A hacker going by the name of NTAuthority has managed to jailbreak a PlayStation 3 using an iPhone running OpeniBoot, aka Android for iPhone. I love how creative people get in the name of hacking!

Just like when you jailbreak your iPhone, jailbreaking your PS3 doesn’t come without any risk as Sony might ban you from the PlayStation Network. Oh well…

Redmond Pie has more info about the whole process:

From what we’ve confirmed, the hack works on three iOS devices only for now, namely: iPod touch 1G, iPhone EDGE (the first iPhone) and the recently-outdated iPhone 3G. The device must, of course, be jailbroken.

Prerequisites for the hack includes: VMware Player, Ubuntu 10.04, OpeniBoot, WinSCP and OpenSSH. You can catch the guide posted here at PS3Mod.

If you try this hack, I would really like to hear from you about it. Let us know by leaving a comment below.

  • Burge

    What will thay think of next ! Those crazy hackers… Lmao

    • Anonymous

      jb thingz with a finger lol

  • Ryan21

    Stupid video keeps putting my iPhone in safe mode

  • I wish they used the iPod touch 2G. I’m dying to jailbreak my PS3.

  • jailbreak, really creative game.

  • Worked a treat on my 3G iPhone, did get issues with the phone sticking at boot up (boot loop!), used iphodroid instead to get the relevant files on the iphone and that worked prefectly. Can now dual boot between iOS and Android/PS3 hack mode fine 🙂

  • I’ve compiled a tutorial that will show you from beginning to end how to prepare your iphone, jailbreak your ps3, install packages and play backups. Check it out


  • can you do this with iphone 4 and do you need a modchip to jailbreak the ps3

  • Aaron

    Tried it it worked but getting the device ready was a pain not worth it

  • fazer