iphone death

Roger McNamee, founding partner of the  investment firm Elevation Partners, the same firm that decided to pay $100 million to lift its stake in Palm from 25% to 39% made some serious prediction in an interview with Bloomberg.

McNamee calls no less than the death of the iPhone on June 29, 2009. Wow, this guy has huge balls to say something like that on television…

June 29, 2009, is the two-year anniversary of the first shipment of the iPhone. Not one of those people will still be using an iPhone a month later. Think about it — if you bought the first iPhone, you bought it because you wanted the coolest product on the market. Your two-year contract has just expired. Look around. Tell me what they’re going to buy.

Question is, will you switch to Sprint for the Palm Pre when it comes out?

  • Brandon

    That’d be a negative.

    And this guy is an idiot… obviously he’s not an iPhone user.

    I can’t see ANYTHING in the Pre that’s making me think I’ve got to rush right out and get one. Not one thing do I find compelling aside from the background processes being allowed to run. The rest is just what my iPhone can already do, and what Windows Mobile can’t do.

  • While I don’t tottally agree with him I think there will be a lot of iPhone users looking around for something better then their contracts finished. I’m an iPhone user and every iPhone owner I know that got it from launch day is dying to get something else. Unfortunately, most of the networks have 18-24month contracts now so it’s not worth jumping ship until something really good comes along. I’m holding out for a quality Android based handset. Ideally a Android OS with Nvidia hardware – now that would be sweet.

  • This is why Apple is releasing IPhone Pro/IPhone 3G2 in June 2009. It’s obvious they are coming out with a HW change with the leaks everywhere (just search on Iphone June 2009). Apple and AT&T are smarter than they look; they know they have stiff competition and non-Mac Enthusiasts will jump ship as soon as their contract is over. SOOOO, as soon as the 6.29.07 2 year contract is up, they will have another over the top Iphone with ichat, video, 32GB, thinner form factor, OLED screen, and some other cool features so we plop our $300-$400 down and another 2 year contract with AT&T. Expect the next, next big IPhone exactly on 6.29.11. OUT

  • David

    iphone 3G2 – lol. Iphone 3G was rumoured to have a high quality 5mega pixel camera, video calling, picture messaging (mms) and a bunch of other things that never came true. Truly my 6yr old xda exec still has more features. Apple fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, fool me a 3rd time – I think not.
    I still cant forward text messages or copy and paste so not going to get another 18-24month contract to get features that should have been in version 1

  • Fat chance. I will certianly not be among those he’s postulating!

    Typical Ad agency hype – what a pile of BS.

  • Let me add – I forgot – that my iPhone is not running under T-online contract. It doesn’t matter when any contract expires. If I wanted something else – which I don’t – I would not have to wait.
    I didn’t want a Palm when they came out any more than a Psion – yes I am that old – and I don’t want one now.or any of the other attempts to approach the iphone. Unsuccessful attempts till now as even my local Palm et all (on iphones there) retailer concedes.

  • lol yea we use our iphones as itouches these days. im not impressed with it as a phone. we prefer our razors for phone calls. incredible mini computer tho. i can see people just pulling their sim cards out and keeping it around for the apps.

    then of course that makes jailbreaking it no problem, which means to hell with itunes appstore LOL

  • jim

    To correct the first poster: Windows Mobile can and does allow background processes and apps.

    To correct the others…OS 3.0 is pretty much out now, and it is a known fact that it has copy paste, mms, video capture, a2dp, etc…so there is no speculation. It WILL have these things. If you bought the first time without knowing these things about the device…I’m afraid that’s your own fault for not doing a little research before investing over $1000.

    As for the camera…it is said to have a 5mp on the back, and a 5mp or 3mp on the front. And maybe they did say this before so you can just say: well they said that last time. This time is much different though as there are already devices with 5mp and more, it’s a little more realistic now.

    I was smart enough to not get burned by the iPhone’s the first 2 times around as per all their flaws, and have always done my homework and found the best device of the time, bought it, made it the best I could via customization and such, and stuck with it. Having always done that…I think that doing that again is leading me to the new iPhone. I am jumping ship for it. And if I for some reason still don’t like it even after all of the literally hundreds of large and small improvements over previous models….well HTC Magic / Sapphire here I come!

    I just hope Apple isn’t so dumb this time around and puts some freakin buttons on that thing