iOS 11 adoption rate has overtaken that of iOS 10 this week as the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system is now installed on about 48% of iOS devices. In comparison, iOS 10 is still installed on about 45% of devices, according to analytics firm Mixpanel.

Older operating system versions, including iOS 9, iOS 8 and below, represent approximately 6% of the install base.

iOS 11 adoption rate is slightly slower than iOS 10’s. In the same time frame last year, iOS 10 was already installed on roughly 58% of devices, while iOS 9 was installed on only 31% of devices.

These numbers are obviously not official numbers shared directly by Apple, but they’ve proven to paint a relatively good picture of the state of iOS versions adoption in the past.

  • 博客不错,大爱哦!

  • Jose Rivera

    I want to see a graph showing exactly how man devices were left off in each version. I’m really curious as to what that looks like.

    • Thibaut Noah

      same here

  • I wonder if Apple have advanced statistics on exactly how many of which device is using which iOS?
    35% iPhone 6s are running iOS11, 12% iPhone 5 running iOS6

    That kinda thing. I would assume so

    • M_Hawke

      THAT would be interesting.

  • Starfall88

    I wish I didn’t upgrade to iOS 11. Buggy and battery drain problem.

  • Needf0r

    I’m still on 10.3.3.

  • FastTrack

    I love how they always post these stupid articles about how iOS XX is installed on X amount of device as if it’s some kind of legitimate statistic that proves the newest version of iOS is far superior than the previous versions! Probably 80% of people out there these days automatically update anytime their device tells them to. They figure “Oh there’s an update is available? Oh I better do it otherwise I’ll probably be missing out on something amazing!”.

    It’d actually be useful to see these kind of articles if people were actually allowed to CHOOSE which iOS version they actually want to be on. Obviously all the people who demand more from their device would be on a firmware that can be jailbroken, and all the sheepeople that are just satisfied with what crApple gives them will be on iOS 11.0.3.

    Me personally, I got one device Jailbroken on iOS 8.4, and another Jailbroken on iOS 10.2.

    I hope the rest of you guys are enjoying your STOCK FIRMWARE =)

    • Blip dude

      I am enjoying it actually. I was Jailbroken on iOS 10.2 and it wasn’t helping with my already crappy iPhone. Give me a Jailbreak that’s actually stabled and don’t need to sign every 7 days, then I’ll be more than happy to come back.

      I do miss dark mode (Eclipse), Cameratweak and forecast though but I don’t even think that has iOS 10 support as of yet.

      Am I hoping for an iOS 11 jailbreak?? Sure, if it’s done right, but I ain’t holding my breath on that.

      • FastTrack

        You said it right there in your first sentence “my already crappy iPhone”. So clearly you already had issues BEFORE you decided to Jailbreak. So how is that the Jailbreaks fault?

        And people are so dramatic about this whole 7 day signing thing. It’s not like your device stops working after 7-days. If you haven’t re-signed your device in 7 days you can still continue to use your device like normal, you simply just need to make sure that if you decide to reboot anytime after the 7 days that you will have to reinstall yalu via a computer.

        Not only that, but if people actually paid attention, they would know that you can just use “Extender Installer” to automatically re-sign yalu for you every 7 days! So then you don’t even have to worry about it at all.

        It’s just like everything else these days, when people can’t have it they pretend they don’t want it. But as soon as there becomes a way for someone to get it then they’re all about it.

      • Blip dude

        Care to explain how the hell hardware issues affects software?? The Jailbreak was in fact buggy. I managed to be able to Jailbreak my iPad which was working fine in both hardware and software yet even with no tweaks or themes installed the device kept crashing.

        Sorry, but I didn’t have time to sit down, watch Cydia impactor fail to resign the Yalu app, deleted said signatures, uninstall and reinstall Cydia impactor when all else fails, just for something I didn’t need.

        The one who is being dramatic here regarding the 7-day period is you. The fact that I didn’t give enough of a rats ass of a flying f*** to bother signing it every 7 days pretty much solidified the future of jailbreak for me PERSONALLY.

        The fact that you’re still jailbroken pretty much exposes how you’re being dramatic over stock OS which is much more different than it was 5 years ago when a Jailbreak offered so much more.

        Extension installer, you mean the stupid feature that worked while on a Jailbroken state to actually work. Pff, no thanks.

        Oh f*** off with that last paragraph, don’t get us Apple users mixed up. I want a jailbreak but unlike you I definitely don’t need it. I gladly updated my iPad to iOS 11 as it offered what I actually needed out of an iPad.

    • M_Hawke

      Pretty interesting how you take these types of articles so personally. These stats are just interesting to see, that’s all. To assume that iDB has an agenda to post such articles is a bit silly.