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The Wallpapers of the Week section is an ongoing list of curated images for iOS devices. Each collection is sourced from around the Internet, submitted by a reader, or linked to a topical pop culture reference. Today’s section includes a reader submitted image as well as other great captures from around the net.

Another collection in the Marvel movie series, Doctor Strange is releasing this upcoming November 4, in what will most likely prove to be another hit movie in the comic book inspired realm. Step inside to grab your wallpapers before the action hits theaters.

Doctor Strange wallpapers

The first image was submitted by iDB reader @Aniketman.

To have your wallpapers considered for a post or to simply catch some mid-week wallpapers, catch up with me on Twitter @jim_gresham.

Aniketman Doctor Strange iPhone Wallpaper

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  • The best iphone blog ever

  • Eliijah Moss

    Here we go again. Just like the star wars and Pokémon hype. Makes no sense to me

    • Johnny


    • John

      I’m sure *some* people out there like these. Sure they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but there’s no Jing stopping you from suggesting/posting your own.

      • Eliijah Moss

        I have several ideas that I think people would like to be showcased, and I also have wallpapers to go with them. People want art, and that’s what I think the people deserve to be offered.

      • Aniket Bhatt

        I Submitted that first one there, If you want to submit some yourself just tweet at Jim.

  • Evil Lynn

    Excellent. Lovely wallpapers and I am SO looking forward to the film coming out at the end of the month.

  • mariocampie17

    So I downloaded the iMessage Application Phoneys and I was unaware that once you uncheck it on my phone that it will the remove the iMessage Application from my iPhone immediately. Apple has since removed this Application from it’s iTunes store and with there recent updates to their terms of service the Application no longer shows up in my Purchased section. Is there anyway I would be able to get this Application back? I have it installed on my iPad as of right now if there is anyway I could transfer it to my iPhone but I don’t know how. I tried to transfer my purchase to my Mac but whenever I do this none of my Applications appear in iTunes for me to download them to my iPhone then. Does anyone know any way of fixing this issue, please help

    • Eliijah Moss

      Hi. Once an app is gone (in terms of removed from the App Store AND recent purchases) it’s gone. You can try to slide load it, or install the IPA or APK file. Best of luck.

  • tariq

    Please do ‘cars’ next week!

  • john snow

    Only Benedict? What about Ancient Tilda?

  • No, they just ripped us off

    • Eric Clark

      But at least they mentioned where they ripped from lol