iPhone 6 space gray Touch ID

Apple engineers are designing a remote unlock function that would allow an iPhone to unlock a Mac when in close proximity, reports MacRumors. The feature would use the handset’s Touch ID hardware, and is slated for the upcoming OS X 10.12 update.

The site notes that this will use Bluetooth LE frameworks, and will likely work similar to the solution found in the Apple Watch. Passcodes on the Apple Watch can be bypassed by entering your iPhone passcode or using Touch ID on the connected iPhone.

It’s long been speculated that Apple would bring its fingerprint-scanning technology to its Mac lineups, but a software solution like this seems like it would be much simpler. Plus, there are already a few apps like MacID and Knock that offer similar functionality.

Apple is expected to reveal OS X 10.12, alongside iOS 10 and other platform updates, at its developer conference in San Francisco next month. It’s been rumored that OS X will be rebranded as “MacOS,” and include long-awaited support for Apple’s Siri assistant.

Source: MacRumors

  • Georg_Schmo

    RIP MacID :/

    • :D

      MacID doesn’t always seem to work so this is awesome

      Apple could implement something much more reliable if built right into the OS (I’m guessing)

      • Georg_Schmo

        works fine for me but good point!

      • Tim

        Works fine, but it just takes too long, entering my 11-character long password is faster. Hope an OS-level implementation will speed up the process.

      • Dodgy Debjit

        After the rave reviews on here I bought MacID but its junk. Barely ever works. Will be glad to see a native implementation.

  • Mark S

    I want an alarm app that works all year long and doesn’t screw up when stupid DST comes along. Fix that before dreaming up “features” that I don’t need OR want.

    • Tim

      Explain? Never had that problem in 5 years of iPhones.

    • Dillan

      Come visit us in Arizona some time, the weather’s great! 😀

  • Cristian


  • I gave MacID a try and I always kept disabling it because it didn’t work 100% of the time. I hope Apple makes this a thing.

    • Abhijeet Gupta

      i even got a refund for it, its not as good as it was hyped to be.

  • James G

    Bet my corporate IT will disable that in a heartbeat :/

  • i think it’ll be much better if they add a fingerprint built-in the mac, linking with te power button or smth similar! :/

  • jaimem17

    So, Apple overall is becoming a company that can’t do/innovate anything by themselves, they rely on what other developers or companies do to call them “new features”. I have lost all hope in Apple since the release of the iPhone 6+

  • sadaN

    The new version of FingerKey does that as well as logging to websites on the Mac by authentication on the iPhone with TouchID

  • Anonymous

    I sure do love it when apple sure locks a yhird party feature i use. Having the feature stock is always best. However, i was happy to support the dev who started it all.