Space Black

Feast your eyes on crips shots of iPhone 7 Pro in Space Black and Deep Blue

If you can't get enough of Space Black/Deep Blue iPhone colorways, we've got you covered with some nice looking photos of alleged iPhone 7 Pro units in Apple Watch-style Space Black finish that's supposed to replace the current Space Gray option. Plus, we have a bunch of crisp shots of a working iPhone 7 Pro prototype in Deep Blue.

Feast your eyes on the photos and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Here are the best iPhone 7 Space Black images yet

Dummies produced by third parties previously hinted at what an Apple Watch Space Black-like colorway reportedly in tow for the next iPhone might look like. Such photos are as fine as plasticky dummies go, but there's nothing quite like seeing the real aluminum unibody construction with Apple fit and finish.

Leaked out of China and discovered by Dutch blog, the latest batch of photographs presumably taken inside a Foxconn factory give us our best look yet at the rumored Space Black finish for the iPhone 7.

New iPhone 7 dummies show what Space Black model might look like

With a little more than three weeks left until Apple's supposed unveiling on September 7, various iPhone 7 dummies have been cropping up everywhere. Judging by the comments, many of you are excited about a rumored Space Black (or Deep Blue?) colorway replacing the Space Gray finish in the iPhone 7 lineup.

A fresh batch of images posted yesterday to Chinese microblogging service Weibo, republished by AppleInsider, showcase an alleged 4.7-inch iPhone 7 model in Space Black, as well as two 5.5-inch models with and without a magnetic Smart Connector on their backside.

Purported Mute switch leak reaffirms rumors of Space Black iPhone 7 model

A lot of people seem to be excited for the supposed iPhone 7 variant in Space Black, resembling the Space Black stainless steel Apple Watch or the dramatic Darth Vader-like black-clad appearance of the iPhone 5. Dutch publication on Monday published a photo of an alleged Mute switch for the next iPhone.

What's especially interesting about this particular part leak is the part's finish that strongly suggest—assuming the component is genuine—that the next iPhone will in fact be offered in Space Black.