Are you a gleek? Do you want to be able to watch every episode of Glee directly on your iPhone for free? Well, there’s a jailbreak app for that. Glee Mobile, available exclusively via Cydia lets you stream every episode of Glee to your iPhone, at absolutely no cost.

To be honest with you, I doubt this app really is legal but I’m sure the gleeks out there won’t be discouraged by copyright infringements.

You can download Glee Mobile for free on Cydia.

  • riaz

    do u get something like this for how i met your mother

    • Patrick

      Now that would be fantastic!

    • NO there isn’t such an app for how I met your mother. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time 😉

  • riaz

    true story …

  • ahmed al-khuzae

    omg wooooooow
    made my day

    source info please
    ordered the iphone 4 coming in three days

  • riaz

    sebastien …. pls b sure t0 write an article on it if something like this for how i met your mother comes out … because that will be legend………………… wait 4 it………………………..dairy…. and btw theres something similiar out for simpson fans …….. it seems like its gonne be a trend …

  • MikeLo


  • i tried downloading this twice, but it wouldn’t ever open, would crash before the screen even loaded. I wonder whats wrong.

  • oh well, i am a gleek myself and i really really love GLEE :

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  • Macy

    Perhaps you should tell them that jailbreak apps void the warranty.

  • Name

    what they’re not telling you is that if you jailbreak your iphone you lose insurance on it. no thanks. i love glee and i would love to watch it on my 16 hour car ride tonight but it’s not worth $600 for a new phone if i damage or lose mine.