Android or Windows Phone 7 to use?

  • James

    lol iphone fail

  • Thisdood

    Poor iPhone… I almost died, I would kill for any of those phones.

  • Statistically, you cannot draw any conclusion with just one sample of each for the experiment!
    I will be glad to see a lot of grill experiment at the same time. lol

  • T-Mizzle

    Wow what a waste!!

  • sk@tta

    What a waste im here dying to get an iPhone 4

  • Saily

    Funny lol what would i grill my beautiful iPhone ! I dont care iPhone still the best .

  • appletiser

    hmmm can’t decide which i prefer, grilling or blending (:

  • Heyo

    That temp warning for the iPhone is pretty useful. It goes on when it’s already too late. Go windows mobile gotta root for the underdog even if I have an iPhone 4

  • GEO

    like the mortal kombat ref. TOASTY…

    • Burge


  • Adrian

    Ready to eat? Yummy.

  • Aaaweew u fucken idiot i need an iphone….y did u do that

  • pratik VAidya

    I will never do this… even if i have money to blow… i would rather gift it!!!!

  • luis

    i love how the iphone actually tells your iphone that is going to crack before it happens

  • Saz

    Well that’s just stupid.

  • What a waste, all those toxins going in to the air, waste of money and resources.
    If this is a commercial for something, it has the opposite effect, even if that bran of grill was sold here, I would stay away from it.

  • Twited21

    Someone has money to burn

  • Hades

    Sick bastards!

  • Hes a pendejo….

    • Limit21

      Pendejo… That’s the exact word I was looking for… Lol

  • Lolman

    Hahahahaha. That was awesome!!!

  • Pissed_Off_NERD!

    Dumb Shit People with Money do.
    Fcking Idiots this video proved Nothing.

  • Jarin

    Hey i watched this video on wifi n the quality is real good but when i use my 3g why the why the quality is bad??

    • appletiser

      probably because the lower bandwidth reduces the quality to aid consistent playback and fewer “buffering” messages (:

  • ImNotAsHeEp

    iphone short lived hail all new better brands