The PwnageTool jailbreak for iPhone iOS 4.1 is out and available for download! It was supposed to be released last Sunday but it didn’t for unknown reasons. This new version of PwnageTool will jailbreak the iPhone 3G, 3GS, and iPhone 4. PwnageTool will also work for the iPod Touch 3G and 4G. Additionally, it will work with the iPad and the new Apple TV.

LimeRa1n and GreenPois0n have been released over a week ago. The difference between these jailbreaks and PwnageTool is that PwnageTool will preserve your baseband. This is crucial for iPhone owners who want to unlock

PwnageTool is Mac only. It will allow you to cook a custom firmware to restore your iPhone to. You can download PwnageTool from our download section.

A PwnageTool tutorial is now available.

  • pwn41

    yeah! i’m waiting for this since sunday.. but it just gone silents .. lol

  • Irha

    For iphone 4, isn’t TinyUmbrella a reliable alternative to preserving the baseband?

    • Yes. But only for iPhone 4.

  • Burge

    This is great news..because the dev of remove BG has been waiting for this and now he will make remove BG work on 4.1…

    • JonAskew

      Nice! Can’t wait for remove bg to work on 4.1! I miss having it

  • axel Macintosh

    doesn’t work on iphone 3gs. Limera1n is better

    • Burge

      Do you even know what this does ?

    • DEE_ROON

      Limera1n dosnt work on my 3gs any help please?

  • Mandool Khan

    I am broken with out my iPhone 4. I bought it from a friend 2 weeks ago because he was moving to U.S. and now I miss having it. I cannot make calls and received, so I have to go on home phone and check my voice messages. I didn’t enjoyed the iPhone 4 at all. I hope they announced the new firmware soon.

    • brent


  • Marc

    Any mention of a windows version?

    • J

      Same question here. Have an apple tv I want to jailbreak with windows

      • Burge

        There will not be windows one .. There never has been b4 … Best to give up hope now…

  • Aaron

    I HATE how you refuse to link to anything. Link to the source like other tech sites……

  • Zeeshan Chawdhry

    what about windows ????? 🙁

    • J

      Windows version Of the pwnage tool or is ultran0w the equivalent?

      • Burge

        Ultrasnow is a Cydia download to unlock a baseband.. Pwnage tool makes a custom firmware ( IPSW ) for you to install on your device , and that keeps it to a baseband that CAN be unlocked

  • callumpears0n

    ih8sn0w’s sn0wbreeze is the windows version i think it’s due to be released

  • YAstin

    How can I download
    there are no download link. Pleace help me.


  • TheChosenOne

    Hey guys,

    I’m on an iPhone 3g 4.0 and would like to update to 4.1 I need to jailbreak and unlock the phone. I am on a Windows, so Pwnage will not work for me. Also RedSn0w will not preserve my baseband. Anyone have any ideas? It would be well appreciated, thank you!

    • Use your friend’s Mac or look for a cooked firmware on Google

  • YAstin

    Hallo Sebastian
    Im sorry I don’ know wich tool are funktion PwageTool with Windows XP.
    can You help me which tools I need that I have to download for Jailbreak.

    At the moment I have downloaded iOS ISP.4.1 and winpwn.2,5Beta version.
    What I need for Jailbreak know more.
    Im sorry my English are not the best.


  • Ted

    For those who use the Remove Background (Remove BG) tweak, you can try MultiCleaner as an alternative. When I ran iOS 4.0, I used the Remove BG tweak. However, since it was not immediately compatible with iOS 4.1, I searched for an alternative and found MultiCleaner. Now that I have used both apps first-hand, I have to say that I like the additional features that MultiCleaner has compared to Remove BG, such as the ability to automatically close the icons of the apps that have closed, and only leave open those apps that actually multitask (that is, until you push your activating button of choice and close all the remaining multitasking apps at once, as you would do with Remove BG). I recommend MultiCleaner over Remove BG.

  • Charles S

    I have an important question. Does pwnagetool have a HACKtivation feature? I ask because I no longer carry an ATT sim and I’m out of USA for at least 2 more years (work as a physician)

    If not, is there any possible workaround to this? On 3gs new boot btw

    • Z

      Yes it does, read the next article

  • i need to jailbreak my iphone 4g anyone who knows how?? 4.1 version


    these breaks are mosty for the iphone 4

  • brron

    i updated my iphone 3.1 to the new 4.1 and didn’t preserve the bas-band since i only got window and i hardly can find mac any one who can provide me a solution?

  • msc

    How do you unlock on windows?

  • msc

    In recovery mode, after trying to update to 4.2.1. Help!!

  • Chris

    I want to install the 4.1 update to my iPhone 3g it is now running on like 3.1 I have no idea how to do this can anybody help me with this!!!

  • aLb3Rt

    just download 4.1 ipsw for 3g on this blog site and install. then jailbreak with limera1n or greenpois0n

  • ismail

    j un iphone bloqué comment faire pour débloqué mon iphone 3g 8GB

  • mrdm

    How do I find my itunes, it jus completely went into others on my phone….need help dont want to restore phone in lose the previlge of having phone unlock.

  • trixie

    Help! my brother accidentally updated my iPhone 3g to the latest sftware 4.2.1.. its carrier locked so it needs a sim card from Japan to open it.. is there any way i can unlock that without needing the sim card? i cant go to japan for just a sim card.. LOL

    • aLb3Rt

      what baseband version is it on now?!

    • aLb3Rt

      btw, you should be able to jailbreak it and it’ll hacktivate for you or use pwnagetool and cook up an *.ipsw using a mac if thats accessible for you

  • trixie

    im not quite sure of the baseband because i cannot open it. it just displays for emergency calls only.

  • rajesh yadav

    apple iphone 3g ios 4.1 download