Radio Shack

Radio Shack Offering $30 Off AT&T iPhone 4 and 4S

Folks that missed out on all of the Black Friday festivities will be happy to hear that retailers aren't quite done discounting Apple products yet. Yesterday, we told you about some major iPad deals going on over at, and now we've come across some other specials.

It appears that Radio Shack, one of America's largest electronics retailers, is discounting most of its AT&T-branded smartphones this month. The sale covers Android handsets by top manufacturers like HTC and Sony, and also includes the iPhone 4 and 4S...

RadioShack Receiving Sprint iPhone 4S Shipments this Weekend

We reported yesterday on the iPhone 4S supply issues that have been plaguing US operators since the device launched last month. The three major iPhone carrier partners are having trouble keeping up with consumer demand.

Most retailers are sold out of the phone in-store and are reporting shipping dates at least two weeks out. For those of you still trying to get your hands on this year's hottest handset, you may want to try your local RadioShack this weekend...

Radio Shack to Get Verizon iPhone 4 on September 15, Better Late Than Never?

9to5Mac is reporting that Radio Shack will start carrying the Verizon iPhone 4 in its retail stores on September 15, only a few weeks before Apple's expected iPhone 5 announcement.

Radio Shack has promised to sell Verizon handsets in September, but it's odd that they would choose to kick it all off with the iPhone 4. Why not just wait until the next iPhone comes out? Do they know something we don't?