9 to 5 Mac has an article today about a Mac user who emailed Steve Jobs and received an answer back from him, showing that Steve-o was still using an iPhone running OS 3.1.2.

Why would Steve Jobs use an iPhone with 3.1.2? Well, my guess is that he simply has a jailbroken iPhone and he doesn’t want to update to 3.1.3 because he knows it brings nothing more than 3.1.2, except the few usual “bug fixes”.

Additionally, I believe Steve doesn’t want to lose the ability to unlock his iPhone so he can use it with T-Mobile.

Any other reason why you think Steve Jobs would still be using an iPhone on 3.1.2?

  • Maybe he doesn’t want to lose the Darkblue iPhone theme i have on Cydia, or Cydia.

  • Dripps

    This is how rumors get started.

    • iluvjailbreak


  • Moe

    Apple also has unlocked phones from the factory! I am using one right now. Can slot in any sim! So it must be coz he doesn’t wanna pay all the software developers…

  • thats a stupid summary to make

  • Irha

    Couldn’t he get the phone the way he want? It is funny that people think he has to hack his phone to get jailbroken. He might just be too busy to update or doesn’t connect to itunes often. It is more than 2 months since I connected mine to itunes.

  • Angi

    He wants a 5 Column springboard and backgrounder of course! Duh!!!!

  • NonoKurd

    He is using jb iPhone because he can!

  • thefallen

    Narrow-minded people… Oh gawd…

  • J2innet

    Definately not due to unlock. Not all iPhone is locked. Some country is selling iPhone as unlock

  • Wara

    He is using 3.1.2 cuz he still doesn’t know how to use iTunes in his new windows 7 pc.

  • Dylan

    Wow. Bet He has A PC Too. Umm, Mabye he just doesnt want to update and waste an extra 20+ mb of memory. But i bet he has a jailbroken iphone lol

  • Spazbite

    Hey guys just a quick question, now iphoneblog is traveling ( hope its going well ) does this mean less news on here? I used to come gere everyday a few months ago til iphone broke on me, now finaly got a new 1 and it seems like very little news comes up, love the site constantly checking for news, keep up the good work, lewis in the UK

    • Hi Spazbite,

      Yes, that means less news on the site. I figured that there are so many iPhone blogs specialized in giving iPhone news that the world didn’t need yet another one. If you browse the past articles, you will notice that I now focus more on sharing views, tips, hacking tutorials and more.

      When I come back from my trip, I will consider writing about news things again, but for the time being, I really don’t have time for that.

      Hope you understand where I’m coming from with that.


  • Funny news and idea 😀 and more comments as usually, nice to see!

  • nice post. thanks.

  • icecoldness

    He has jailbroken it because there is an app for that!

  • Uri

    Because he is using a “ChinPhone”. He can’t afford an original overpriced phone.

  • Spazbite

    Ok iphone blog no worries il still be here enjoy the trip

  • greytone

    Probably not. What I take from this is that he knows 3.1.3 was a worthless update meant only as an “F you jailbreakers” so he hasn’t bothered putting it on his phone because there’s no point.

  • Maybe he’s hard up and can’t afford the upgrade…ROFLMAO!!!

  • Michael

    Maybe he’s running a multi-billion dollar corporation and hasn’t got time to fuck around with every update.

  • Spaghetti

    It’s because he spends all the money of his for buying the hugest mass of spaghetti ever.

  • kokhean

    Unlocked iPhones from factories ARE sold by Apple. I just can’t remember where. I think it was Europe.

  • First of all its Steve Jobs, he can do whatever he wants with his iPhone like any of us. Secondly, he probably has 3.1.2 cause hes a lazy bum and wont wait a few seconds to download the iOS4 let alone 3.1.3. Just watch, as soon as a jailbreak comes out for iOS4, he’ll get it. Doesnt want us jailbreaking, but will most likely do it his self. I wonder if apple will void his warranty after they see hes jailbroken. They void everyone elses warranty when they see their iPhones jailbroken, so why not him? They just prolly wanna keep their jobs. Would you void the warranty of your boss, let alone Mr. Jobs?

  • Jere Miah

    He doesn’t need to jailbreak it because he can tell his people to make him any kinda phone or iPhone he wants to put in his deeeep pockets

  • Guest

    The only reason he is using an iPhone on 3.1.2 because he want to have more tweaks and theme compatible to his version.what he is using.

  • Guest

    Maybe he was eating apple, and didn’t have time to upgrade his ass.

  • Maybe he was eating apples, and didn’t have time to upgrade his ass