Recently released by a developer named EvilPenguin under the ModMyI repo is a pretty cool and useful app called iBye.


iBye can replace iTunes as far as backing your data. If you’re on the road and don’t have iTunes nearby or if you’re one of many anti-iTunes individuals out there, then iBye is perfect for you. iBye will backup your data and store that data on a FTP server of your choice . iBye will restore this data from the backup on that FTP server as well.

In order to do this, you just need to get yourself an FTP server if you don’t already have one. Windows users can get one here. Mac users here.

If you do not want to use a FTP server, then iBye will do a local backup and local restore on the iDevice itself.

iBye supports your basic applications such as Mail, Notes, Safari, Calendar, Photos and Contacts along with your system log.

It’s a great application to backup your important information on the fly (ie. your contacts).

iBye also gives you the option to remove your data from the application of your choice if that’s what you want to do. This is helpful if you want to clear your calendar but don’t feel like going through each and every entry.

For a little bit under what you usually pay for a gallon of gas in California, you can get iBye $2.99.

  • LakersFan

    will definitely use! Thanks for the heads up

  • Alex

    Yeah, these are one of them things that some people use…some people don’t but all and all, is a good app!

  • carlos-e

    thanks but no thanks! i am not going to pay for something i can get for free.

  • Alex

    Well, that’s why developers have stop either updating their apps or they just stopped completely making apps. If you don’t support these guys how do you except them to keep on creating more apps like this? This app costs 2.99 for a reason. The developer spent hours…maybe days creating this app and you turn around and get a cracked version???…is that a little messed up? The reason people jailbreak their iPhones / iPod Touch is not because they want to illegally add apps to their devices but because they want to make them better wtih apps like backgrounder…proswitcher and apps like that. They also want to give their devices a little flavor by adding winterboard and some themes!

  • Kentaurus

    I had to delete it again. My Mail on iphone 3GS was crashing all the time when I wanted to delete a mail. Have rebooted the iPhone many times but nothing worked only deleting the app.

  • Alex

    @Kentaurus…..Huh?…that sounds weird! Let me ask you something..did this ever happen before you installed iBye or did it started happening after you installed iBye? Let me know and hopefully I can troubleshoot it for you via email and stuff.

  • Kentaurus

    @Alex. No this Never happened before. It started when I installed ibye. I realized that when i swiped over a mail and pressed delete, nothing happened anymore. When I tried to delete the mail via the trashbox icon it crashed. And when I deleted ibye everything went normal.

  • maati houmani

    i winte iphone for my i wente to send to me tomorow

  • Roger Lee

    I do a local backup, and it is stucked with messaging “Local Backup of AppStore Data”

  • Chris

    It doesn’t work for me. Backing up to FTP server causes the ibye app to crash before it finishes.