Late last night I received an email from Apple saying that the iPhone 3G S I had pre-ordered last week was being shipped. I immediately hit the UPS link to track the shipment and I noticed it was being shipped from Shenzhen, China. When I first checked last night, it said the scheduled delivery date was June 17.

I checked again this morning and it says that the scheduled delivery date is now June 18. Either way, it’s ahead of Apple’s official launch day. Now the question is: if my iPhone arrives on June 18, will AT&T let me activate it?

  • Clay

    Actually, I’m more concerned that that phone is coming from China! 😀

    I’m sure you’ll be able to activate it. I don’t see why not. And sometimes this package tracking thing is not accurate. The phone may come on the 20th. 😛

    • The order specifically says that it will deliver on the 19th. I called Apple to make sure it will be here on the 19th and they confirmed. Now I know that the UPS tracking system sometimes doesn’t work correctly. I’m just hoping…

  • ISM

    Look on the back of ur current iPhone . It says
    “assembled in china”

    No surprise it’s coming from there

  • I have a feeling that the delivery is in some kind of hold in UPS system and will go out only in time for the 19th delivery. I wouldn’t be surprised if sometime soon your shipping status reflects that date.

  • Jacob

    No, it wont be delivered on 18th as mentioned on the UPS site. For me, it was the same situation. But now, there is not scheduled date of delivery on UPS site. Also I got an email from Apple:

    “Our records indicate that your iPhone 3G S pre-order has shipped.

    Our carrier’s website may have displayed an incorrect delivery
    date for your order. However, we expect your iPhone order to be
    delivered on time on June 19, 2009.”

    Also on UPS site, there is no activity since the phone arrived in Alaska, however I live in NJ 🙂

    AK, US 06/17/2009 1:50 P.M. ARRIVAL SCAN
    HK 06/17/2009 7:46 P.M. DEPARTURE SCAN
    CN 06/17/2009 4:40 P.M. DEPARTURE SCAN
    CN 06/16/2009 10:15 P.M. ORIGIN SCAN

    Hope I will get it by the weekend, otherwise it sucks!

  • Jacob

    Still there is no movement on the UPS site. However, the scheduled delivery date is re-appearing :

    Type: Package
    Status: In Transit
    Rescheduled Delivery: 06/19/2009