F0recast is a new tool by iH8Sn0w (the developer of sn0wbreeze) that I think is going to be of tremendous help to many jailbreakers and unlockers out there.


It’s become quite complicated to follow up with the jailbreaking and downgrading requirements lately and many people just can’t figure out whether they can jailbreak, unlock, downgrade or not. That’s where F0recast comes in.

f0recast is a tool for Windows® that will check your iPods and iPhones to determine whether it is tethered, or unlockable (iPhone Only).

It is just a real simple app for users who are confused about their device being tethered or able to unlock.

It even tells iPhone user’s their Boot loader, so if you are an iPhone 3G user with the 5.8 Bootloader, it will notify you that you can downgrade your baseband if you wish to unlock.

So basically, F0recast will tell you:

  • if you can have an untethered jailbreak or not
  • if you can unlock or not and what tool you can use to unlock
  • if you can downgrade or not

You can download F0recast for free from here.

  • i am not able to downgrade what do i do

  • Solphisticated

    Wow, what a great contribution to the community. I’m glad to see something like this finally appear.

    Note to the creator: thank you for your efforts, much appreciated.

  • Mast3rShan3

    FINALLY! Hopefully this will stop all the NOOBS from asking the questions about 3.1.3/3.1.2… Or not…

    ” iphone said:

    i am not able to downgrade what do i do”

    Ugh… when will it END! LoL

  • Tess

    I am confused. The screenshot says 3.1.3 is unlockable and the jailbreak section says to not jailbreak 3.1.3 if you care about unlock. And what the heck this term “tethered” means.
    Sorry for “dumb” questions but I am just a regular iPhone user and not a professional jailbreaker/unlocker so I can rely only on what you guys write here.

  • @Tess I’m gonn try to reply to your questions without being too confusing.

    What you see on the screenshot is a custom iPhone firmware created with Pwnagetool, which doesn’t update the baseband. So yes, you can unlock the iPhone you see on the screenshot.

    In the jailbreak section, I suggest not to update to 3.1.3 because for one there is no compelling reason to, and for 2, if you update directly in iTunes, you will most likely lose all ability to jailbreak/unlock because you will update your baseband.

    A tethered jailbreak is a jailbreak that requires you to use a software to start your iPhone every time you reboot. Blackra1n is a tethered jailbreak on certain iPhones, depending on the model.

    Hope I made this clear for you.

  • Tess

    Very clear. Thank you Sebastien.
    F0recast said I can unlock with blacksn0w and so I did with success. Hopefully there will be unlock for higher basebands in future.
    Btw, the icon at my first post was very adequate (to my confusion), lol.

  • Juan

    Actually Sebastian, 3.1.3 has indeed addressed battery issues. I suggest upgrading but I’m just one fish in a huge sea.

    I no longer drop from 85% to 20% over the course of a few ticks (unix ticks, seconds). And my battery just seems to last a bit longer… And I’m a heavy user.

    I really seems what users see with the 3.1.3 upgrade varies. Just like the Cydia update. =)

  • sejukbai

    ive download forecast
    its says error

    ‘startindex cannot be larger than length of string.
    parameter name: startindex’

    in the forecast it has my serial number, bootloader n model
    but baseband ,jailbreakable unlockable n thethered they put a big question mark ,
    underneath it says waiting for device?

    my forecast v1.1 n im on 3.1.3(7e8) wif 5.12.01 bootloader 5.8
    i hv downgrade to 4.26.08
    y it doesnt detect half of it??

    anybody knows y??

    • Joe Bobbins


  • master29

    hi guys, sebastien i have a question for u, i downgraded my firm to 3.1.2 iphone 3g 05.12.1 bb, i used f0recast and says unlockable= NO, but in red ink ,why is not in green like tethered, and jailbrekeable????

  • Tom


    I was wondering. What does it mean when next to unlockable it is a red or yellow no? and the same for tethered?

  • theluigy

    it says that its not unlockable for me, now what? =[

  • michelle nelligan

    hi i checked and mine said no to unlockable too what can i do?

  • nuclear.glow

    Interesting – I can’t get this to run on OSX 10.6.7. May have something to do with an inability to install *anything* with a .zip extension – not sure how to restore that..

    All I get when I click on the app that unpacks from the ZIP is

  • nuclear.glow

    oops – .. the ZIP is a flashing icon, then nothing..