Amazon and Apple end Audible exclusivity deal to avoid antitrust probe by German government

Quietly announced two weeks ago following discussions with both the European Commission and the German Federal Cartel Office, Apple and Amazon have decided to end their deal which made Amazon-owned Audible an exclusive provider of audiobooks for iTunes.

According to a Reuters report Thursday, the move puts an end to antitrust complaints by the German government and is likely to boost competition.

The agreement had been in place for over a decade, since 2003.

Amazon’s Audible launches Channels, $4.95 per month podcast subscription

Who wants to pay for podcasts? Thought so... Well, Amazon thinks people will have no issues whatsoever paying for short-form audio shows so it's introducing a new Channels thing through its Audible service, which hosts the largest selection of digital audiobooks on the web.

According to Bloomberg, Channels will host premium shows like Scientific American, The Onion and the WSJ, plus a bunch of own originals like Mortal City, Presidents Are People Too and Breasts Unbound.

Amazon overhauls Audible app, improves search, adds Discover tab and more

The online retail giant Amazon, which just purchased the gameplay streaming platform Twitch for nearly $1 billion, has given its Audible for iOS app a little love earlier this morning.

Now sitting at version 2.1 and featuring a revamped user interface — along with the minimalistic new app icon — the app does away with the outdated design in favor of a more modern iOS 7-friendly appearance.

Audible is an audiobook service owned by Amazon. In addition to the brighter UI, the refreshed software offers a few new features such as an improved search, an all-new Discover tab, a 30-second forward button in the built-in player and more.

Audible for the iPhone and iPad is available free of charge.

Amazon updates Kindle for iOS with in-app support for Audible content

Amazon today issued a nice little update to its Kindle iOS app to make it easier to enjoy Audible content.

Previously, listening to Audible audio books required opening a separate apps, but the new Kindle version 4.3 for the iPhone and iPad now includes support for Audible content.

As a result, you can listen to Kindle books enriched with their respective audio companions right within the Kindle app itself.

Audible, for those unfamiliar with it, is owned by Amazon. Your changelog and additional information can be found right after the break...