Bedtime Alarm

BigSnooze makes it less frustrating to snooze or stop an iPhone or iPad’s alarm

Anyone who uses their iPhone’s native alarm feature to wake up each morning probably understands the struggle of trying to turn the obnoxious noise off when it begins firing. On the other hand, you might only be half-awake when you attempt to do so, resulting in repeated blind taps on your nightstand only to find that you continuously miss the correct button to stop the alarm.

BigSnooze is a new jailbreak tweak developed by Cole Cabral that tries to remedy this problem by making the snooze and stop buttons easier to tap when you’re on the cusp of awake and incoherent while the alarm fires at the crack of dawn. The result? No more tapping around and missing the desired button with your finger when you’re groggy.

Sleeper augments your iPhone’s native alarm interface with much-needed features

The alarm feature found in your iPhone’s native Clock app is particularly useful when you need to wake up at a specific time every morning, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to say that Apple could make iOS’ alarm interface a bit more intuitive.

iOS developer Joshua Seltzer recognized some of the inadequacies that are present in the iPhone’s native alarm interface, and to help combat those shortcomings, has just released a new jailbreak tweak called Sleeper in Cydia.

Add countdown timers to your pending iPhone alarms with SleepyTime

If you get up for class or work every morning, then you’re probably accustomed to setting the alarm on your iPhone to ensure you wake up early enough. iOS’ alarm interface is rather polished right out of the box, but there’s still room for improvement.

A free jailbreak tweak called SleepyTime by iOS developer SparkDev enhances iOS’ alarm interface by displaying the time remaining before one or more of your alarms fire off.

Qualcomm CEO would like to settle with Apple out of court

Qualcomm's legal spat with Apple and toxic rhetoric regarding cellular technology licensing agreements has been raging on for six months, and it would seem that the war is now starting to hurt Qualcomm's business.

In an interview with Fortune, Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf suggested in a more conciliatory tone that his firm's dispute with Apple over potentially billions of dollars in royalties on mobile chipsets should be resolved via an out of court settlement.

“There's not really anything new going on,” he said of the Apple dispute speaking at the Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen, adding that “those things tend to get to resolved out of court and there's no reason why I wouldn't expect that to be the case here.”

“I don't have an announcement or anything so please don't ask,” the CEO added.

Apple dual-sourced cellular modem chips from both Qualcomm and Intel in about half of new iPhones last year, instead of buying all its chips from Qualcomm.

The Cupertino company also stopped paying its iPhone manufacturers for royalties owed to Qualcomm in April 2017, arguing Qualcomm abused its dominant position for mobile communications chips to charge excessive royalties.

The companies sued each other and Qualcomm a few weeks ago filed a patent infringement lawsuit seeking to have imports of some iPhones and iPads that contain competing mobile communications chips banned from the US.

As that filing will take 18 months to work through the system, iPhones and iPads released this and next year shouldn't be affected.

iOS 10 preview: keep yourself well-rested with Bedtime and Wake alarm

In addition to a gorgeous new dark interface, the Clock app on iOS 10 packs i a little-known but useful new feature— Bedtime and Wake alarm. With it, you can set up a regular sleep schedule to receive reminders when it's time to hit the bed and wake up.

By making it easier than ever to create a regular sleep schedule and receive timely bedtime alerts, this feature could help the insomniac types get a good night's sleep. With that in mind, watch our video hands-on and read a detailed preview of the new Bedtime and Wake alarm feature in iOS 10's Clock app.