After giving you 17 reasons why the iPad sucks and 499 why you should buy one, I wanted to share with you what I really think about the iPad.

Underwhelming is the word

All throughout Steve Jobs’ presentation of the iPad, I was waiting for the time I would be amazed and excited. Jobs always does a great job at giving me the chills for his products but this time, he failed to.

When the presentation was over, I really felt underwhelmed. I thought to myself: is this it? There had to be something I had missed. Some feature I had overlooked. No, that was really it.

Apple had failed to create excitement.

Netbook > iPad

Steve Jobs made it pretty clear that the iPad aimed at taking over the netbook market. However, I’m not convinced the iPad is better than a netbook at all. To be honest with you, I even felt offended when Steve Jobs called netbooks “cheap laptops”. I am currently traveling with a netbook right now, and there is no way a giant iPod Touch would be half as useful as my netbook is. Really.

If all you do is going to Facebook and check emails, then yes, get an iPad because it will do that just flawlessly for you. However, if you’re looking for a mobile device from which you can actually work (ie. save documents, create documents, extensive typing, video chat, etc…), then I believe a netbook still is your best bet.

I am not Apple’s target market

I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t know who the iPad really is for. It is not for me, I know that. I am a computer power user. I need multitasking, I need Flash, I need to be able to save documents to my hard drive. But I might be blinded by how I see the perfect tech gadget, and what I believe is good for me probably is far from what Mom and Pops think is good for them.

If my Mom told me she wanted an iPad, I would gently explain to her that it might not be a good idea for the time being and that she might as well buy a $400 Lenovo netbook because she’ll get much more out of it. The problem is that my Mom will be so excited about owning a device with a fruit on it that she probably won’t listen to me anyways.

The iPad might be targeting these people: those who don’t know enough, thus can be easily influenced by good marketing campaigns.

Do I NEED or do I WANT an iPad?

The reason why I’m so confused about this new device is probably because I haven’t used it yet, but also because Apple hasn’t managed to make it clear why I need an iPad. Apple is usually great at making me NEED things. 3 years ago, I was very happy with my BlackBerry Pearl, then Apple shows up with the iPhone. They made me NEED it, instantly. This has been also true for the iPhone 3G and 3GS.

Apple doesn’t make me need an iPad right now. It hasn’t hit the spot yet!

Will I buy an iPad?

Yes, I will buy an iPad. The main reason is that if I’m going to blog about it, I’d better know my stuff. It might also be convenient at night to check Twitter or my emails while watching TV on the couch. I’m a news junkie and I admit that an iPad will be much better to read the news from my RSS reader, which I usually do from my iPhone.

Oh and one more thing, my fiancee is very excited too, for slightly different reasons though. Here is what she said to me: “I think playing Bejeweled on this giant screen is gonna be awesome”. She had a point. I started dreaming about landing giant planes on Flight Control, one of my favorite games, on this big iPad screen. Haha!

The future of the iPad

This is just the beginning. What Apple is giving us today has nothing to do with what they will give us in 3-4 years. They could very well give us all we want right now (more storage, Flash, video camera, etc…), but they have to start somewhere. They have to work on us and create the need for an iPad. This will take time but I am convinced that once Apple really unleashes the power of the iPad, it will be one of the most amazing and useful device ever made.

On the bright side, I know the Dev Team will be working day and night to jailbreak the iPad. Once they find an exploit and can inject their codes in there, the iPad will be on its way to kicking ass.

What’s your point of view?

  • I think Jobs way, way oversold the iPad.

    I don’t think it’s going to be useful for the mass, computing public to replace laptops, but I do think two things:

    1. This actual design, will one day replace laptops. Maybe not the iPad, but tablets, have a future.

    2. The iPad may be a hit with professionals who are on-foot all day, and mobile. People like Realtors (showing MLS info sheets, getting paperless contracts signed), contractors (walking through houses, looking at digital plans, punch lists), doctors (having digital charts, for each patient in each room), etc. Even graphic artists, who can sketch in the field and save to their network server. (I blogged about this the other day)

    One thing that is just totally unacceptable though… No flash. This makes ZERO sense to me.

  • guy whats up? ahh.. the new iPad is stupid, oh no sorry its cool, ah i do not know, ok i will buy one… WHAT?! :p

  • Brian

    I agree with Sebastien. The CURRENT IPAD is nothing but an oversized itouch on steroids…..And I see NO REASON to pay $800+ or even $200 for a device that cant make calls, cant even do as much as my JB’d ITOUCH, yet has a big fancy screen (4×3?? What were they thinking…4×3 is OLD..everything is now 16×9) and not much else.

    But, I do agree with Sebastien that FUTURE models may be awesome..and if so, then apple has another product to take over the world.

    The fact is, IF Steve Jobs wants the ipad to be a huge success, which he does, or be a netbook killer… then they will have to add ALOT to the ipad.

    Will they? My guess is yes. Apple is too innovative to not know that all they have now is a large itouch…they KNOW this…and they know they need to add a TON of stuff to make this happen while managing battery life, price points and etc…..but as Sebastien said..they have to start we have an overpriced, oversized itouch to wet our lips until they figure out how to get the ‘real device’ they want to go mainstream to come to fruition.

    Question is….so many others are working on ‘tablets’ and ‘mobile computing devices’, who will be the first to market with the REAL DEAL? And at what price points will these devices cost? With netbooks AND laptops and hell, ALL mobile devices coming DOWN in price, will APPLE be able to give us what we want at a price we can afford?

    Can Apple add ALL THESE TONS of missing features AND be able to sell it for a reasonably low price? They will have to if they want it to be a mainstream product and not a niche product that only those with money to flush can afford.

    The MAC is no doubt a great computer line. But how many people do not have one because of the high entry price?

    Can the IPAD work around this or will it be a ‘super tablet’ that only some can afford while mainstream sticks with lower priced netbooks/laptops/other tablets or mobile computing devices that are far cheaper and accomplish everything they need for it to do?

  • P.

    Well I’m with Seabas

    I don’t think this ipoop sorry pad is that great from the standpoint of the way of the spec sheets.

    Less than impressed even less than impressed with Apple as a whole.
    Just my opinions so everyone calm down before you fanbois start trying to flame somebody.

  • Mike

    I see no reason to own the iPad.
    I thought, well maybe my mom, then I thought, no I couldn’t do that to her, not only the cost, but no flash, she would be better with a notebook.
    I think if he sold it much lower, I might be convinced to buy it if it was $199 for 64gigs and 3G, they make their money back from the appstore, you can’t run anything Apple doesn’t sell and get a cut of.
    I have tried to figure out it’s use, and honestly, I can’t, I am sitting here on the bed with a laptop, face is sorta forward looking at the screen, the flat bottom I am typing on, now if I have a flat tablet, unless i put my legs up, it won’t be very comfortable, especially at 1.5lbs.
    My morning ritual is, make a cup of coffee, go outside and chainsmoke, while using the 3G to check email, news, listen to my morning Frosty, Heidi and Frank show, and I just do not see it as being comfortable to lug outside with me.
    Even sitting here on the bed, listening to mp3s with headphones, I can still listen and stick it in my pocket to walk around, the iPad isn’t casually comfortable.
    Steve talked about using it as a picture frame, which makes me think, OK so it’s sitting on the coffee table, if they had added IR so I could control the lights in my house (of course with optional Apple electric wall adapters) and if it could control my TV/VCR/DVD/Stereo/Tivo etc… then I think it would have some use.
    No thanks Steve, you should of put the Mac OS on it, video editing on a touch screen would be perfect, maybe in a few years.

  • Fred

    Ah, it is not that simple.

    Apple is know to change the market in many ways and that is what they are good at. You have to remember that when MP3 devices came out, there were hundreds of devices that, like the netbooks, did more: Had radios, had voice recording, this and that, YET EVERYBODY bought iPods. The questions is not how much you can do, it is more like WHAT ARE YOU DOING!

    Also, when Apple release the iPhone they were not after the big BLACKBERRY market, they were after the people that had flip LG’s and Samsung phones with the “There is more out there for you guy, and it looks good”.

    The iPad is the same concept, yes you can get a netbook that does a bunch of stuff for you but your LAPTOP already does those things for you. If you keep thinking that there is nothing to be done with iPad, you really have no need for one ….but … there is people that can take full advantage of it. And that is the people that Apple is looking for, you know why, because if you follow the scene you will see how netbooks so far are a total disaster, they are in fact cheap laptops. They do what laptops do, they are small, and they are cheap.

    I have a laptop, I have an iphone and i also have a netbook. Well, gave the netbook to my wife because i was really not using it, AND, I have modded my netbook ( Acer Aspire ) with a TouchScreen mod and it is awesome, but the stuff i was doing in that thing, i rather do it in my laptop.

    Nobody know what will happen to the ipad simply because nobody knows if there is a market out there for Tablets, but you can see that EVERYBODY is rushing to get one out, Apple is simply doing the same thing, and the people they want to captivate is the people that don’t really care too much about the price and people that have simple needs like email facebook and so on … My wife is a perfect example, my mother, my father … most of us that read these blogs we really have no use for it … but they do …

    Go to the apple store, stay there playing for an hour with the iMacs and listen to how many people are asking about the iPad … you will be surprised.

    I dont know about you, but I always use my iphone in bed half hour before i go to sleep, i read some blogs, see some videos, read some emails … i am so buying an iPad.
    Maybe i will hold until the 2 Gen because we all know that is when apple really figures their product out ….

    Best of Luck!

  • Fred


    And if you are concerned about not having flash….think about this.

    FLASH is an absolute abortion. If they were to release flash for iphone your battery would not last half of what it lasts today ( and is not that much anyway ). You should know that flash is extremely resource intensive, and crashes a lot. If you get flash for devices like this, there are big chances that flash will cause problems and guess who the customer will go after when their devices get hot and the battery drains in half hour ??

    Apple, not adobe.

  • Mike

    Fred it is not an abortion, my laptop and desktop rarely crash, does that mean the iphone just can’t handle it? Why not give us flash, with the ability to turn it off….. You know why? Steve has no control over flash or adobe. If he can’t own it, he doesn’t want it. Apple has been very active in the development of HTML5… Make sense now?

  • I agree with sabastien, and i’d buy one too. tho i really wanna see it hacked lol.

  • OSXUser

    I’m going to buy it… because it’s convinient and portable .. Am I happy with it NO ! and just like Sebastien Im Underwhelmed…….. but it sure does beat the heck out of surfing the internet and watching my dropbox files on the iPhone… by the way is a terrific and free alternative to mobileme for accessing your files…… I have only aobut a $700 budget for this thing and I was debating wether to buy the 3g 16GB or go for more memory with the 32GB…… It would be nice to have internet access while on the go… I already have an iPhone and after searching and doing some research I figured out how to just tether my iPhones 3G to my new iPad to be……. so I will e buying the 32GB…… should be perfect to keep a lot of my pictures and movies….

  • Fred


    When i say it is an abortion it is primarily because it is very process intensive. Thus, battery consuming. I agree that the ability to turn it on and off would be good, but overall, it’s just bad. I mean, it will kill my iphone battery, or it will be another toggle thing to be switching on and off, and regardless of these two factors it will not look any good on my iphone.
    On the ipad, yah, there might be some use for it, though i still think HTML5 is a much better way to go. Also, we should rely on technologies like javascript being able to detect flash and the device you are using and display the appropriate content.

    Anyway, not dragging this way to long, i am satisfied with my iPhone without flash. A bigger screen might change my mind in regards to wanting flash or not as flash is such a popular thing on websites, …so maybe when i get my ipad i will be on your side…. as for now …no flash is ok 😀

  • Good insights. Thanks guys 🙂

  • I have to agree with Mike above: as long as the ipad is not running straight-forward OSX, it is worthless to me. I have a 12″ iBook and an ASUS netbook (as well as a 21″iMac) and of course a jailbroken 2G.
    Such a tablet computer has to be able to run standard programs. Has th have a standard interface and be able to store to its own drive or an external one without hassle. Otherwise, what is it really good for?
    Seth list a number of possible uses and I could add a few myself such as engine control and optimisation in racing, but I can see those uses only if the thing is running a real OS. In my particular case (racing engines) it would have to run XP thru Bootcamp. That is the only reason I have the netbook: it was far cheaper than a new Macbook and I only need it for XP and few special programs. BTW, most of the specail programs Seth alludes to are also only available for Windoze. Maybe if MS gets their act together and a windoze tablet comes along that really works…

    basically I am, unlike most here, impressed with the thing as a basic machine, tho.
    I do not need flash; I hate it! and zap sites away immediately the start up with a flash presentation. They don’t need my business. I can’t be bothered with such childish nonsense.
    If and when it runs OSX just like a Macbook, I will stand in line to get one. But not before.


  • Kaft

    I agree , that we think different , we are mentally trained on what we are used to, and the IPad is not what our habits are, it’s a machine that neither a mobile phone or a laptop, and that what is scary, you can’t but it in your pocket or on your lap , the features are not what we are trained to expect, and that is disappointing with out a doubt, so what is exactly are we getting, I think its iPage, I would not called it an ibook, because it’a more than ebook, but what do I know..!

  • I guess it’s one of those situations, with the iPad, where you wonder the designers didn’t think about ‘whether they should make such a device’, but rather ‘if they could’… It’s difficult to see if such a technological “advancement” will work, or not… There has been quite a lot of complaints regarding Apple’s devices of late, and how they lack reliability. Check out this interesting article at The Music Void – Agree or disagree?