How to save and access your clipboard on iPhone

How to access clipboard on iPhone

When you copy something on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, it's saved to the clipboard, ready to be pasted anywhere. However, your previous clipboard is overwritten and lost forever if you copy something else!

To address this issue on my Mac, I use an app called CopyClip, which keeps a list of my 25 most recent clipboards. I can copy any of my past clipboards straight from the menu bar. I wanted to achieve the same goal on the iPhone of having my recent clipboards saved and accessible whenever I wanted.

Due to iOS restrictions, the process isn't as effortless as Mac, but possible nonetheless. This tutorial shows you how to save multiple clipboards on iPhone and access them whenever required.

13 solutions to fix apps crashing on iPhone and iPad

Fix app crashing on iPhone

Despite solid software and hardware integration, apps sometimes crash on iPhone. This can include popular third-party apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp, Amazon, Facebook, or Tinder. And Apple's first-party apps are not immune to this issue, either.

If apps are randomly crashing on iPhone or they open and close immediately, this tutorial should help fix the problem.