No matter how much you love your iPhone, there’s one thing you have to agree on: the auto correct sucks! Until Apple makes this better, there isn’t much we can do but laugh about it all.

That’s what does. The website compiles all those hilarious auto correct suggestions for your browsing pleasure.

What the duck! I should have thought of that earlier ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • #$%^

    haha ๐Ÿ™‚

  • XxL3THALxX

    This is comedy!

  • If people would be willing to submit their text when it went wrong it would be even better. It would be like a huge database for Apple to see how much they need to improve. Aaand it would make it more hilarious.

  • theComer

    I totally agree!!
    I really hate it. isn’t there a way to disable it??!!

    • theComer

      oops yep I found it ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Sascha

    Yes, it sucks. First thing I did with all three iPhones I owned so far, was turn that thing of. It costs you way more time deleting all the false assumptions it inserted than it helps.

    The worst thing about it is that you have to push the little ‘x’ on the top right corner to NOT use the suggestion. When you type fast, you don’t have enough time to do so before the auto-‘correction’ inserts the word it thinks is the one you mean. GAAA!

    • Orangesn0w

      First thing I did was make ra1n poison and sn0w

  • why isn’t there the option to “add” words to our iPhone dictionaries? that would alleviate MOST auto correct issues ….. for me anyways ….. and WHY OH WHY doesn’t it “spell check/auto correct” capitalized words?!?!? WTF?!?!? grrrrr

    • Tony

      It auto capitalizes words for me, well most of them that should be capital anyways.

      I hate when it makes hell into he’ll ๎

  • Ivana

    I love it!

  • iKing

    Yeah that’s y I got bitesms. Delay send saves me some embarasing moments lol

  • nikkkkk

    it turns “me” into “mr” somtimes. hahahahah it’s so stupid

  • Felix

    This is the reason I installed the auto correct toggle for sbs settings.

    • Z


  • dani

    u can disable it… so it isnt the end of the world xd

  • slowhand

    Oh man…

    There’s some funny shit on there!

  • T-Mizzle


  • Some times Auto correct is totally Suck.. but some time not ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Mark3404

    I hate it because if I turn it off, there are more mistakes made than with it on.. and I usually forget to click the little x to keep what I typed. They need to update the damn word database.. If i type the word “Comcast” for instance.. it changes it to concede.. SO ANNOYING!!

    / Mark 1/2 Price of “The Geeks!”

  • MC

    Why does autocorrect choose the word, “thr” as the alternative when I typo keying the word “the”. Is “thr” a more common word than “the” in Apple’s database? Wheat thr frock?

  • seagoat

    “Thr” plagues me daily. Leave it to Apple to not give you any way to erase baloney like this from the spelling database.

  • Assaf

    “THR” haunts my dreams. I can’t type anymore! And it won’t stop suggesting it no matter how many times I erase it.

  • I got in trouble with the auto correct that turned a comment x-rated.

  • Mark

    THR comes up on my phone literally 1/2 the time when i am trying to type ‘the’. fuck sakes.

  • Usability

    The root of the issue is arrogance and software-based companies “inventing” things without (1) preserving user familiarity and (2) creating a bold, easy-to-find obvious way to TURN IT OFF whatever “it” is. There should be a greater outrage and there would be if people would learn that they don’t have to put up with it and call, write, complain, speak-up etc. and force the largest tech. companies to get a clue and learn what usability means.

  • Fruitydc ri

    Yeah Iphone auto sux to the max. whenever I type chinese names like LIM it will auto to TIM, Type Meet you Vivo (a location) it will auto: Meet You Vivian, people answered me back: who’s Vivian!!??