Some of you may already know FastSnap, an application that was previously available on Rock, which was recently migrated to Cydia. FastSnap allows you to easily capture a photo or video inside the using the volume button of your iPhone.

FastSnap also comes with a few other handy settings. With FastSnap you can also silent the shutter sound when taking a picture. This feature can be enabled from the Settings menu. To quickly launch the default camera app you can also drag your finger over the top Status bar… All these settings can easily be tweaked from the of your iPhone.

FastSnap is available in Cydia for $0.99. Have you tried it? If so, what do you think?

  • DC

    I tried it, works ALMOST as advertised. The main function works fine, but in the description of the app it says it works with several other camera programs in the app store…I’ve yet to find another camera program it works with.

  • Burge

    There is all so snaptap. I’ve been using that for awhile now and it does the same as this app. It just cost abit more.

  • DC

    My apologies, the software I tried WAS Snaptap. I am purchasing FastSnap to give it a whirl.

  • Vik071

    I have and love SnapTap. Don’t really see point in buying another app that does the same thing.

  • Kev

    This is yet another app in a long line of apps recently that is unfit for release. It works to a certain degree and then doesn’t function properley. Uniscribe is another. I am quite fed up with paying for apps that just have too many bugs for release. Also with paying quite a lot of money for apps such as ibluenova and wifisync that never get updated after an ios update or itunes update. Even though it is the jailbroken world, I still think if we pay for software, it should function properly and be updated. Especially at $9.99 a pop. I am going to think twice about paying out for something at this price in the future.

    • Z

      That’s why you get it cracked, give it a go, then buy the real deal if you like it =) that’s what I do for most of the paid apps.

      Besides, you are absolutely right about your money. Jailbreaking is another business that has just recently been made legal. And every purchase comes with after sales customer support. Just don’t buy apps from the developer who doesn’t update them.

      Unfortunately that’s what developers do nowadays. Most of them release apps/tweaks still in beta to collect feedback on bugs.

  • Angry Developer

    This author released:
    Fast Snap = Snap Tap clone
    iPicMyContacts = Cyntact clone
    iCallAnnounce = a clone of another product.

    (by clone i mean idea clone) Please dont support copycats and buy the original stuff that work well.

  • Looking for developer

    Where can I reach the author of FastSnap? There is no contact information anywhere for the developer.

  • Petoria

    Does this work with the ProCamera or any other third-party app?