iPhone 4 Screen Scratched

Apple has been praising the aerospace-grade glass of the new iPhone 4 since it was introduced. According to Cupertino, the new iPhone screen is “chemically strengthened to be 20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic”.

Gdgt editor Ryan Block just posted this picture to his Twitter account. Seems that “30 times harder than plastic” is not scratch-resistant enough though. It looks like this Invisible Shield for iPhone 4 might be a good solution after all…

  • Eric

    How the he’ll did they manage to do this??

  • Alex

    Way to go jackass! People will do anything including messing up their brand new iPhone just to make headlines! Oh…let me take a kitchen knife and go abe shit on the iPhone so I can be the first to report some shit on twitter….WAY TO GO!!….Can you eat glue for your next trick or have you already done that trick today?

  • LOL …alex u kill me ….great post ! Dam idiots ……

  • vik071

    And what if the scratches happened the legitimate way?

  • Alex

    @vik071….I’m pretty sure that this guy being the editor of major iPhone blog site didn’t just do this by accident. He did it because he wanted to break the story about how Apple screwed up and how he found out first!….I bet the next big story will about some idiot either taking apart this iPhone 4 or putting it inside a microwave to see what happens!…..It amazes me to see crap like this…is like the people that burn themselves up just to make the news..is stupid and pointless!

  • boo

    @Alex, you sounded so confident.. anyways even if it’s deliberate, it still proves that it isn’t scratch resistant after all.. i always thought iPhone is God, but then I woke up to realize it’s not..

    Not to worry, even iPhone becomes scrap metal, loyalist will still bow and worship it.. that’s the power of Apple.. http:// yfrog.com / miautomotivatorj

  • pn2bade

    Yes, but will it blend?

  • Nelson


    Lmao !

  • @pn2bade …do u plan to bend it like beckam , ass !

  • Angi

    Seems to me a durability “test scratch” would be a nice straight line in the corner or something. But who knows?

  • Alex

    @Boo….you’re that annoying piece of shit kid in the back of the class that hates everyone because his dad rapes him at night!….GET A LIFE DUDE!….Yes we know the iPhone isn’t God but is a hell of a lot better than your little nokia that your grandma gave you….LOSER!!

  • boo

    @Alex, it’s okay.. I’ll just assume you haven grown up.. My 3 year old kid could argue better than you..

    I love iPhone, but I hate users like you.. I’ll bring in my kid to talk to you.. I guess people of the same level talks better..

    http:// yfrog.com / miautomotivatorj

  • Jay

    I believe apple is gonna be plagued with problems with this phone. It’s a brand new form factor and releasing a new phone every year on such a mass scale is insane. Remember the 3G and 3GS are same form factor. Apple left their comfort zone in design. In defense they had to do it to keep up with trends. Screen, glass shattering, reception. That’s major

  • Brian

    I just ran out to get a screen protector for my new iPhone 4 after I started noticing it picking up scratches. I’ve been really careful with it since I got it, so I was surprised to see a scratch on the back like in the picture above.
    I remember seeing videos on youtube of earlier iphones being placed in a lunchbox with nuts and bolts, shook up, and the screen remaining scratch free.
    The comparison’s Steve Jobs made with plastic and sapphire are pretty much meaningless to people in the real world. The question is, “is this screen as touch as previous iPhone screens?” I’m guessing the answer is, “No”.

  • Justin

    I’m on my iPhone 4 right now and I didn’t take a kitchen knife too it and it’s scratching from normal wear and tear.

  • greggg

    yall are retarded..
    this phone is scratch RESISTANT not scratch “proof”.
    this picture and article prove nothing.


    I’m nearly possitive phone complaits for 95 percent of devices or users not the accual phone

  • Mark

    I can get my wife’s diamond ring and do the same kind of damage to my iphone 4. You wont scratch the screen with keys or metal objects.

  • N

    @alex im wt u bro this deuche is prolly n editor n shit. I had my i4 fr 34 days nw n no scratches n yea i put it in my pocket with keys. Tht scratch dont look like an accident. U can tell its been done by a knife or something hard n sharp.

  • Caitline

    @ gregg – THANK YOU! Everyone’s going crazy about this scratch–whether or not he did it on purpose, scratch resistant doesn’t mean it’s never-ever-absolutely-not going to scratch…it means it RESISTS them….>.>

  • Ed

    I have my iPhone 4 ten days now and picked up a two inch hairline scratch on the screen! This was caused by putting it in a pocket with a plastic zipper across the top. Check out Apple’s website and you will see six pages of people who have picked up varying degrees of scratches, one even picked up a scratch from a business card!!!
    I had the 3gs for a year, in my pocket regularly with coins and keys and no screen protector and there is not so much as a blemish on it. I would have bought a screen protector immediately if I thought that this phone needed it. But they go to great lengths to state how strong the screen is. THIS PHONE WILL PICK UP SCRATCHES FROM DAY TO DAY USE – GET A COVER!!

  • Larry

    Scratch resistant doesn’t mean scratch-proof. It just means it’s more difficult to scratch the glass. If you really want to scratch it, you’ll do it. But if you want it to stand up to the occasional bump and scrape (going in and out of pockets, purses, whatever), it will do that better than the others.

  • Ed


    I dont think anyone is asking for scratch proof, but as I said, my 3gs lasted a year with no cover even though it was pocketed with keys and coins, not one mark. The iPhone 4 got scratched while being taken out of an empty pocket. That is not as scratch resistant, let alone more scratch resistant.

  • Cameron

    The reflection in the Iphone before and after is identical the scratches were photoshopped….

  • TommyP

    I have had my iPhone 4 for a few weeks now and looked after it with my life, I then put it in my pocket with a plastic bank card and it has a nasty scratch on the screen. I am getting the screen replaced for £100 and it’s a kick in the balls. I never had a screen protector on my 3G and that was fine. The iPhone 4 screen is definitely weaker.

  • Phatz

    iphone can not and will never be GOD. An iphone can not be compared to GOD the creator who can do anything.

  • brett

    its a phone who gives a shit a small little scratch wont stop you from calling anyone go get a fucking life u pack of fucking girls