We already showed you the iPhone 4 and the 3GS compared side by side but I came across this nice infographics on iPhone.fr and I thought I’d share it with you.

Infographics of iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3GS

  • Sri

    No confirmation yet, of either the 1GHz clock speed or the 512MB specced RAM.

  • Yea… where did they get the info on the processor?? Apple has been really quiet on those specs and I can’t find it officially anywhere….

  • Dude

    Uhm… A4 Chip = 1 GHz

  • Kibbles

    Yes but it may be underclocked just as the 3gs actually had an 800mhz processor.

  • John

    I wonder where they got the info about the 512mb ram.

  • Eddie

    Yet another improperly referenced infographic, who knew.

  • Abbz

    The prototype which was taken apart beforehand had only 256MB and since there was no mention of of the RAM being upgraded at WWDC, I highly doubt it’ll have 512MB. I think they’ll save the RAM upgrade for next year’s iphone 4g (4g = LTE compliant).

  • Justin

    I just got off the phone with Steve and he told me it is 1GHz with 512 ram. Hope that clears everything up.

    Um, just kidding. I have no idea. I’m just hoping it’s better than my 4gig first gen phone.

  • Eddie

    Apple apparently announced at one of it’s WWDC sessions that the iPhone 4 will indeed have 512 mb of ram.


    If anyone has an apple developer membership, then they can watch the WWDC videos an confirm it for us:p

  • Sri

    Hmmm.. I posted that very link a few hours back and it never appeared..

  • Sri

    I probably duplicated Eddie’s link so I guess it was moderated… No worries.. 🙂