As iDB covers the possibility of a Verizon iPhone, most everyone thinks having a choice of carriers would be good for the consumers. However it’s that very exclusivity that makes the awesome device more affordable than other smartphones in its class, says 9 to 5 Mac. They have a point.

AT&T’s position as sole carrier in the U.S. doesn’t come without a hefty price. By being lone wolf they have to fork over subsidies that make the iPhone cost just $200-$300. In fact the mobile provider pays out more in subsidies for the iPhone than any other phone they offer. Don’t feel too bad for them because in reality it has been AT&T’s personal cash cow.

So if and when the exclusivity runs dry on the Jesus Phone, who is going to eat the cost of subsidies that AT&T is currently paying? There are really only 2 choices here folks. Either Apple takes a cut in profits, or we, the consumers start paying more for our beloved phone.

Hopefully Apple would see the obvious earnings boost from adding a carrier and just keep it the way it is but with Apple you never know. Will the iPhone stay at the price it is today once AT&T’s exclusivity runs out? Give us your predictions in the exclusive comment section below.

  • Amrit

    When the iPhone was exclusive to Rogers in Canada it was $299 (3 year plan) now every carrier has it and the price hasn’t changed. I think you guys are safe from a price hike in the US.

  • Joan

    CDMA does not support voice and data at the same time. So who would want half of an iphone? Until Verizon has nation wide LTE, why would you want iphone on CDMA. The whole world, billions on users are on GSM. Verizon is a small market compared to GSM. Verizon would be better off switch to the world standard GSM.

  • Robert

    I would *GLADLY* pay a little more for an excellent Verizon iPhone… than a horrible AT&T iPhone.

    If you don’t agree… you could buy the cheaper AT&T iPhone.

    (But millions of people won’t.)

  • Jill

    > CDMA does not support voice and data at the same time.
    > So who would want half of an iphone?

    Looks like a whopping 33% – 50% of existing cell phone users.

    (I very rarely need to talk to someone… while ingoring them… while using my phone for network purposes…. all at the same time.)

    You can always still “talk” while “still using 100,000” apps that don’t use the network.

  • Joan

    Why do you want an iphone on verizon??
    if you complain about ATT switch to Verizon. Data speed on Verizon is slower. If Verizon had iphone users on its system it would kill it. CDMA is the problem. If they would get GSM, then you would have a choice of carrier.

  • iPhone4gman

    AT&T should be able to keep the iPhone to them selves since other carriers have certain phones that you can only get from a certain carrier and that makes the network more desirable!Why should AT&T have to give up the iphone since it’s the best phone ever!AT&T don’t get droid phones so why is it such an issue?Verizon sucks!!I had them for 6 months and they had the worst service and customer service I’ve ever had from a cell company in 15 years!more dropped calls than any other company and couldn’t even get a signal in my home in a major city!Then verizon wanted me to purchase a signal enhancer that you hook up through your Internet router to give you a signal in your home.if they sell that then they definetly have a problem with their service and know about it!screw verizon and Apple needs to keep the iphone where it belongs!!!with AT&T !!

  • In Denmark it is possible to get it without a contract from ONE of our carriers. The three other carriers doesn’t offer it with a contract.

    I non-contract iPhone4 is dkr. 8.800,- (aprox $1.300) so don’t feel so bad overthere.

    The caculation overhere is simple, and then again.

    I work in the mobile-business, and the calculation is:

    The provider pay around $800 for a phone
    The provider sells it to the consumer for $200 and the consumer then is tied to a contract of $100 a month over 6 months. That amounts to $800 total.

    Now.. the provider hasn’t earned a dime yet, and you might think “Well, they got it from your bill!” – weeeeeeell, not quite, as the contract of $100 a month gives you free sms, free mms, free data and 300min of talk time

    So… the provider has actually in SOME ways PAID you to take the phone.

    There are alot of way to calculate it, but fact is, that the provider I’m working for, has set up the following.

    IF a costumer pays all their bills on time, and we don’t have any other expences on them, and they use their phones to the limit of the contract – after 12 months, we have earned….. guess!!!

    $7!!! – so… AFTER 12 months, we start earning the money back – and by THAT time they have been out of their contract for 6 months, so the gamle is to KEEP them as a costumer, and not loose them to some cheap contract company.

    So… in amny ways we are blessed to have the setup we have – as a consumer.

  • Hugo

    Just in case you didnt knew the iPhone 4 will be released in Mexico on next friday (8/27), I don’t know the cost but I guess it will be something similar to the price in the US (without contract and unlocked)

  • This isn’t really much of a question. You can just look up any of the countries that have iPhones available to purchase outright, and not on a contract.

    For example, in Australia I bought my 32gb iPhone4 for A$999, the 16GB was A$879.

    This works out to be approximately US$889 and US$782.

    Yeah it is a lot for the phone, but I don’t regret it and it lets me activate and use any sim card I want anywhere in the world.

    • Ethan

      Well, taxes are going to much different in each country so I’m not sure how you could anticipate with that information. The “you can use it anywhere in the world” comments are always a bit humorous. How many people need a global phone? In my experience people need a phone that works where they live and their surrounding area. Just saying.

      • Z

        Ethan, think of all the people that were stuck with AT&T for a # of years paying 65$+/month obliged to pay roaming fees if they wanted to use their iPhone abroad. I never understood why the phone was offered for sale contract free LOCKED to AT&T. I also remember writing a story about a friend in EU, who bought a second hand iPhone 3GS locked to AT&T and couldn’t use it fir a few months untill he found out about a jailbreak.

        And myself, I have a family (parents and siblings) in EU and my wife, son and I live in US. So I travel a lot and would love to have a factory unlocked iPhone to use it as I was supposed to.

        The price of the phone will not vary much from the 750$+, as it was for a contract free phone, because factory unlocked iPhones are priced relatively close to that all over the world.

  • We get so many iPhones through our door it is not funny. Some of them the people have just bought off e-bay and want them unlocked. Very cheap now.