iPhone Tethering

With the release of iOS 4, AT&T finally allowed internet tethering on the iPhone. Because there is no jailbreak for the iPhone 4 yet, we cannot use apps like MyWi to tether your iPhone or even turn it into a wireless hotspot.

So far, if you want to tether your iPhone 4, you’re gonna have to play fair and deal with AT&T. Tethering on your iPhone 4 will come at a hefty price of $20/month plus $25/month for the 2 GB DataPro plan by AT&T. That’s a complete rip off but that’s the only solution to date.

If you’re not turned off yet, here is what you have to do to set up internet tethering on your iPhone 4:

UPDATE: This post is outdated. Check out this page for the latest information about iPhone tethering.

Step 1: Go to Settings > General > Network > Set up internet tethering.

Step 2: A message will show up telling you that you have to call or visit AT&T’s website to enable tethering. Either call them or go to your account online to activate the option.

Step 3: Reboot your iPhone.

Step 4: Plug your iPhone in your computer.

Step 5: Go to Settings > General > Network > Internet Tethering > On. Now either choose to tether via USB or Bluetooth.

Step 6: Choose “iPhone” from the list of available networks on your computer.

Step 7: Enjoy the interweb!

As I said above, AT&T prices for this option are outrageous. If you’re on a jailbroken iPhone 3G or 3GS you can always tether your iPhone for free using MyWi.

  • Derrick

    It’s complete crap they make you switch to a 2 gig plan. I would *think* about considering it if it was a 5 gig limit. (like normal)

    Their new data plans are a step in the wrong direction. I’ll keep my unlimited and wait for the iPhone 4 jailbreak

    • jim

      Do you have the link to download the jailbreak for the iphone 4 with 4.0.2 software?

    • Just so you know 98% of att customer do not use even 1gig of data per month on any particular smartphone. This change was make to save people money not screw them over like you want to think take a look at your last bill. the bill usage shows in killobytes. you have to divide the number by 1024 that will give you megabytes. Then if you devide it by 1024 again you will get the gigs.

      • Carlos a cruz

        It was made to screw them they called me to down size tell me I didnt need than I went over got a huge bill and after cursing various att reps I was put back in unlimited unlike everyone else I use my iPhone fir what’s it’s for not to be trendy I use almost 20 gigs a month on it my business revolves around it.

      • ATT HATR

        Norby, you must be employed by ATT. Shut da hell up cause i use over 1 gig in a month, easy! DUH!!!!! FUCK ATT!!!

      • ATT HATR

        Norby, you must be employed by ATT. Shut da hell up cause i use over 1 gig in a month, easy! DUH!!!!! PHOCK ATT!!!

      • Diffra

        Mayb some norbi but I use my phone often for buisness and I almost always go over! I have the 2 gb only good thing is the 10 per gb. Nothing is for everyone because we are all different but I wish they’ d bring back the unlimited for people like me and keep the lower plans for people like you.

    • Meg


      • hate it or love it

        And ATT HATR must be str8 gangsta or just a confused white boy. Go shine up the 24’s on your ’92 Buick and leave the comments to those that have at least passed the 5th grade

  • brent

    So are we pretty sure MyWi will work well with a jailbroken iPhone 4, or is it a wait and see situation? That’s the biggest thing for me above the other jailbreaking advantages.

  • Mywi is the option for me!! 🙂


  • @Derrick I don’t agree with you. It all depends on the usage

  • DK

    Nice article, but MyWi is NOT free… it’s ten bucks.

  • Derrick

    I’m just saying 2 gigs for a tethering plan is too low. It may be fine for browsing on the phone but on a computer you eat through data considerably faster.

    I challenge anyone to not go over 2 gigs on their home network

    either way it’s over priced, you shouldn’t have to pay to use the same data in another way

    • Lx3

      Really in order to tether you would need the 4gb tethering plan for 45 dollars a month. Just saying

  • gguerra

    I have an unlimited global data plan from AT&T and I tried activating tethering with them. They say i have to let my unlimited plan go and downsize to a 2GB plan. This is not fair. I have OS4 on a 3GS. Is there a Jailbreak on the way for this software or a way to go back to the 3.1.3?

    • Lo

      You have to use that snow one..

  • Cyberphone

    WiWi 4.0 is a classic ripoff by rockyourphone.com
    don’t buy it just get it for free from many sites.

    I paid for the old MYWI version 2 months ago and now i should pay $9,99 again to upgrade to let it work with OS 4.0

    Yep the rockboy’s where responding fast after I asked paypal for a refund but support mails the never answer.

    The rock your wallet that is all !!!!

    MyWi 4.0 is just a way to steal more money from you by rockyourphone

  • That’s crap that you would have to Down grade plans

  • GM

    If I have the 3GS with 4.0, can I tether using any of these apps? Does it have to be jailbroken? How much?
    Btw, yes a t & t is pissing me off for data plans. And y the he’ll is the iPad more expensive if it is 3G? Shouldn’t they offer it at a discounted price for having the service?

  • Thanks for the guide. You can also do this with vodafone network.

  • hate it or love it

    For all of you people who like to complain about your iPhone 4/3Gs/3G/ect., why do you have an iPhone? Why not go with an android phone that you can root and tether for free? Oh yeah….. that’s right, you like to complain and do nothing about it. Why not complain about apple not allowing jailbreaking (until late)? The problem is both AT&T and Apple for being greedy SOB’s (especially apple, I mean, just look at their products….. apple TV? I can go to HULU or the networks website to watch the episodes for free OR I can get Apple TV for $100 and then pay for each episode that I’m too lazy to click on from my computer). As far as GM, Apple didn’t want AT&T to cary the iPad and it is the carrier that supplies the discount on equipment, not Apple. You don’t sign a contract with the iPad data plan and that is how the companies are guaranteed to get their money off of giving you a discount. Some people, believe it or not, despise AT&T and if AT&T was the primary seller of the iPad, they figured they would sell less. BUT, even after all of this complaining, I’m sure that when the iPhone 5th generation comes out, most all of you will be waiting in line for one. What are you guys accomplishing? Telling Apple and AT&T that even if they try to stick you for all the money they can, you just say “thank you sir, can I have another?” I like my iPhone, and my Samsung Captivate, but I will never buy another iPhone after getting the Captivate because I HATE the fact that there is so much red tape with Apple (and just Apple in general). The iPhone is for people who are too simple to be able to run Android. Enough said.

    • joe li

      yeah, I agree, Apple jack ass, AT&T is Impotent (maybe dude to this libral country, I live here you can’t have that big fat antena here.) wrong or right i don’t know. but…

      BUT for those who are stuck, like me for another year….

      Of course it’s AT&T that make it “cheaper” think about it 75$ X 24 is = $1800. That is a lot of $$$.

      • joo

        shut up u

    • Jake

      Android is for poor ppl who can’t spare .99 cents an app or episode because heaven forbid someone has to make it and develop and you can’t get a decent enough job to pay for it. Im getting tired of ppl expecting music, tv, movies, phones and apps to free…. It’s just getting annoying! Android is also for people who like devices that don’t work with anything else and don’t have any apps.they brag about that yes may be out befor the iPhone but hardly work, hence when apple likes to wait they are about quality. I mean if they have all this red tape and crappy products how they are the second biggest publicly traded coming in the world at roughly $250 billion…. i was reading some comments about Jobs below… Look it up he make $1 a year. His money is in stocks and it should be he started the company it is his. Have any of you turned a company from bankruptcy to a multi hundred billion dollar business and a decade??? I agree with Patrick you people wine nd complain bout not having the best tech, reception sucks can’t do this can’t do that blah blah blah…. Then the best tech comes and for some reason that you are entitled to free everything. Who are you that makes you entitled to that nd if you haven’t cught on the newest tech is the most expensive pay for it Nd enjoy or don’t and quite complaining. No one I making you do anything.

      • hate it or love it

        How much does Apple charge people to make apps? Someone said it was $1000 a year. Maybe publishers need the money to foot the bill. Android is an open market for ANYONE to make apps. Its for people who have common sense and are able to figure things out vs big brother telling them what they can and can’t do. Apple def agrees technology shouldn’t be free. Isn’t that why they didn’t go belly-up? The Microsoft monopoly lawsuit? There is a difference between turning a company around yourself, and taking out other companies knees, getting a small foothold, then making great products. Steve jobs is the heart and soul of that company and I can only compliment them on their great physical products and slimy tactics. And the reason that even their “crappy” products do well is because people like you like having that very expensive apple on the side of your normal “crappy” product so much that you can’t remove your hand from your genitals long enough to realize it’s overpriced and pointless.

        In case you are confused, I was saying you whack it to Apple.

  • Patrick

    Apple simply invents cool new shot and expects to get paid for it and people want the coolest newest technology and don’t want to pay for it. Honestly paying a hundred dollars a month for a service that provides high speed access for the Internet and phone services requiring immense Dara routing/wiring and building of towers and hiring staff and customer support, is a pretty good deal. So people, don’t complain about the price of getting the most advanced technology in the world. It’s what you wanted

    • E$

      Exactly I agree with Patrick and let’s get one thing str8 iPhones are for middle class and rich people so if ur complaining about the price of AT&T then u know where u stand BUM!!

  • Carl

    Why would I want to pay for something that every other companies are giving out for free. With the economy we dealing with today, every cent we save daily counts and makes a major difference in our budget. I like the iPhone 4 I will admit it but do the plan really worth it? no, it does not. I’ve had sprint for 2 1/2 years prior to AT&T and I was getting a lot more with them for a lot less while now I am paying twice of what I was paying before for a lot less. That is just not how you do business. AT&T can consider themselves lucky for being the only company in USA as the iPhone carrier because if it wasn’t the case, they would of been out of business just like Cingular. Patrick…why do i have to pay extra for tethering when it is the same exact internet I pay for to use in my mobile phone. The routings/wiring stays the same.

    • Sam

      Carl, I agree, save your money, go back to school and learn a little bit better punctuation and grammar! If you don’t want to spend the money all you have to do is pay $250 to break your contract and you’re finished. Stop complaining!

    • hate it or love it

      The ecconomy is over used and old. Quit blaming the ecconomy for everything. Every person that wants a cadillac for a kia pricing always says “in todays ecconomy, blah blah blah”. You probubly wouldn’t pay for something you THINK you SHOULD get for free because consumers have a self entitled feeling that a company “owes” them something. The company doesn’t owe you dick. You pay for the service. “Well I’ve been a loyal customer for 4 years!” And the company has loyaly give you its services and bettering itself. I’ve shopped at the same local super market for years and yet I don’t expect them to give me $1000 woth of free stuff if i promise to shop with them for the next two years. There is a reason you don’t pay for stuff or it comes free. Either the phone is terrible, the service is terrible or you got very lucky on a sale. Finally, i will end by saying you are incompetent. Why? When did Cingular go out of business? Oh! That’s right! They didn’t. Cingular baught AT&T wireless when AT&T wireless was almost bankrupt. The name AT&T is a larger name with more staying power, so they renamed and partnered with AT&T wireline.

  • Patrick

    They are lucky to be the only one carrying the iPhone but I strongly believe that if sprint had to run the millions of iPhones on their network with tethering and unlimited data usage their network would crash completely. AT&T has done billions of dollars in system upgrades to handle the iPhone data load and it’s still a huge topic of complaint. They are lucky but there also probably the only ones that can handle the load. The 20 extra charge for tethering is definitely just a way to earn extra money but every business does that. Every carrier that charges for text messaging is doing that because text messages are meely bytes of data that can be massively tranferred with little effect on the cellular system. Each company has to run different business practices to make money and AT&T is putting a lot if money towards these upgrades so they have to partake in some of the less favorable ones. I totally understand that it’s lame (which is why I’m on this forum in the first place 😀 ) but that’s just how their running their business. The way I see it, people who are tech savvy like you and I will figure out a way around it and not have to pay. But those who aren’t will be paying 20 for the service of not having to jailbreak their phone and mess with confusing apps and issues.

  • hate it or love it

    Sprint, outside of large areas and cities, sucks for reception. Tell you what, I’ll give you unlimited high speed internet, unlimited talk, text, pic, video messaging, tethering, and anything else you can think up for $20 a month. I’ll just put the only tower my company has in a place nobody can go. Sprint and T-Mobile to me arent even companies due to the fact that they are so touchy in many areas or are only in certain areas and will end your service in most areas. But patrick, I will completly agree, Apple does have very nice, cool stuff that they come out with, but many other smaller companies will come out with similar, or the same thing for half the cost and no reoccuring cost. with how much people shell out to steve jobs, you’d think that he could update his wardrobe so I won’t have to check the programing and make sure I’m not watching something from 1992. Again, in all seriousness, they do have very nice products, pricy, but nice.

  • Scott

    I have an iPhone 4 and love it. Even though I get shitty reception sometimes… I still think it’s worth it. People who talk crap about them haven’t used them enough to see how smooth the OS works. The touch responsiveness is unmatched. Apple also took the extra time for multi tasking- so that we can have stable phones which don’t need apps to kill battery sucking tasks. I just started buying apple products when the iPhone 2g came out. I also had the 3G but skipped the 3GS in anticipation of the 4g. I think I get what I’m paying for on the hardware side of it. On the cell service side I feel AT&T is lacking.

    As for those of you who feel apple is really over priced- I just ordered a 27″ iMac with a free iPod touch. Find me a comparable windows PC that will do the same thing with a beautiful screen, high powered processor & graphics, etc…. Or find me a premium Sony Laptop that has even half the battery life and same performance of a MacBook pro. People who complain that apple products are too expensive should go buy something cheaper. If you really think your cheaper choice does the same thing then you should be happy and quit hating on apple. I haven’t been an apple user for that long. (3 years). And I still have windows computers. (for the last 15 years)…. And I still can’t understand why everyone that doesn’t have an apple just hates them with a passion? I mean I don’t go around talkin crap about my friends with Android phones… I think it’s great for competition to keep things moving forward… But I have no desire to justify whether one choice is better than the other on phone OS by bashing this issues with android or the perks of iPhone… But it seems to me if you are happy with your product you shouldn’t need to justify your choices… Who cares what apple does or any other company. If you don’t like the products or business practice…. Buy something else.

    • LB

      You are absolutely correct. I’ve had a MacBook since 08′ and it runs better today than when I bought it. (snow leopard upgrade) but people who don’t have a mac or iPhone hate them with a passion. Apple is Miami, iPhone is LeBron James and the rest of the world is mad they don’t have him. Lol

  • The truth

    For all of you that complain about your Phone plans and phones and extra charges…. Do something about it. Switch carriers and quit complaining. I have an iPhone and my service sucks sometimes- but it’s better than sprint in my situation and comparable to verizon (but I can’t get an iPhone or I might switch). I can live with it enough to keep paying my bills and upgrading my iPhone- so obviously it’s not that bad compared to the alternative or I’d switch. If I thought someone had a better phone/service combo- then I would try them out.

  • RJ

    Hey, the price point is much better than the $60 they charge you for having a high speed wireless card. I’ll take tethering anyday!

  • HAN

    is it work this way?

  • Camán

    I recently moved to Sweden. After two weeks I bought an iPhone.I put down $150.00 cash
    and pay $100.00/month for 24 months. I have free calls, text, MMS, 10GB surf and tethering.
    A lot of money, but I have an inclination that this is cheeper then it would have been in the US.
    Since I am located in the capital Stockholm the reception is good, but the cold bothers
    the iPhone on occasion. This summer I’ll definitely will go for an iPad, and with tethering via my
    iPhone I’ll go for the Wi-Fi 16GB. My son will bring it over from home, so I wont be ripped of here. 😉

  • Ray

    This AT&T sucks dick man… Wtf seriously I pay $30 a month for Internet .. So if I wanna use the same Internet but instead in my computer then I have to pay extra $25.. Like isn’t it the same shit if I were to use it on the phone.. Fucking monopoly man.. And the signal sucks azz.. I’m so tired of the 3 phone carriers we have in this country sucky erect penny out of our pockets.. AT&T Verizon they all the same shit .. those r the real thieves in this country.. Including the government .. This country is going to shit.. Then they wanna fine us and point fingers for hackIng and finding other ways to save us some money.
    I’d say jailbrake and hack the fucking phone.. Tether using apps and fuck them all.. It’s my phone and I already pay for Internet .. They get enough money …
    Besides all this fuckIng surcharges and hidden fees.. There’s about extra $20 in bs that u don’t even know in that bill.. Att connection fee and bulshit fee and .. And .. And.. Adds up to an extra 20 in ur bill..
    No I’m wrong for tethering .. I have to give u and extra 25 a month… Suck my dick AT&T

  • Ray

    This AT&T sucks dick man… Wtf seriously I pay $30 a month for Internet .. So if I wanna use the same Internet but instead in my computer then I have to pay extra $25.. Like isn’t it the same shit if I were to use it on the phone.. Fucking monopoly man.. And the signal sucks azz.. I’m so tired of the 3 phone carriers we have in this country sucky erect penny out of our pockets.. AT&T Verizon they all the same shit .. those r the real thieves in this country.. Including the government .. This country is going to shit.. Then they wanna fine us and point fingers for hackIng and finding other ways to save us some money.
    I’d say jailbrake and hack the freaking phone.. Tether using apps and fuck them all.. It’s my phone and I already pay for Internet .. They get enough money …
    Besides all this freaking surcharges and hidden fees.. There’s about extra $20 in bs that u don’t even know in that bill.. Att connection fee and bull fee and .. And .. And.. Adds up to an extra 20 in ur bill..
    No I’m wrong for tethering .. I have to give u and extra 25 a month… Suck me dick AT&T

    • hate it or love it

      Are you special? Have you looked at their teathering plans? It would be a $15 difference for you. And as far as fees….. there is no fee to chane features which is what a “data plan” actually is. If you are that much against companies, gov, ect why don’t you jailbreak and retain unlimited? And did anyone send you a memo that said you HAD to change your data plan because the new ones are out? No. That seems to be most of the complaining on here.

  • Javier

    Man dis is bull shit I mean this is shit from a bull!!!!!!! I am sick and tired of these mutha fuckers trying to nicole and dime us

    • hate it or love it

      Slavery and prostitutes are illegal. You can’t spend nicoles.

  • Harold

    All of these comments are so true but we keep buying the apple products because they are the best for the money I own alot of apple products and I called for a simple question this morning and they told me that I have to pay 69$$ for apple care otherwise they could not answer my question that I found the answer on the Internet my point is if you want fancy service pay for it . If not do a little research and you will find a cheaper more affordable way just might take a little longer .

  • Shaun

    I have an android phone and pay $25 a month and get free tethering.

  • Harry

    AT&T is a business. But requiring a data plan for any phone is not right. I am fine with WiFi as there are many free hotspots. AT&T then insults customers by dropping the unlimited plan and going to plans that will absolutely create large overage bills. AT&T bought out Cingular, and now plans to buy T-mobile. Congressman, the FCC, and/or the Justice Department will be bribed to allow the merger which clearly violates anti-trust laws. This will be done in the name of “better service”. I really like my
    iPhone, it works well and I will be going from AT&T as soon as my contract is up. T-mobile has much lower priced family plans, and I might actually add a data plan, but maybe not. I am hoping AT&T will not get T-mobile. I actually am a T-mobile customer for data on my iPhone to test T-mobile service. I am thinking of a 4g hotspot device from T-mobile, instead of data for my Iphone as that would give 4G to my computer and WiFi for my iPhone. The entire reason for AT&T dropping unlimited data was because AT&T knows what we all should realize. Data usage is going to explode as 4g can drive your computer at 6meg down and 1.5 meg up. That’s what I got with Clear, and about the same with T-mobile in a store test. Unfortunate Clear does not work within about ½ mile around my house. If T-mobile becones part of AT&T I will have to look at another company. The problem I have is that my family travels outside the US. Outside the US cell phones are easy, you get to where you are going, get a local sim card, pay for minutes and you are all set. As only AT&T and T-mobile have sim cards those are the phones I use. I can go back to Sprint or Verizon, but I do not want to have to buy any more phones, I have to many. So please call your Congressman, the
    FCC, and the Justice Department and tell them to block the merger. It is in the interset of the American people to keep competition driving prices down and service up. If T-mobile is gone three carriers will control the market, just like ExxonMobile controls big oil. Please comment here for the FCC http://fjallfoss.fcc.gov/ecfs/upload/display?z=ssdq1 I have not found a place to comment with the Justice Department.

  • preet

    Do you have the link to download the jailbreak for the iphone 4 with 4.1.2 software?

  • I just stumbled upon your blog after reading your blog posts wanted to say thanks.i highly appreciate the blogger for doing this effort.

  • I live in Toronto and have an ANDROID phone with an unlimited voice, text and data plan for $35.20 per month. My phone says data usage is over 30 GB a month of which over 29GB is from tethering/portable hotspot. My friend has an iPhone on Telus network. She says she has unlimited data but is not allowed to tether her laptop to her phone.

    After doing some research I found out the iPhone was designed so that the network operator must turn on tethering (sharing the phone’s internet via USB, BlueTooth or wireless) on the phone for it to work (unless the iPhone is jail breaked). The ANDROID phone gives only users full control over how they share the phone’s internet without first obtaining authorization from the carrier to share the service with other devices.

    The Apple brand is just a status symbol brand for the hip, trendy, fashion conscious, and wealthy. ANDROID and other Linux users tend to be nerds, geeks, and smart self-employed people who realized that open source platforms are the way of the future. The days are numbered for companies like AT&T, Apple and Microsoft. Open Source companies like Google, Samsung, HTC and UBUNTU lead by bringing down total costs of using the internet.