6 months later, OnLive app is still waiting for approval

In late 2011, OnLive announced that it would be bringing its over-the-air console gaming platform to iOS. It promised that users, wielding its dedicated controller, would have access to a library of tens of thousands of popular games on their iOS devices.

But as cool as it sounded, the magic soon wore off as the app's ETA went from "imminent" to "your guess is as good as ours." It's now been 6 months since the OnLive team submitted its iOS client to the App Store. And it's still awaiting Apple's approval...

FTC Takes Care of Fraudulent App Store Reviews. Sort of

One of my pet peeves is the current state of how apps in the App Store get their review grades. As you probably know the system as it stands is simply set up to allow anyone to write about and rank an application as many times as they like. Nothing had been done to prevent fraud in the sense of app developers writing multiple high ball reviews, until now, kind of.

The Federal Trade Commissions office has satisfied a complaint against a California based PR group called Reverb Communications. It turns out that the company who have worked with several developers were having their employees posing as actual users, and having them write up glorified reviews of different applications...

Google is Giving its Goggles to the iPhone

No this isn't a geeky tongue twister even though the title seems to have the makings of such. CNET reports an announcement made by a Google staff engineer at the Hot Chips Conference held at Stanford, about Google's Goggles app making its way to the iPhone. Turns out it is geared to hit the App Store later this year.

Engineer David Petrou delivered the good news in part of his keynote address in which he stated that pending approval from Apple, Goggles should be available in as little as 3 months time...

Apple Now Accepting iOS 4 Apps Submissions

Apple started sending emails to developers to let them now they can submit their iOS 4 apps for review and approval. iOS 4 contains many new features that require developers to update their applications to make sure they will be compatible.

Previously known as iPhone OS, Apple decided to rebrand this operating system that runs on the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod Touch. I think the big new feature of iOS 4 is the long-awaited multitasking support that will allow applications to run in the background, as long as they follow Apple's guidelines of course...

What's your favorite new feature of iOS 4? Are you looking forward to trying on specific apps on iOS 4?