A new application is available on Cydia today called Voicemail Forwarder. This cool new app allows you to forward your voicemail to an email address, right from the voicemail application.

Instead of only being able to listen to your voicemails on your iPhone, you can now share those important messages by forwarding them to an email address with a single tap.

Voicemail Forwarder gives you a new button that fires up an email with the current voicemail attached to it. You can then send the email to any email address.

Voicemail Forwarder is the second application to be available in the Cydia Store. You can download it from the store for $2.49.

  • nice! [IMG]http://rich-niche.info/cookie/img/smilies/happy.gif[/IMG]

  • cushcalc

    Voicemail forwarder is not working for me with 3GS phone – phone app starts to open, then closes immediately. (just jailbroke today with purplera1n)

  • Gurkha

    cushcalc, same problem, I emailed developer and am waiting for response/update. As 3GS is newly broken, it may take a while.

  • Chris

    same with the old 3G. phone app is not working. i wrote the developer too. but no answer since 4 weeks.

  • Salar

    Same problem for me too (3GS) its not working.

  • Shaun

    Here’s a review of a visual voicemail app – lets you receive faxes too.

  • Gina

    Wasted $2.99!! I installed it after jailbreaking for 4.01 and it doesn’t work …. crashes when you try to look at your contacts information in visual voicemail. I’ve sent them an email.

  • Cushcalc

    Give the developer some time. DO email developer and note the problem, and ask for a quick fix. DON’T give up and assume it’s a bad product. Many apps in the Apple App Store don’t work right with iOS4, until they are modified/updated. This app worked GREAT with earlier iOS versions, and there’s nothing else like it! I wish it was working today, but I would hazard a guess that developer is working his ass off developing an update that works properly.

  • Gurkha

    Agreed. When 3GS cam out, it didn’t work, developer fixed it and it worked. I don’t remember how long it took, but it WAS upgraded.

  • mister_L

    i bought it today…for my iphone 4 running 4.01. it´s not working and keeps crashing when entering contactinformation in voicemail. be warned!

  • Lance

    This app fails to launch on iPhone 4 running 4.1 as well. The author has been silent on updates (last one was 2009…I think that the project has been abandoned), don’t purchase.

  • Mass

    Got the app a few days ago, I take it it still hasnt been fixed for iOS4.1 can I demand a refund or I’m gonna do a cash back via paypal

  • Lance

    This author is a thief. Never did respond to my email asking for help or advise when this will be fixed. Sorry you had to fall victim. I emailed Saurik as well asking him to pull the software but he didn’t, nor did he respond. I will be much more cautious (if ever again) buying anything from the Cydia Store.

  • Mass

    Your right I made a mistake I should have googled it first and made sure it was working on iOS4.1. I’m sure a cash back claim would wake him up and I hope everybody else does the same.

  • Cushcalc

    Voicemail Forwarder is working fine for me with iPhone 4 on 4.1. I don’t know what your problem might be, but I know the developer is still involved – I contacted him when it wasn’t working with iPhone 4 initially and he said it was a combination of his code and Saurik’s that had to be updated, and it did finally get done.

    I found a way to contact developer by looking at info on ModMyi about the app, so start there if you wish to take it up with him.

  • Mass

    Thanks for the advice, I’ll give that a go

  • Mass

    Still cant get hold of any one and still no fix

  • Lance

    Yup, same. The guy is clearly a jerk (whether it works for others or not) beings he’s taken the money and is running, and providing zero support. This issue isn’t isolated to just you and I. I’ve pm’d with several others that have said the same thing.

  • Eric

    Same for me. App not working… guy not answering emails…

  • tony

    Has anyone had any luck with this yet? I’m thinking of buying it since the app says “now compatible with iPhone OS 4.0”.

    • Mass

      If I was you I’ll stay away there seems to be no further development still waiting for it to work on 4.1.

      I’d be interested to know if there is anything we can add to get it working like some people claim.

    • chad

      I have 4.0 and it works on mine.

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  • Marco

    It’s not working on my iphone 4 running 4.1. The cydia site says it works on 4.3??

  • It’s a skam! I’ve tested that years ago. Didn’t think it’s still available after such a lot of complaints!