Don’t like the name of your apps? There’s an app for that too…

Rename II is an application available in Cydia that allows you to rename your stock and jailbreak apps.

I first heard of Rename on AIS and I thought I should look into it a little more:

To change the name of an application, just select it from the list. You will then get a pop-up where you can enter what you would like the new title of the app to be. Once you are finished renaming the app you can select Ok and then hit the Home Button, your device will respring and the apps will be renamed on your SpringBoard.

You can even rename your apps using Emoji icons. Pretty cool, huh?

To install Rename II, you will have to add the SOSiPhone source to Cydia:

Tell us what you think about this app!

  • Burge

    Rename has been I cydia since 2.0 under a French repo this is old news

  • Lolrkoptr

    This is cool, never heard of it before. Ill test it out.

  • Alex

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    • Wine Dude

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  • effinyourmom

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  • T-Mizzle

    Good Lord, Alex! Not everyone is an all-knowing-super-geek! These articles are not for you only.
    Thank you for all you do, Sebastien!

  • choemin

    The app Rocks! The hell with the rest of them up-to-date geeks…

  • The app Rocks! The hell with the rest of them up-to-date geeks…

  • Alex

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    Great article an cool app!

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    Sebastien: Thanks, I found this helpful.

  • Armor

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  • Sam

    This is cool man i swear down

  • Amanda

    I wasn’t able to find the app on my iphone or internet. :-(((