HTC Sense 8 splash

The Wallpapers of the Week series is a dedicated iDB section that brings you quality wallpaper posts, every Sunday. We try to cover the full spectrum of imagery, from still shots, to naturescapes, to original digital creations.

It seems somewhat sacrilegious to host other system wallpapers on a site dedicated to Apple, but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to steal some inspiration. Today’s selection comes from the HTC Sense 8. Step inside to download the new wallpapers and be comforted knowing you don’t have to own an HTC to enjoy them.

HTC Sense 8 wallpapers

The wallpapers included below were optimized by @JasonZigrino. If you are looking for the 4K desktop variant, it can be downloaded directly from Jason’s Deviant Art page. If you are looking for more items by Jason, there is a full gallery of his work on Deviant Art, or you can take a look at his work that we featured in the past.


Download for iPhone: left; center; right

If you have any wallpaper tips or submissions, please connect with me via Twitter @jim_gresham. Ensure any submissions are pre-formatted for the latest iOS devices. If you send someone else’s creation, please provide credit, if known.

  • hkgsulphate

    Suits Material Design very much but not iOS

  • leart

    Like it

    • jimble


      • Jerry

        Hahahaaha! I was thinking the same thing

      • leart

        hahaha you are thinking the same thing

    • rockdude094


    • TJ

      Are you still on i0S 6?

      • leart

        yes, all my devices are on ios 6 not olny this

      • TJ

        nice, i loved iOS 6

      • leart

        yeah I loved to, strange is that after iOS 6, i never heared someone for example to say, i loved iOS 7 or 8, they are fantastic OS, but without appeal

    • I must have traveled back in time.

      • leart


    • Rahimo

      What is your device? I really really miss that iOS !! what is the version?

      • leart

        just purchased that device a month ago, iphone 5 on ios 6.0.1 new in box..
        don’t know what to do with it.. I’m addicted to ios 6, but I have already 4 devices on that firmware..
        8.4.1 is still an option since from ios 6 the ota is to 8.4.1…
        not sure what to do, maybe ill try to dump shsh blobs from the device just in case to have them for a feature downgrade to that firmware..

  • leart

    maybe with some blur will look better

    • Max Payne

      No I’m deeply sorry the blur did not help. 🙂

  • Jayy

    It looks alright

    • What are thoooose…icons? 😀

      • Jayy

        The theme is called “Banded” 🙂

      • Rahimo

        is there a theme that looks like iOS 6?

      • Jayy

        After a quick Cydia search this theme may work even though it says iOS 8. Quite a few things from iOS 8 worked when the iOS 9 jailbreak first released!

      • Thanks! Wish more apps were theme with those though.

      • Jayy

        No problem! An same, although the way I have my layout set is mainly the stock iOS apps and everything else goes into its corresponding folders for organization!

    • tariq

      Your theme looks so android like! And you got the widget lol

      • Jayy

        Lol okay I admit it kind of does! Can I have that wallpaper btw lol

      • Jayy

        Felt inspired lol

  • Alberto Espinal

    It’s like taking the H of Honda and slapping the Mercedes Benz on your Honda Civic

    • TJ

      I see people putting stock iOS wallpapers on there android phones.

  • These wallpapers are amazing!

  • Maxpacific

    @kiwimanjaro has created a couple of slightly more minimalist versions of these which are nice.


    Here is a great Donald toilet trump WP!! I wouldn’t wipe with this!!

  • Picapollo

    I have a photo stream with 226 wallpapers! And counting if you want to be add reply with your Apple ID to be added.

    • Picapollo