Automatic Setup

How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone

transfer contacts from Android to iPhone

Perhaps you're intrigued by the Face ID feature on iPhone X, or maybe you just want a (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 8. Whatever the reason, you've decided to switch to an iOS device. Now it's time to transfer your contacts from Android to iPhone. Doing so is a simple process, as you can see in this tutorial.

iOS 11 makes setting up new devices easier

A new feature in iOS 11 that has kind of flown under the radar thus far is Automatic Setup. As Apple notes on its website, the feature allows you to quickly and securely import data to your your new iPhone or iPad by holding it near an iOS device or Mac you already own.

Not much else is known about the feature yet, but from the above image it looks like the process is very similar to that of pairing an Apple Watch to your iPhone. You simply position the digital image in the frame of your new device and it gets authenticated for data transfer.

Obviously we'll have to go hands-on with Automatic Setup to see how much easier it really makes the new device setup process, but any change is welcome. Right now the process is extremely painstaking, forcing you to enter your Apple ID and other credentials multiple times.

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