Video: Siri goes offline

An image showing an iPhone 12 held in hand with the glowing orb at the bottom denoting Offline Siri functionality

iOS 15 brings offline Siri, which leverages on-device processing to handle specific types of requests even without an internet connection, and we have a video to show it to you.

How to remotely control your iPhone camera to take pictures or videos

Three iPhones side by side, showing their backs

iPhone has an excellent camera system and can take some really good photos and videos. Several users also place the iPhone on a tripod or lean it against a rock to take group shots or shoot jitter-free videos. Of course, you can set a timer and be done with it. However, there are ways to capture photos and videos totally hands-free.

In this post, we will show you how to remotely control the iPhone camera shutter to take photos or videos. We will be making use of the Apple Watch, Siri, Voice Control, Bluetooth remote shutters, and wired EarPods.