At an emergency conference about the iPhone 4 antenna issue, Steve Jobs announced today that the White iPhone 4 will start shipping at the end of July in limited quantities.

Apple previously said the White iPhone would be available mid July. Even though the sales numbers are impressive, I think the iPhone 4 launch has been disastrous and very sloppy.

  • Will

    Yes, I agree with you Sebastian

  • Narg

    This was the right fix for Apple to take. I’m also kinda laughing at that Steve showed some Google love during the conference. Shows that the press was 100% wrong about the Apple hates Google stuff from months ago.

    Also, the iPhone 4 launch was perfect. Period. I doubt anyone could have done better in this case.

    And, no, I do NOT like Apple.

  • Joseph

    “I think the iPhone 4 launch has been disastrous …”

    Selling 3 million phones in 3 weeks? Where’s the disaster? Is it coming soon? Because I be the issue disappears and Apple continues to sell millions of these things, and that 99.5% of users continue to not have any problems with them.

    • @Joseph I specifically said “even though the sales numbers were impressive”…

      And yes, it is disastrous. Did you try to pre-order an iPhone 4? It took me 6 hours to go through… And the white iPhone being announced the first day when they knew they wouldn’t be able to ship it… Oh, and when they said the white iPhone would be available mid july…. Oh and the whole antenna fiasco… So yes, I believe it was a terrible product launch. Apple was not prepared at all for that.