Hey guys I just wanted to let you know that I moved the blog to some bigger servers and that the site should be considerably faster now. iDB has grown very fast over the last year and it sometimes couldn’t take all the traffic it gets, thus crashing or returning error pages.

This is just a thing of the past. Everything should be much faster now!

Upgrading to better servers is the first step to an overall improvement of iDB. Some more things will change soon so stay tuned πŸ˜‰

  • Seba,

    Yes, I noticed slight improvement in the page loading. Slightly faster. BTW, I’m accessing your blog from Khartoum, Sudan.

    Thank you for your effort. Keep it up.

  • Shazard

    AWESOME!!! You can definitely tell the difference.

  • Wow from Sudan? You might be our only reader there. Good to have you on board!

  • Chris

    yeah certainly faster and i’ve been accessing from Ghana. πŸ™‚

  • Jay

    Very noticeable. Two big thumbs up. Been visiting the site for a while but never commented. Keep up the good work Sebastien. It is much appreciated!

  • C-Los

    Yea it sure is faster, loving it! Here I thought it was my iPhone 4 working faster.

    U doing great job sebastien keep up ur hard work.

  • Hi Again,

    I don’t think that I’m the only reader from Sudan. I have many friends here who have iPhones are following your blogs for latest iPhone updates and tips. Keep up the good work. I certainly recommend your blog to most of my friends.

  • emsimic

    thank you, i enjoy reading your articles πŸ™‚ greetings from germany

  • Albioni

    Much much faster now.
    Same here many people have asked me many things for iPhones and always recommend this site. Don’t let me down, make me look good, the more u post and update this blog more and more people will come. It’s like a drug the first thing I do when I wake up is to click on your webpage to see what’s new, and believe me this is olso the last thing I check before I go to bed. πŸ™‚

  • gumfi

    Hello i’m accessing from Denmark. Thanks for a very good site Sebastien:)

  • SoCoMagNuM

    I have the blog bookmarked on my springboard for instant access on my iPhone4…so im good. Works fast regardless.

  • @SoCoMagNum same here

  • DK

    I am on the mobile site and it looks different from a while ago. Also it loads instantly. USA

  • Zplit

    Great work sebastien a lot faster now… Great great great… I check this blog more than 100 times a day… I’m from USA love your great job . THANKS SO MUCH

  • Thank you all for the great feedback πŸ™‚

    • DK

      This is the best iPhone blog. I check it 10 times a day to see your interesting articles. Most other blogs don’t have daily updates like yours.

  • Gr8 man… I’m always waiting to read the new post on ur blog everytime i open it… Call me a fanboy… We here in Chennai, India call you our iPhone navigator

  • Z

    Tried sending a feedback email a couple of days ago mentioning great improvement. Love the new look. Don’t know how, but I get that cute lil avatar picture next to my name every time. And it always stays the same, as if it’s personally mine =)

    Also saw a few people with modified avatars, and was wondering if there is a way to do it from the phone. Sebastien? =)

    • @Z to have your own picture next to your comments you have to go to http://www.gravatar.com, create an account and upload a picture. I’m not sure you can do this from your iPhone though. Creating a Gravatar account is quick, free, and it will display your picture next to every comment you post on any blog. Pretty cool, huh?

  • KP

    I was wondering about the avatar too. Thanks for the Gravatar info and super server you got there ;P

  • QueenzAntz

    wow, interesting! i enjoy reading your articles πŸ™‚ greetings from Malaysia

  • Gary

    Your blog is the best bother blogs are biased an update with rubbish. Keep up the great work! Hi from California!