iPhone 4 Shipped from Hong Kong with FedEx

Yesterday I was telling you that my iPhone 4 was being prepared for shipment. Today me and many others received an email from Apple saying that our order had shipped.

It is currently in Hong Kong and is scheduled to be delivered by June 24th at 4.30 PM. I sure hope it will be there before 4.30 PM!

I remember last year my iPhone 3GS was scheduled to be delivered one day before the official date. However FedEx put it on hold and it came in the day it was supposed to.

Has your iPhone 4 been shipped yet?

  • @LappyGirl

    No, mine are coming from AT&T. I had to add a line & order 2 & Apple wouldn’t let me do it online. I ordered at 5am on the 15th, so here’s hoping!

  • Justin

    I would like to share the status of mine, but I can’t figure it out. Is there a way to check if you ordered in an AT&T store? (not online)

  • @Justin I don’t know how you can check your order placed with AT&T. Maybe you should call AT&T and ask them.

  • Justin

    @Sebastien After failing to find any numbers on my reciept that worked, I did call them but the girl I talked to was no help. She just said ‘it will probably be here the 24th or 25th. Maybe later.’
    I was hoping one of the many readers of this blog would have been successful. I’m sure I’ll figure it out by the 24th or 25th, maybe later. Lol

  • Jack

    The only way I know to check AT&T status is to
    go to your account page and there is a “Check Order Status” option. But I ordered mine online, so I’m not sure.

    Anyone else worried that by ordering through AT&T we will have to waitfor them to get the phones in stock on the 24th before they ship them to us, so we won’t get them until the 25, 26?

    When I spoke to AT&T on the phone the day of preordering to make sure they had my order as I didn’t get a confirmation email, this is the impression I got from the rep. I also got the feeling she didn’t know what she was talking about so here’s hoping that’s the case!

  • Robman

    I don’t understand I read that a lady ordered as late as 7pm and her order shows shipped and I ordered before 2 pt and mine still shows “in progress” I don’t understand what AT&T is doing!!!!

  • Pedro

    Ughhhh!!! I Ordered my iPhone on Tuesday Morning. It still shows that my order is processing =/

  • Pedro

    Says it will ship June 24th though………

  • KH

    I get the same message from the AT&T site. I ordered my iPhone at 810am the morning the pre order option lit up. I would have expected a shipping email just like the rest of you. Leave it to a bonehead AT&T to funk this process up. They have been through this a million times with Apple hype and they still can’t get it right. I’d love to switch to another network but why even bother when the other carriers don’t have the iPhone. #SMH

  • Chris

    mine is in the same status as yours Sebastian! our iPhones are prob sitting in boxes quite nearby each-other! 🙂 so many of us geeks will of course never meet, but funny how many of our new gadgets cross each-other in the nite or sit 2gether in warehouses… if only gadgets could talk! come on, 24th! mine’s comin directly 2 my work, and i also hope it comes earlier than 4:30pm!

  • Jack

    OMG ATT finally updated the status! Mine says it shipped out on the 17! so I guess it will be here Thursday! Hooray. Anyone who ordered from AT&T should check their order status!

  • KH

    Ok now the order status has changed… it says shipped now. Check your status again everyone. Seems like they are getting it together!

  • Pedro

    PFFFFT! I think everyone is trying to check their order status on the Apple site at the same time! =/ I cant even get the page open! FML!

  • Ralph

    AT&T just told me that the phone will be shipped to them then they will ship them out what? The F !?! I’m going to write a letter I can’t beleve they are going to leave us all for last

  • Bobby

    Mine shipped and fed ex is saying it will arrive the 23rd at 10:30

  • Ralph

    Yeah that will arrive at AT&T store dude come in

  • Stragle

    Yessss! Finally mine has shipped in the 20th. Just waiting on the fedex website to update so I can track it to my house. I ordered mine at 5pm on the 15th. The guy at AT&T said mine would arrive at my house between the June 25th and July 2nd. My email conformation said June 25th-28th. I really hope it comes early! I can’t wait.

  • My order status reads shipped but I can’t track it yet, so probably tomorrow I’ll see at FedEx that’s it’s on it’s way to Hong Kong, or already there. I ordered mine via the AT&T website approximately 5:30am CDT — I’d been trying for two hours hoping between AT&T and Apple websites. I’ve been with AT&T for a long time and they treat me like a King, so maybe that helps too. Can’t wait to get my hands on my iPhone 4 on June 24th. Loving my 3G iPad too, btw.

  • Hey guys,, have the same fustration with fedex….saying item not found…finally called them up and they told me that Apple put a hold on them…and they will be shipped on the 23rd Hong Kong time…they are 15 hours ahead of us…so that will be 9am our time on the 22nd…so hopefully im looking at the 24th…i ordered mine through the at&t store in California at 8:30am…..hopefully they dont ship it through a damn ship cargo…lol

  • Pedro

    @willy and @shane, bro I too am going nuts over my order status… Still says “Ships: delivers on June 24th”. While everyone else is getting shipping updates of their Iphone leaving Hong Kong, I was getting worried. I called Apple and they told me that Everyone’s Iphone will be leaving from different locations. So I’m guessing mine wont have a shipping status update the 23rdish… I’m too worried because when I asked Apple if there seemed to be any problems with the order, they told me no……

  • Ralph

    Yes I just got mine arrived at 7pm yes I’m so siked

  • Izzy

    Hey guys, I ordered mine from the ATT website……i ordered it the first day of preorders around 1 pm. The order status says in progress still and its really pissing me off. is there anyone else with the similar problem cuz im really starting to regret i didnt order if from apple. I feel like ATT is gonna ship them last min….WTF

  • KH

    well that’s no surprise… it should change by tomorrow. As for the iOS4 update you can’t even install it on current iPhones. The backup just hangs there with nothing happening. WTF is going on man!?

  • Izzy

    you would think companies (AT&T and Apple) would learn from their effin mistakes!!

  • Jack

    Not surprised on the iOS update not working for some people. It happens every year. Apple’s verification servers get bogged down from the immense amount of people trying to update their phones at the same time.

    I would hope it would be better each yea, but I’m not surprised when it’s not.

    As for the backup taking forever, how often do you back up? If you don’t do it very often (hell, I updated last week and it still took forever) it can take awhile. Mine seemed to have stopped for longer than necessary time, so I cancelled the backup and restarted it. Was done in about 15 min.

    I’m guessing, as usual, the update will be working better in the next few days.

  • Pedro

    @Izzy same problem here man….. smh!

  • Jason

    Ordered through AT&T as an upgrade online the morning of pre-orders. Probably finally got sent in around 11 a.m. EST. My order status still reads “processing.” Hoping to get mine by Thursday, but starting to look bleak. 🙁

  • KH

    Easy way around the iPhone backup issue… just hit the restore button instead of backup. It will do an extra step but it will update to the iOS4.

  • David

    Mine left Tennessee the morning of 6/21 and is now “in transit” according to UPS tracking. It’s being shipped Super Saver Next Day. I thought FedEx was handling shipping. It doesn’t show a scheduled delivery date however.

  • dragon

    My FedEx Tracking Number (From AT&T) shows that the phone was picked up in Texas this morning at 7:05am, and will be at my house at 3:pm on the 23rd..

  • Einstein


    06/22/2010 6:01 A.M. ORIGIN SCAN

  • David

    Same here Einstein except mine left TN 6/21

  • KH

    No information for the following shipments/FedEx Office orders has been received by our system yet. Please try again later or contact Customer Service.


    I ordered my phone 8am Miami FL Time. I hope this is just a technicality.

  • Jason

    Ok, finally got my email from AT&T, iPhone 4 arrives tomorrow…a day early!!! 😀

  • Fernando

    People who ordered the Iphone in a ATT store got a confirmation the 22 that their phone was already shipped and on its way to customers. As for people who ordered online if you don’t get confirmation the 22 you will the 23 morning

  • Christy

    Yes, using the ATT store, you can check your order status. Mine is holding at FedEx for a 6/24 delivery! yay!

  • David

    My iPhone is out for delivery to arrive today 6/23. It originated in TN. I ordered as an upgrade on AT&T site. Surprised i’m one of the chosen few to receive early.

  • Pedro

    Has anyone here pre-ordered their phone with Apple and still don’t show a shipped status? or is it just me! =/ I’m hoping today it changed! Still says Delivers June 24th WTF!

  • David

    Got it tonight at 6:30. Will activate tomorrow.

  • bunker

    @Sebastien u ordered the iphone 4 to us, but how u gonna use it in hk, or its unlocked.

    • @Bunker I am in the US. I don’t need it to be unlocked