Interpreting the meaning of LED light states on your AirPods Max

The LED status light on your AirPods Max headphones, found on the top of the right earphone, was designed to indicate the various states and modes of operation such as pairing mode, charge states and reset/restart statuses. Follow along with our helpful tutorial if you need to learn how to decipher the meaning of the various LED light states of your AirPods Max.

Tenmetsu makes the iPhone’s rear-facing flash more like a pro flashlight

In addition to being a phone and an internet communications device, the iPhone could be described as a digital multitool. A great example is the handset’s rear-facing LED flash, which doubles as a flashlight when we find ourselves stranded in the dark.

Out of the box, a stock iPhone supports use of the aforementioned LED flash as a flashlight via the Lock Screen Quick Action button or the dedicated Control Center module. Users may also adjust the LED brightness in steps if they wish. Unlike a lot of flashlights on the market today, however, the iPhone’s LED flash seems lackluster in the feature department. That’s where a new jailbreak tweak dubbed Tenmetsu by iOS developer Plat-Ykor comes into play.

Manaar lets you operate your iPhone’s LED flashlight with the sleep button

First and foremost, your iPhone is an internet-based communications device, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for other things. The handset’s rear-facing LED flash, for example, doubles as a convenient multi-stage flashlight when you’re stuck in the dark.

Stock iPhone users are limited to using the Lock Screen’s flashlight quick action button or using Control Center’s toggle button from anywhere else in iOS. But in those awkward slick-fingered situations where using a touch screen simply isn’t a viable option, a new and free jailbreak tweak dubbed Manaar by iOS developer Plat-Ykor could come in handy.

FlashNotify ensures you never forget when your iPhone’s flashlight is on

If a notched iPhone is your daily driver, then you might be familiar with just how easy it is to accidentally activate the rear-facing LED flashlight from the Lock Screen. Even more annoying is when it’s a bright and sunny day outside and you can't see that you have the flashlight feature turned on, therefore forgetting all about it and imposing unnecessary battery drain on your device.

FlashNotify is a newly released and free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer Greg0109 that was created to prevent the two aforementioned scenarios from happening to you. As the tweak’s name implies, FlashNotify works by notifying you when you forget to turn off your handset’s rear-facing flash and provides intelligent features for turning it off when this happens.

ShakeLight lets you use your iPhone’s LED flashlight with a shake

I often find myself in situations where I require a flashlight, and when one isn’t readily available. When this happens, I’ll do the only logical thing and grab my iPhone to use the LED torch functionality.

There are some cases, however, when using the touch screen to activate my iPhone’s LED torch just isn’t an option, and that’s one reason why I’m excited about the release of a new and free jailbreak tweak called ShakeLight by iOS developer Kritanta.

This tweak automatically turns off your iPhone’s LED flashlight if you forget it

iPhone 5s LED flashlight.

Your iPhone’s rear-facing LED camera flash becomes an excellent makeshift flashlight in a pinch, but have you ever glanced at your handset’s battery level after accidentally leaving your LED flash turned on? I have… and it wasn’t pretty.

With a newly-released jailbreak tweak dubbed OhMyFlash by iOS developer NoisyFlake, you can prevent this from happening. The tweak implements a customizable timeout period, after which your iPhone’s rear-facing flash is automatically turned off.

Kuo: Apple to adopt mini-LED backlight starting with a 31.6″ standalone display in 2019, 10-12″ iPads and 15-17″ MacBooks in 2021

Apple is expected to adopt mini-LED backlights across a range of upcoming products, beginning with a brand new 31.6-inch display coming later this year and continuing with an all-new 15 to 17-inch MacBook Pro model due in the first half of 2021 and ten to twelve-inch iPads reportedly launching between the fourth quarter of 2020 and the first quarter of 2021.

FlashBar puts an icon in the Status Bar when your flashlight is turned on

Have you ever accidentally left your LED flash turned on during the day and noticed your battery was almost dead by the time you got to it? If so, then trust me; you’re not alone. I’ve done it a few times myself while working on my car when some areas of the engine compartment were too dark for me to see.

But now, you can use a new free jailbreak tweak called FlashBar by iOS developer Cole Cabral to prevent that from happening ever again. The tweak displays an icon in the Status Bar whenever your LED flash is turned on.

QuickFlash puts a flashlight button on your Lock screen

Having quick access to your iPhone's LED flash is always convenient, and that’s why Apple built their own Flashlight toggle into iOS when they introduced Control Center with iOS 7. But now, you can make accessing the flashlight even easier.

A new free jailbreak tweak called QuickFlash by iOS developer Ziph0n adds a flashlight button to the bottom right of your Lock screen, allowing you to turn on the flashlight with just a tap.