It was only a matter of time until you would be able to use FaceTime on 3G… Say hello to My3G. Developed by the same people who brought us MyWi, My3G is very similar to 3G Unrestrictor except it has support for FaceTime.

Here are the features as described in the app description:

  • In-App popup request to enable/never ask for My3G to be enabled for that app
  • In-App indicator when My3G changes the network from 3G to WiFi
  • Ability to select which apps are My3G enabled and not.
  • Default Apps – no configuration for the most popular apps!
  • SBSettings Toggle! You can temporarily enable My3G for all apps or toggle back using your defined Apps list
  • Dynamic enablement – Higher successs rate (near 100%) then 3G Unrestrictor (which does one off solutions for apps). My3G enables 3G indicators more dynamically.

My3G is available from both Cydia and Rock. The Rock version will cost you $3.99 while the Cydia version via ModMyI repo will cost you $2.79.

[9 to 5 Mac]

  • Jason masters

    And for Tmobile users????????

  • Lucas

    What is facetime using on my phone contract data or minutes or both

  • AppleBits

    Good question, Lucas. I’m guessing data. ??
    Also, will this work on 3GS, OS 3.1.3?

  • Eslehz

    My3g keeps crashing when I try to view an app I want it to run but it runs great with FaceTime and other apps

  • Derrick

    I’m almost sure 3G unrestricter works too. I haven’t had anyone with an iPhone 4 to test it but when I click it now it no longer says I need to be connected to wifi. It actuall turns the camera on and shows me on the screen

    Anyone interested in callin me to test it out? Too many people still own 3GS’s

    • Torey

      Hey call me 786-376-9425. Anyone who has face time I would like to test mine out.

      • Sammy

        I would like to test my iphone 4 facetime i never used it be4 is it any good at least

  • KinGz

    Guys ive downloaded cydia. How do i get free apps?

    • Warap

      Dude free apps gonna be free next
      Year just sit tight

  • Jason masters

    Go to AppStore there are tons of free apps jailbreaking is legal not copyright infringement wink wink!

    • Warap

      Dude don t get cracked apps
      Those are not legal

      • Z

        So is watching porn at the age of 13 without adult’s supervision. But I still did it! lol

        I mean how can you tell whether the app is right for you without testing it out? Then, once satisfied, you can purchase it from app store for further updates. I only think that’s a right thing to do.

  • Netmarketing

    you MIGHT have to add a repository to Cydia (Google it if you can’t find INSTALLOUS while SEARCHING in Cydia)

    Add and install INSTALLOUS trom Cydia

    • Z

      First thing’s first, you need to install appsync for your version of firmware…

      @Derrick It’s working fine for me, and suprising to me, it supports ios4 backgrounding =)

      • Derrick

        @z really? it didn’t work for me, blank home screen and it about said it was dead. Let me redownload, maybe I messed something up

  • Derrick

    You guys know installous is dead now right? Though there are still other ways. You can find ipas online everywhere. Wether to trust them or not is a risk

    • Z

      @Derrick yep, I even tried downloading, closed the app while backgammon (lol) was downloading, reopened it, and the download was still going. No backgrounder necessary hehe

      I actually like iOS4 backgrounding/multitasking. It’s very light on resources. With apps development and upgrades to support iOS4 backgrounding, there will be no need for apps like backgrounder and proswitcher or circuitous.

      P.S.: off topic, but sbsettings works great! Missed that tweak the most.

      • Derrick

        @z in installous what is your home URL set to? In settings. Mine is blank.

        Not sure what’s up, if it is still working then it seems different than the last time I used it

  • Z

    @Sebastien, modmyi repo is acting up on me. RockApp is failing to install, like a few other apps I tried. All it gave me is Cydia displaying start up errors fetching updates.

    Does anyone know hot to get rid of the errors when trying to add a wrong repo?

    • Lucas


      • Z

        Not available in cydia, repo?

  • Z

    What we need is a list of ios4 compatible apps and a list of working repos

  • WOW!

    Cydia is too buggy to do anything right now

    • SAM+Ph

      Yeah guys, I added a bad repo and lost cydia entirely. All content completely obliterated. Then, couldn’t reinstall cydia without restoring. It was a tragedy.
      Yes, installous is no more…and FYI…no longer in cydia. I have all these .ipa’s in my phone and cant figure out what to use to unpack and install them. Installous used to handle this. 🙁

      • Z

        @Sam and @Derrick
        1. add the repo
        2. Install AppSync for your firmware from that repo
        3. Reboot your phone
        4. Install Installous from the same repo

        That’s what I did, and that’s what works for me. Good luck!

  • Jason masters

    FYI I’ve been using instalouus all day on my iphone4!!! I can show pics to prove it too!!!

    • Z

      Lol I just sent Derrick some pix to make him jealous lol

      Just kidding… But now I know why installous is so slow lol it’s all Jason’s fault! Hehe

  • Derrick

    Thanks guys. lol. I was wrong, it’s not down. The replies made me figure out what I did wrong. A rookie mistake, I went too many years since I last installed it. I thought everything was in sinfulrepo source

    p.s. Install0us needs to go away

  • Goofygreek

    FaceTime is awesome over 3G. Very clear and hasn’t messed up yet.

  • Klein

    @ sebastian i think you should banned talk about crack apps

    just a suggesting i been wrong before
    oh well
    to people ask google is ur friend

    • iPhone 4

      Not gonna happen. This blog (in the early days) was a major source on How to run cracked apps blogs. Although he doesn’t post much about it now, I doubt he is against the idea of it.

  • SoCoMagNuM

    I prefer Rock > Cydia. Although Cydia you can add different repositories and access more apps, Rocks UI is more welcoming, more stable, theres no black screen when installing/uninstalling, DL/IN multiple apps is clean and a breeze, actually saves licenses to you Rock account for easy transfering/rebooting device. I went from my 3G to iPhone 4 and hit transfer licenses and bam. I had access to all my apps i had on 3G free and paid. No hassles or fetch errors. Rock also loads dramatically faster.

    • Z

      Is it working for you? It wouldn’t install for me, will try again now

    • Z

      Managed to install. But it’s having trouble connecting to the server.

      Btw, you can add repositories in rock as well

  • nothingnew

    Cydia transfers licenses too very easily. Just did it.
    I HATE rock. I hate that it got on the scene by leeching onto other packages (like a yahoo! toolbar). Cydia tends to have everything rock has too and it supports the community a whole lot more.
    Is Cydia slower to load? sure. But it’s worth it.

    And yesterday (possibly today) if cydia is slow (not buggy as another poster said) it’s because it was getting hammered (rock was too and both showed it).
    It’s much smoother today.

    Does My3g through cydia install rock? If so I’ll wait

  • SoCoMagNuM

    Ive been using both for a good while now. I like Rock UI and it works alot more fluent than Cydia. Neither options suck. Both have their perks but for me Rock takes the cake for me. I do use both though. Again not knocking Cydia or the Devs. They do a great job.

  • Howard

    my3g does not work for me

    when i open the app it says “no found license” and basically freezes. if i hit the home button and then re-open i get the list of programs.

    even when i check the specific programs (ichatr, phone (facetime?) it still doesnt work

    says “you must be connected…..”

    bout to delete it

    maybe i have a special phone. at first the jailbreak, killed my skype multitask. then it just started working again. didnt install backgrounder or nothing

  • Honestly, facetime on a 3G iphone isn’t worth it. It defeats the purpose of it.

  • Howard

    uh..there is no facetime for 3g’s homeboy (there’s no front camera DUH)

    facetime (as set up by apple) can only be used on WIFI.

    the jailbreak allows iphone 4 users to facetime over AT&T’s 3g network


  • @howard you must didnt read the question of @applebits who ask whether it can work on a 3GS.

  • @Sammy It depends heavily upon your Wireless connection and speed.

  • WTF

    dude.. thats an iphone 4, not a 3G.

  • how about we do’nt “jailbreak the law”

  • Dstroy

    If you’d read into it- you’re not breaking any laws

  • Dstroy

    Jail break opens so many possibilities