A12X Bionic

Pwn20wnd updates Unrestrict library, bringing us one step closer to a full-fledged A12(X) jailbreak

Pwn20wnd’s unc0ver jailbreak tool supports all iOS versions from iOS 11.0-12.1.2 and most iOS devices in between, but it only partially supports A12(X) devices at the time of this writing because of reasons that we outlined in a piece published earlier this week.

Two of the most significant roadblocks that have prevented a full-fledged A12(X) jailbreak from surfacing are that Cydia Substrate needs to be updated with compatibility for these devices and that Pwn20wnd still needed to update Unrestrict library for sandbox patches on arm64e devices. Fortunately, the latter is no longer a problem as of today.

Pwn20wnd shares what’s left to complete A12(X) support for unc0ver

Hacker and unc0ver lead developer Pwn20wnd first introduced ‘partial’ A12(X) device support for the unc0ver iOS 12 jailbreak tool just under three weeks ago, but as most of the jailbreak community already knows, full support for A12(X) devices won’t be possible until Saurik first updates Cydia Substrate with compatibility for arm64e devices.

In a short spiel Monday afternoon, Pwn20wnd took to Twitter with a small status update for those still wondering about the status of the A12(X) jailbreak: