Extended Preferences is a new app available in Cydia that allows you to take the customization of your iPhone a step further. Something quite unusual about Extended Preferences is that after downloading it, you have to “activate” it in WinterBoard.

Once it’s activated, you can go set your preferences in Settings > SpringBoard (note that this “SpringBoard” tab has been added by Extended Preferences.

Extended Preferences will allow you to:

  • hide internal apps such as Safari, YouTube, etc…
  • Set fake signal bars, time, or carrier
  • Display a numeric battery or wifi

I downloaded Extended Preferences 1.0 and tried to set a numeric battery. It wouldn’t work. Have you guys been luckier than me?

  • What a cool app. Now if they could take the pain out of customizing the boot logo with a nice little button, thatd be sweet. Good read Sebastien.

    Also I would like you to know that I do read the blog, and I promise you will not see an article on this application written by me (well, hopefully).

  • Peter

    most of the status bar stuff can be changed via makeitmine
    i believe that the bossprefs allow for a numeric battery..
    the numeric wifi seems interesting though.

  • Hello
    Numerical Battery works fine for me! 😀