Yesterday I showed you the banned iPhone promo video. Just as ridiculously funny and spot on is this banned iPad promo video.

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  • Joeyineire

    I approve this message.

  • Idgaf syndrome man

    I Agree !!!I pad =just a giant Steroid version of iPod touch ,that’s about it ,nothing different really @.@(true still want one but sue me )

  • Burge

    I’ve got to play with a ipad yesterday and from the start I did not won’t one because you can not sync you iPhone to it and have that as your backup. My NetBook has got more uses than a ipad.
    But just for the hell of it I wont one
    p.s. Funny vid apple should use these clips the brill

  • @LappyGirl

    LMAO! My favorite quote: “Pretty much we took out everything. And we made it bigger. And we put it all right back inside and the crazy thing is…the camera didn’t fit!”

    And second re: books..”You’ll never have to worry about paper cuts again!”

    Thanks Sebastien!

    PS…I said I wasn’t going to get one..giant iPod Touch right? Yeah, I got one on launch and it freaking rocks ­čÖé

  • Dylan

    U actually can call ppl with the app icall, love the vid too lol. I want one so bad lol

  • Dylan

    Funny, now that i have a Droid Eris, what ever videos i cant watch on my 3rd gen. iPod Touch i can with Android 2.1 lolololol

  • Angicat

    …”and, the 3g symbol thing is bigger”… This vid is brillz. I laugh harder every time.