Colorize iOS 14’s Status Bar-based camera and microphone indicators with IndiColor

New in iOS 14 are colorful Status Bar-based dot indicators that alert you to when your handset’s camera or microphone are being used – a commendable feature with respect to privacy.

By default, the camera indicator dot appears green, while the microphone indicator dot appears a light orange. Unfortunately, there’s no way to change these colors on a stock device.

The best iPhone camera and photography tips

Photography tips for iPhone Grid Photo

You may not be a complete novice when it comes to capturing photos with your iPhone camera. But you may not be an expert either. If you fall somewhere in between and want to take your photos to the next level, we have some terrific tips for iPhone photography.

How to control your iPhone Camera with Apple Watch

As you may have noticed, there’s no camera on your Apple Watch. After all, where would the lens go? But if you own an Apple Watch, you can use it to control the Camera on your iPhone.

With what’s called the Camera Remote app on your Watch, you can get your iPhone camera set up to snap the shot. Then use the app to capture a single photo or burst, use the timer, change between the front and rear-facing camera, and more, here’s how.