OpenAppMkt is a new App Store alternative that takes full advantage of iPhone web apps, which means that no jailbreak is required.

Remember when the iPhone first came out and Steve was praising those web apps? Well OpenAppMkt gathered some of them and packed them up in a nice and convenient web app.

To install OpenAppMkt simply point Safari to and follow the onscreen instructions.

Installing OpenAppMkt won’t install anything but a Safari bookmark on your iPhone homescreen. Hitting the bookmark will take you to OpenAppMkt web app from where you’ll be able to browse web apps and install their bookmarks on your homescreen.

To be clear, these are just web apps. by installing any of these apps, you aren’t actually installing anything but a Safari bookmark on your homescreen.

I love the concept and its implementation. You sure are limited to what you can do with a web app but OpenAppMkt is a nice and convenient alternative to the App Store or even Cydia.

Update: A few people are missing the point here. I’m going to quote Mike Masnick from TechDirt who sums up why OpenAppMkt is good and different:

Overall, this fascinates me for two reasons. First, it’s good to get more people realizing that HTML is already pretty damn good at creating app-style experiences, without having to create special compiled code and, second, it’s a really clever way to totally route around Apple as a gatekeeper (without requiring a jailbreak), and is a reminder that even on “closed” systems, openness will often find a way.

[TechDirt via B00b1]

  • Damon


    idk ill see

  • grégory

    hello, we need wi fi to use the appli??
    we can use this with an iphone 4? Thanks

    • Pizzaguy

      To use the app not, to “install” it you do need wifi or whatever connection. Works with all it’s pretty cool

  • SquareWheel

    That was the worst quality video review I have ever seen.

    The OpenAppMkt concept is interesting, and I’m surprised we haven’t seen anything similar in the past. I’ll definitely be checking it out.

  • Avelarius

    Thats a cool idea.
    Which theme from cydia is that??

  • mike

    Whoopie! It’s 2007 again. Let’s all go back to crappy web apps. Trade in your modern iphone and get the first generation model.

  • Jonathan

    Amazes me how many dults thing this is new or cutting edge… this is utter crap… get a clue, we are not going backwards here… nobody wants to use safari to use cheezy, useless and uninteresting web pages that call themselves applications… what a waste of an article and my time.

  • Dracossaint

    Great concept ,but a #failfornow moment

  • deanno


  • foldericon

    the webclip crashes here, ipt2g os4.0. Even in safemode and after reboot doesn’t work.

    • Tom

      Same here with 3Gs on IOS4. Doesn’t work at all

  • Mezz

    Tried it, messed with it, deleted it…not great Rather use cydia and installous. Jailbreaking rules and it’s legal. Lol

  • Fhfhc

    Woot…web apps. Gives my iPhone 4 a real retro feel…………think I’ll give it a miss.

  • adrien

    moi j’aime bien ses cool

  • Condios

    Very cool!! Long live WebApps! 😀

  • john

    this is gay, jailbreak your iphone and let apple know that its your hardware and that you can do whatever you want with it. You can go to any store you want and buy apps or operating systems for your computer, but not for your handheld computer because apple said so? This is the same reason Apples computer OS lost to Microsoft, Apple wants control of what you do at all times, not as open as MS. Wake up people the sooner you do the sooner we all will be able to pick our own hardware, OS, apps, and carrier with whatever phone we want. Soon the phone manufactures will wake up too, and see that their sales are being limited by carriers requiring them to make phones that are “exclusive” for the carrier. We have to force the carriers, and phone manufactures to give us what we want.

    • adam

      well i have an iphone and i bought it used i mean i hate exclusives like SPRINT!!!
      or OTHER STUPID CARRIERS… i have an iphone 3g and i use it with TMOBILE i mean what about microsoft? what does DOS have to do with MAC? lmao dood wtf are you talking about?
      idk i dont like it when ppl start to be all like… mac is using ppl or mac is total assholes…

      well, i have both mac and dos.. and honestly im in love with my imac and my iphone i dont have to be worried about stupid viruses … honestly is better .. is like those dumb xbox fans.. all against sony .. i mean cmon ppl sony psx has been since the 90s.. like FFVII is from sony back than now it came out in xbox also but u seee ppl are dumb now a days first of all …

      xbox charges for online gameplay .. sony doesnt..
      xbox no bluray capabilities… sony yes…
      xbox no bluetooth or maybe yes but u have to buy it … sony comes with it ..and 3D
      i mean what else comes with microsoft? stealing your money? more enough? i hate it …

      why cant ppl really see the real deal…?

      i leave this to your criteria …

  • adam

    nope it doesnt work on 3g or 3gs cause i have an iphone 3g i know is old -_-
    but still works marvelous and well im planning on buying the new one that is coming out on summer of 2011 😛
    but i guess it doesnt work with old devices -____________-

  • Apple already has a listing of a lot of web apps just go to apple /web apps.

  • Phillip Budiman


  • jeroen visser

    bad alternative! everytime when i download an app and open it, it wil close after a vieuw seconds. and when i open it again it does the same! i say NO DOWNLOAD!!

  • Foggy


  • aar

    what the hell i cant install it

  • Alex Cookies

    not working on my ipod5 ios8?

  • Aka

    This rules jk let me see