Our Wallpapers of the Week collection brings you photo quality wallpapers every Sunday. Taking submissions from readers and scouring the Internet each week for the best imagery, we cover a wide variety of genres. This weekend, it poured down rain and, coincidentally, I received a rain themed wallpaper from a reader. Why not bring the gloom of a rainy weekend to the collection? However, there is something beautiful about the way water enhances a scene.

Rain inspired wallpapers

The first image below was submitted to me by @EvgeniyZemelko. The easiest way to submit your own photos for the iDB Wallpapers of the Week collection is to connect with me via @jim_gresham. Just shoot over the file via a hosting service like Box, Drive, Dropbox, so the image does not get compressed by Twitter.

I found the additional photos via unsplash.com, which is a hosting repository for photographers. They have an incredible free-to-download library. I modded the images to fit iPhones, but if you want the original file, simply visit the link below each picture.

Download by @EvgeniyZemelko: iPhone

Download “The Alleyway” by Kevin Grieve: iPhone

DownloadForest” by Filip Zrnzević: iPhone

DownloadCyan’s Turn” by Eberhard Grossgasteiger: iPhone

Download “Neon City” by Andre Benz: iPhone

Unsplash desktop wallpapers

How to: automatically download unsplash wallpapers to your desktop (9/10/2017)