As part of alleged iPhone 8 technical drawings that were leaked out at the start of this week by iFanr, the publication also commissioned some interesting mockups. The nicely done renderings attempt to envision so-called “Tenth Anniversary iPhone” (aka “iPhone X”) with a seamless edge-to-edge display stretching across almost the entire front face of the device. Without further ado, this is what iPhone X with what iFanr dubbed “Full Vision Display” could look like.

Say hello to iPhone X

Here’s what an iPhone 8 with a 5.8-inch screen in a 4.7-inch bezel-less body might look like in one’s hand.

As we explained Monday, the alleged technical drawings shared by iFanr suggest that a nearly fullscreen iPhone model is likely among ten prototypes Apple’s reportedly testing this year.

The schematics depict the sensors, the FaceTime camera, the Home button, Touch ID and other components as being integrated into the display assembly, leaving only a tiny physical slit within the OLED display at the top for the embedded earpiece.

“Full Vision“ what?

Galaxy S8 has its stunning Infinity Display (great marketing name, by the way!) while iPhones have been stuck with good ol’ Retina displays since 2010.

That said, I’m not so sure about iFanr’s “Full Vision Display” moniker.

Thankfully, the expected adoption of edge-to-edge OLED displays on future iPhones will surely present Apple with ample opportunity to update the Retina moniker, if it wants to.

What’s next for Retina?

When iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus came along, Apple referred to their screens as “Retina HD” due to the increased pixel count going all the way up to the full HD resolution of 1,080×1,920 pixels on Plus models.

So, what could the company call iPhone 8’s rumored 2,436×1,125 521 PPI screen?

Super Retina HD? Ultra Retina HD, perhaps? Or something entirely different?

Tell us in comments!

Source: iFanr

  • burge

    Nothing new with that name

    FullVision 5.7” Quad HD+ (1440×2880), 18:9 ratio, screen to body ratio: 80.7%, HDR10 & Dolby Vision.

    As LG describe the G6 display.

    • backbeat

      LG is sh*t so is android

      • burge

        I never said Android was good. And it’s only a name. Lol

      • Gethro

        Android is really popping this year so far.

      • Abhijeet Gupta

        Life’s Garbage

    • Abhijeet Gupta

      Can you stop boasting about your G6 here.

      • burge

        Sorry to say but until I say something that is deemed offensive on this site I can say whatever I like just like you and your not the moderator on here so don’t say I can’t and if your not happy about other people’s opinions then why are you even reading a site like this.

        And the post your replying to was posted yesterday so your the one keeping it alive.

      • Abhijeet Gupta

        Seems that you’re exorbitantly happy with Garbage.

      • burge

        Sorry but the display is better then the iPhone. Just to point out I’ve only had iPhones since 2007 and I’m very happy with my i7 right now but I know a better display when I see one and it’s a shame that others think that Apple can do no wrong, (points finger at you ) and if Apple do change to OLED it kind of says something about the Retina display doesn’t.

        And again you keep this alive.

      • Siri Tim Cook Holness

        The regular 7 sux way too small only 750p no dual camera tiny battery like why do Apple still make 4.7″ iPhones I got the product red 7+ on 4/14 and so happy with it the regular 7 is like a toy compared to the 7+ it’s smaller and lacks all the features plus the 2208×1242( yes Apple claim the plus sized iPhone displays are lower resolution than they actually are, when I screenshot on my 7+ and press the info button in Google photos it says 2208×1242) display on the 7+ is way better than shitty 750p I have used smaller iPhones my 1st iPhone was a 4s then I had 5 then I upgraded to 6s plus in 2015 never going back to a smaller size at first I upgraded every 2 years but now IUP is in UK I have my 7+ on that so upgrade every year

      • burge

        My i7 was a gift so I’ve got no complaints about it, more so because it’s the 256GB one. My upgrade is due at the end of the month so I’ll just get a sim only and wait for the iPhone X and have that. My other device that i’ve been asked to review has a fantastic screen and that’s comparing to a iPhone 7+ also. I just hope Apple improve the display as the Retina display is just lacking.

      • Siri Tim Cook Holness

        At least the 7 plus can livestream at the current industry standard resolution 4k won’t be standard for a while and I don’t see 1440 ever being the industry standard resolution the regular 7 750p is sub standard ik there’s very few apps for streaming without a PC but I use one called vidih to livestream to yt without a PC think it’s like 2.99 and u get a choice of resolutions and services to stream with and probably the reason it’s being on the app store for so long and not revoked as it’s not the app it’s self that streams u just go to their website and install the VPN but if u don’t have the app it’s limited to 2 minutes u have to press the red button at top and it opens the app and u gotta type in ur Apple ID then it’ll verify and u can stream as long as u want

      • burge

        Why are you trying to justify the existence of the i7+, you decide what device you want and you live with it.

      • Lawrence

        Dude you complain like a little bitc*

  • zoLa siWisa

    I will wait for the final release. These concepts news confuses me a lot. Nice article though.

  • therealjjohnson

    You can leave the home button on the front. Im cool with that…

  • Jay P

    finger crossed for touchID on front!!

    • Gethro

      It’ll be on the back

      • Merman123

        You heard it here people. Confirmed by Gethro on Disqus.

  • Jamessmooth

    I don’t know… that earpiece cut out looks weird to me.

  • AwesomeSauce

    If iPhone 8 does’t have curved display that would suck.

    • Gethro

      It won’t!

    • Micke på taket

      Curved display sux bigtime,, wrongly made inputs all d time

  • Charlie

    Why don’t they just do the industry standard like 2k or 4K

    • Rowan09

      From the rumor on the bottom it is 2K. 4K is overkill unless you’re using a VR headset it’s useless. Even 4K tvs are pretty useless because almost no content is in 4K right now and definitely not live TV. Verizon FIOS themselves said in 3 years or so they’ll have 4K and by that time we might be moving on to 8K, etc.

    • Siri Tim Cook Holness

      They don’t even use standard resolutions new even the 7 plus which they claim is a standard resolution is 2208×1242 not 1920×1080

  • Rob

    Ultra fine retina?
    Floating display?
    iPhone full frontal?

  • Riley Freeman

    that is hideous

  • You Ti

    Everyone know the link download this wallpaper?

    • askep3

      ^^^ these are some of the best wallpapers I’ve ever seen

    • Mike M. Powell

      Real talk, I need these

  • Klaus Noergaard

    Probably the simpliest concept images I’ve seen

  • Eshaan s arora

    Some1 pls send a link to download those wallpapers

  • Igor Engelen

    Why didn’t they put that slit completely at the top to avoid that small strip of screen above it

  • websyndicate

    I hope something is done with FaceTime and add more people. Nothing has changed? Why?