Here is an interesting tweet from MuscleNerd saying that “a very nice unlock” is coming soon. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the Dev Team already has an unlock ready for release but they’re just waiting for Apple to ship iOS 4.2, sometimes in the next few days.

I assume this unlock will work for every device and will be compatible with iOS 4.1 and 4.2 basebands…

That is some good news, especially for those who “accidentally” updated to iOS 4.1 and are now stuck out of their unlock.

As always, the best way to keep your unlock safe is to not update your iPhone to the latest iOS right away, and to use PwnageTool once available to update while preserving the baseband.

Any question about this? Feel free to ask in the comments section.

  • My Iphone 4 Firmware 4.1 Was locked and sim locked now can anyone help with the sim lock or is it just useless. and will 4.2 come?

  • Jergis

    everyone any ideas or does anyone know when the iphone 4 on 4.1 firmware unlock comes out?

  • Whiteman 13

    If u got any news pls let us know 🙂 it is very hard to have iPhone 4 and can’t use it

    • Martin Roberts

      did you buy the phone from apple??

      • whiteman 13


      • Martin Roberts

        Well then it’s unlocked mate if its not tied to a contract and iPhone 4 you buy on pay as you go are sim free (:

    • It’s true I have that problem too I hope it I’ll out soon

  • the iOS 4.2 just came out today – so the hack will come out any time soon…

    • Justin

      Please have the unlock soon!!!!

      • Martin Roberts

        has 4.2 even came out yet because my itunes says it hasn’t

  • Mimi

    Thank goodness, just recently f*@#’d up and updated to 4.1 so I can not wait to re-unlock my phone :/ Let me know when it does!

  • NutoTurno

    when i can’t wait any longer…..

  • jergis

    the unlock is coming out tomorrow 11-24 fersure i just red it but for the 5. something firmware

  • jergis

    i mean 5. something baseband

  • Kenny

    ok, the 4.2 is out, so how long until the ullock is out?

  • Kenny


  • Martin Roberts

    Is it really out because I have tried to update my iPhone and it says 4.1 is the lasts software do I have to update my iTunes to get the new update

  • Kenny

    think you might need to download the new itunes, not sure new to all of this sorry

  • Martin Roberts

    I have to download it I found out it told me lol

  • XxTheOne999xX

    Make sure it works good

  • Wassem

    When is the unlock for the 4.1 coming out ??

  • Wassem

    Can’t wait no longer !!

  • Martin roberts

    Just to let people know the 4.1 4.2 4.2.1 unlocks are out (: you have to use redsn0w to unlock your iPhone because you have to install a iPad baseband I have tried it my self and it works (:

  • Brzi

    yes but it puts 06.15.00 baseband ipad and you will lose GPS function on your iphone

    • Jen

      does that mean that i’m not gonna be able to use maps on my iphone?

  • Kenny

    i have the ipad baseband and used my gps today, it worked?

  • Joe

    Is there any tutorials out yet on how to unlock ios 4.1? add my email if you can help me out

  • summer

    Today is december 30, 2010 i have my iphone 4 fw 4.1 since august. 4.2 is already released by apple so when is the unlock going to comeout for 4.1. please help its already been so long, i wanna be able to use my phone without ATT. please help

  • siddhesh

    waiting for unlock iphone 4 ,4.1 if anybody get pl inorm me.thanks

  • Joe

    whats happining with this unlock why dont they update us i wona use my phone!

  • belone

    I am getting crazy because of i phone 4. Are there any braveheart guy to solved 4.1 4.2 jailbraeks problems? I want to use my i4 free of problems 🙁

  • dezmond

    when is the 4.1 jailbrk cumin out cant wait 2 use my i4

  • Rohit

    When d unlocking for I phone 4 is going to come, waiting from last so many months…..

  • Rohit

    When d unlocking for I phone 4.1 is going to come, waiting from last so many months…..

  • Prakash

    waiting for unlock iphone 4 ,4.1 if anybody get psl inform me.thanks

  • paras

    still watting for 4.1 unlock

  • Ihsan

    Are you unlock my iPhone 4 5 .1.1 fido carrear