After going close to seven years without a major redesign, we are excited to announce that iDB finally got a well-deserved makeover. Regular readers will feel right at home, while potential new readers will find a site that looks more inviting and easier on the eye. Let me walk you through some of the design decisions.

Different yet familiar

The first thing you will notice is that this design is very similar to the old one. The Home page layout is virtually the same, with a header, some featured posts, the list of most recent published posts, and a sidebar.

We decided to stick to that layout because it is a proven one, and one that web users are familiar with. Furthermore, because iDB has so much content, we felt like the sidebar would remain a great way for readers to discover that content, at least on desktop.

Despite being familiar, you will likely appreciate the fact that this design gives more room to breathe to the content. The overall theme is lighter and wider than it used to be, with more white space, which in turn makes the content easier to read, and just more pleasant to look at.

You will undoubtedly notice that the content area is now wider, the font is slightly larger, and line spacing has been increased. This makes reading iDB articles a much nicer experience, whether you are on desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Same experience across devices

This new design is also responsive, which means you get the same experience across all devices. Whether you’re using an iPhone, an iPad, or a PC, the site will automatically adjust to your screen size to provide the best possible experience, while conserving the same design.

This is a nice departure from our previous set up which offered a specific view for mobile users. It worked, but it wasn’t very pretty, and didn’t really fit the overall look of the actual site.

Ads are still a thing

Unfortunately, the US government is still not subsidizing our work at iDB and we must find different ways for Andrew, Anthony, Cody, Christian, Jim, Joaquim, Steffen, and myself to make money.

We’ve always used advertising to generate revenue and we will keep doing this, at least until a better way to make money comes along. That means that there are still ads on iDB, as many as before, and pretty much in the same spots too.

We understand you don’t like ads. Trust me, we hate them too, but ads are what allows us to keep the lights on. If you’re reading this, I’ll ask you to consider whitelisting iDB in your ad blocker. This is one of the best ways to support the site.

We’re 95% there

What you see right now is pretty much what it’s going to look like for the foreseeable future. But there are still some things to tweak and adjust in order for us to provide the most optimal experience across all devices.

So in the next few weeks, we will be making slight adjustments. If something is broken or doesn’t work as you’d expect, please feel free to email I can’t guarantee we will reply to your email, however I can guarantee we will read it and take it into consideration.

Thank you

The iDB team joins me to thank each one of you for the continuing support you have provided us over the years. As iDB is about to enter its tenth year of existence, we’re well aware that none of that would be possible without you. We might not always agree and see eye to eye on everything, but we do respect you and are infinitely thankful for what you allow us to do everyday.

  • Flabalanche

    I like it

    • Flabalanche

      So one tweak that I would change is to make the bar on the very top of the page where the iDB logo is, make it a little bit bigger. I usually click on the logo to go back to the home page and now it seems really small. May just be me idk.

  • Arnold

    Congratulations on the new design! It looks beautiful!

  • Vitor Antunes 

    Muito bom!

  • Wim Lentjes

    I like it, looks fresh. However, text is way too large now, so I’ll have to zoom out every time. Can you take another look at that?

    • Can you please precise what text you mean? Also please feel free to send screenshots to illustrate what you mean. Thank you

      • Wim Lentjes

        I’m using Safari on a 13″ MBP. There does not fit all that much text on my display. Also, the image and title are so large and have so much (wasted, imho) white space that one needs to scroll to even see the first lines of body text. (Images 1 and 2)

        However, when I zoom out (cmd+-), the web page becomes more clear and uncluttered. The downside is that the page does not fill the entire horizontal space of the screen. (Image 3)

        If you could combine these two, or perhaps add an option to do so, that would be amazing. I can’t help but wonder why modern web design features extremely large text, large white spaces and images, instead of an uncluttered view that does not require a lot of scrolling.

        Please note, this is my own opinion, and I do not represent other web users. I would still love to hear the reasoning behind these choices.


      • I see what you mean. I have a 12″ MBP and never really thought twice about it. It personally doesn’t bother me. I don’t mind scrolling if it means having larger images and larger text.

        This is very much a personal preference, and unfortunately this is not going to change for this site. At least not in the foreseeable future.

        I wish I could tell you that we’re going to fix it for you, but I’d rather be honest.

        Thank you

    • Alex Wilson

      What browser are you using? I use Firefox, if you are hit up the View menu, then Zoom and hit Reset, if needed use the Zoom Out. Most all browsers allow this type of change.

  • Wow, love the new design. More clean and modern look. Congrat iDB team!

  • BAiNZy3

    love the design, I am proud as a longtime reader ☺️

  • ericesque


  • MrTarek

    How do I whitelist it ? I’m using the Adblock app

    • I guess there is an option inside the Adblock app to whitelist a site. They may even have a Share extension to do that.

  • mahe

    Looks nice, but for me the text is hard to read because the letters are so thin or a little bit to gray.
    Also I would make the top navigation “iDB, Apps, …” fixed, so it’s always on the top of the browser window no matter how far you scroll down.

    Edit: and it’s a pain you have to scroll down one page to see the content …

  • Inseltraeumer

    Definitely an upgrade

  • Iskren Donev

    Congrats from me as well! Very modern and easy on the eyes. And I don’t even have to use the Reader view in Safari!

  • Alex Wilson

    I like the new layout MUCH better, easier to read and makes better use of the screen real estate. Giving ou a shot at whitelisting, please don’t over due the ads *s* – animated/flash ads get sites blacklisted.

  • Love the new design! One thing you can do is to have the menu bar stick to the top while scrolling. I also whitelisted you guys 🙂

    • Thanks

    • Dexter

      My honest opinion would be if we could rather not have the menu bar stick while scrolling.

  • Jamessmooth

    Whitelist iDB, people!

  • nova12

    thank you for listing the writers’ names in alphabetical order.


  • tariq

    The new site looks great and more modern but i feel like their are many more ads now.. pls keep it at a minimal amount

    • Thanks for the feedback. However, I confirm there are as many ads as there were before.

  • Up Stream

    I have been using this website for a long time, it’s my favourite websites and I really hate the new design. It is really unnecessary, the text is huge and it’s all wrong! Thanks for making my bad day even worse.

    • Sorry you aren’t liking it, but give it some time, I think it will grow on you.

      • Up Stream

        I’m sorry, you have clearly put a lot of work in to it. Yes, I will give it some time 🙂

      • Up Stream

        I think the best thing that would improve the site would be to put lines in between separate articles/pages like before. Now I look that’s the only thing I would change.
        Thank you!

  • Agneev

    Just whitelisted iDB. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you

      • Agneev

        Maybe you could change the font to San Francisco…

  • Agneev

    Here’s to hoping iDB makes it to 2075!

  • Radu

    Loving the new design, and whitelisted iDB in my adblocker! 🙂

    Two suggestions:
    – I noticed that the old page numbers are gone, it was very useful being able to jump from page 1 to say page 4.
    – When I’m on another page than the first one, I have to click on “previous posts” to get to the first page, where I can actually find the latest posts. The wording is confusing, so maybe you change the buttons to “older posts” to the right, and “newer posts” to the left.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Agneev
    • Jay P

      idk what is wrong with your browser, but I am using safari and have bunch of tabs open and still don’t take up that much memory. might want to clean your browser.

  • Agneev

    Maybe you could change the font to San Francisco from Helvetica.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, but it is not going to happen.

      • Agneev

        Why not? It’s easily readable.

      • Wim Lentjes

        San Francisco can not be licensed for any purpose other than Apple apps – it’s an Apple exclusive typeface.

      • Agneev

        Right, never thought of that…

  • Himavanth B

    Love the new design its clean, elegant and simple. Absolotely perfect!

  • burge

    But who remembers the forum

    • I do, lol

      • burge

        And so you should and I bet there will not be many who do.

  • Absolutely beautiful app, people rate and review the app in the App Store!

  • Clicked on the notification on my Mac and wow, nice job. This redesign looks great to a long-time reader.

  • Jay P

    fonts are bit big but looks really clean, load very fast. I am linking the new haircut.

  • Luka Petranović

    New webpage is such perfection that my inner OCD is satisfied

  • Just got home from work and I’m pleasently surprised, I’ve been an avid fan since the very beginning and I’m loving the text and fonts, agree the format is great and doesn’t need tweaking.My only constructive criticism is that at 21.30 after a long days work it’s damn bright and rather heavy on the eyes. Would love the option of switching to a dark mode.

  • Evan

    It would be helpful to have a subtitle in smaller font below the titles like on The Verge that would show the author, time posted, and how many comments. This helps to visually add a break between with article list which are now very close on mobile with the new font. And I kinda like knowing that info up front!

  • DD™

    Does the newest iDB v.3 show version 1.4 in the App Store? I thought I had the latest version.

    • v1.4 is latest version

      • DD™

        Thank Sebastien. I was starting to think I was going crazy. Btw.. I like the update. I guess v3.0 wouldn’t be available until 2080. 🙂

  • The Fluffy Alpaca

    I love the new design, sleek and very clean! Great job guys! One thing I experienced though is that the scrolling functions very weird when I use Chrome (desktop). It’s a bit “laggy” and hangs behind my finger movements on the trackpad. This however was not a problem in Safari, nor with the old site.

    • Yup, we are aware of that and are looking into it. Thank you

  • Chetan

    Hey congratulations! It’s really beautiful. Just out of curiosity can there be a subscription based zero ads version? Maybe on app?

    • Thank you!

      A subscription is something I thought about, but I doubt a significant amount of people would actually be interested. At least probably not enough to make it worth the cost of development.

      The iDB app that’s on the App Store has the option to remove ads though.

  • Rahimo

    Great look! Happy for you guys! Keep up the good work!

  • Loved the new design! Congratulations.

  • Angel

    Join the White Listed Crew. New format looks Great!

  • Mark S

    Nice. Pretty.

  • MacServiceGuy

    ugly as hell – almost as bad as the mobile layout

  • Dexter

    It looks great

  • Blip dude

    Could use a “Midnight mode” but other than that, coming in here not being super bombarded with ads is a change of pace.

  • cupinz

    Congratulations iDB..

  • tabitural


  • James G

    Nice work. It was so subtle I did a double take today.

  • Nirvana

    wow, Sebastien, just wow, it takes way too long for iDB website to gain a design overhaul.

  • Selecting the chat icon top right does not redirect me to the comment section

  • What’s wrong with sidebar on mobile? Whitelisted in 1Blocker. Can’t click anything.

    • Hey thanks for whitelisting. There was a problem with this menu but we fixed it. If you don’t see it yet, refresh the page or clear your cache.

  • CG

    Love the redesign. I whitelisted the site as well and will be coming here much more often.

  • Emmanuel

    It looks nice! Have you considered using an SVG for your logo?

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    Congratulations on the new design, it does certainly look very fresh. I haven’t tried it on Safari on my Mac yet, though I do remember it being the heaviest tab in Safari in terms of memory usage whenever I check Activity Monitor, I hope that’s no longer an issue.

    Haven’t seen what the new ads look like, but I’ll definitely whitelist it if the ads are better and more tasteful (like those found in Daring Fireball and The Loop). Congrats once more.

  • Diego Milano

    Wow, I really like this better than what it was before! Congrats! Question— I’m still getting some white spots where I’d usually see adds but there is nothing there, is that something permanent or will that change?

    • That is strange. You should see ads instead of white space. Is that still happening?