Favorite Apple product of 2015

With only a few hours left in 2015, we’d like to ask you to take a few seconds to take our poll and vote for your favorite Apple product of the year.

For relevancy reasons, we only take into account products that have seen a significant update, and we did not include accessories (sorry Smart Battery Case lovers) and peripherals.

Once you’ve cast your vote, make sure to jump to the comments section and explain your choice.

  • Chris Hauk

    I have to admit that I didn’t think I’d like the Apple Watch as much as I do. I had a OG Pebble, and was happy with how it worked for me. I have to say, the difference between the two is like night & day. After my wife saw my AW, she had to have one too.

    • 5723alex .

      I too just moved from Pebble KS OG (~3 years with Pebble) to Apple Watch. Indeed the gap is huge.

    • Lucus Bendzsa

      Pebble was cool but didn’t do enough. AW does everything. Also all that battery life is horrible. Always forgot to charge it. Steady charge pattern leaves me with an always charged AW

    • Niclas

      I was actually more satisfied with my pebble steel.
      The battery life and inability to configure watch faces drives me nuts.

  • Connecting Mac User 

    My vote? None. At least not this year, (You should add that option) as I expected more Apple. I feel very bored with Apple products this year and hope next year will be better.

    • Bishop

      Are you joking?! This has got to be one of the best years for  in a long time. The iPad pro is revolutionary. The Watch changed the smart watch game. The new TV is better than ever! The 6S is also a huge update from the 6! Not to mention the other products released this year, I’d say it’s a pretty great year for .

      • Connecting Mac User 

        I’m sure u re new to this apple thing. Get your sh!t right.. Nothing u mentioned above is a breakthrough or revolutionary as u put it. Just a boring year. Thats all

      • arp

        then what year u think was great ? 2015 was the best year since steve jobs died (after 4s)

      • tariq

        Yeah, if u look at the 4S fromt and back glass design vs the 6s with stupid antennas around the phone with the poking out camera. Youll notice how much greater previous iphones (at least design wise) looked.

      • There is nothing new about the iPad Pro. You still need adapters to transfer in your files which is dumb.

      • Blip dude

        “Are you joking?!”
        – I’m not

        “This has got to be one of the best years for  in a long time.”
        – No it wasn’t

        “The iPad pro is revolutionary.”
        – Revolutionary how?? Don’t get me wrong, I see so much potential in the product. But please convince me why this isn’t just an overblown iPad Air 2 with a stupidly overpriced stylus (yeah I said it), and an even more stupidly overpriced keyboard.

        “The Watch changed the smart watch game.”
        – No, I’m sorry but most, if not all smartwatches out right now are actually stupid (literally) at the moment. The fact that I need my phone in order for a “smart” watch to work at all just demonstrates. Give me an Apple Watch that is completely independent from any other device and I will gladly return to edit this statement more positively.

        “The new TV is better than ever!”
        – This statement is the closest I can agree to. Yes, the 4th gen Apple TV is definitely an improvement and I can finally say I am satisfied, but at the moment, the lack of other video service (Amazon Instant Video, Vudu/Ultraviolet) makes me feel like I should have kept my Roku 3 a bit longer. Not being able to store at least a few videos on the device is but ehh as well.

        “The 6S is also a huge update from the 6!”
        – As someone who update from the 6 Plus to 6S Plus I can say that it was NOT a huge update at all. Really, I feel that the only thing I got out of the 6S Plus is 4K. The only reason why I use LivePhotos is because all my friends are obsess with it but they have definitely have gotten creative with the feature. 3D Touch?? All this does is get in the way of things I used to be able to do. The battery life?? It was still equally as horrible as on the 6 Plus so I was happy that at least that didn’t change.

        Not to mention the other products released this year, I’d say it’s a pretty great year for .

        – You mean the 12″ MacBook?? Yes and No. I will definitely be buying one, but will wait for the 2016 model because really, this could have been so much better in terms of specs.

      • Senith Deelaka Ranchagoda

        From internal hardware point of view.. They had breakthroughs last year..

      • Jerry Sanderlin

        So you want a watch without your phone? Who wants to pay a separate data plan for a watch?

      • Blip dude

        Who says that necessarily has to be the case?? I have an active Nano SIM on my iPad and on my iPhone, why would I need to add yet another line for my watch when I can already just insert and go. IF I’m not mistaking (again, IF), there are at least 1 or 2 smartwatches that work this way.

      • Niclas

        You don’t need a phone to use the Watch.

      • Platy

        Yes you do.

        You don’t need a phone to use it after setup. Though you do to get the most of it.

        Regardless though. You cannot buy the watch without owning the phone. How would you get apps onto it?

      • Niclas

        “The fact that I need my phone in order for a “smart” watch to work at all”
        Incorrect. You can use it to receive/make calls, messages, listen to music, track your training etc.

        No one wants another data plan for their watch. It does what it should do. The weak point is the battery and turn-on sensor.

      • Blip dude

        Again, who needs to add another Data Plan when you already have an Active SIM available??

      • Niclas

        Exactly my point. Watch has wifi, there’s no need for cellular.

      • Blip dude

        There is when you don’t wanna have your phone with you. That to me is the point of a smartwatch, not some $350 companion. If that’s the case, what really is the point besides not wanting to pull your phone out of your pocket. Sure, if could come in handy when driving, but is that it??

      • Niclas

        It is a companion. To do anything remotely productive, you need a bigger screen.
        The point is to extend and simplify the mobile experience.
        I’ve had smartwatches for a couple of years and I wouldn’t go back to not using one.

      • I will say it’s not a necessity for anyone and a luxury for a few. It comes in handy at work since I can’t pull out my phone and also at clinicals when in the hospital. I can see many other instances where you can’t keep pulling out your phone but want to stay connected. When I’m not in these situations tho I don’t feel the need for my watch as I get a much better experience simply using my phone.

      • Blip dude

        Did forget to mention fitness. I will agree with that, but there are still also many other cheaper alternatives to this.

    • tariq

      I agree. Nothing too impressive. I still prefer 5S over 6S. And iPad did not change a lot besides the pencil. And Moto 360 still looks better and does more than Apple watch. (Personal opinion.)

  • Manor

    2015 was not a very good year for apple

  • Andres

    Going to say iPhone 6s was my favorite this year. I’ll hold off for Apple Watch 2 in the spring

  • Merman123

    iPad Pro and iPhone 6s. Apple Watch was ok. Apple TV was a flat out “meh”

    • Rowan09

      What more did you expect from the ATV?

      • Merman123

        It hasn’t revolutionized my TV in any way. Granted I use it everyday, but I also used the previous ATV everyday. It was just over hyped. All it did was bring a much needed update, but nothing groundbreaking like Apple & others tried to make it seem.

        The new Hulu and Netflix apps are the same ones I’ve had in my Sony TV & PS4 for years, so that was nothing new for me.

        8/10 apps are trash thus far. Outside of the major streaming services and Flex, there is nothing to be excited about.

        Gaming isn’t anywhere near as adopted as many people hoped, but I expected that.

        The Siri Remote is awkward. The buttons are still something I feel I have to learn every time I use it, the placement isn’t intuitive. I grab the remote backwards all the time without knowing until I find out by scrubbing accidentally.

        If you’ve never owned an Apple TV, then yes this is the best streaming box. But my sentiments are coming from a person who has been waiting for an update for 3 years. This feels like something Apple could have easily done 1-2 years ago. I can’t think of 1 new thing that Apple TV 4 introduced to streaming boxes that Roku/Amazon haven’t been doing for years.

      • Wood1030

        I’d have to agree with just about everything you said…and said well…
        I have the same feeling about the ATV 4. It’s a nice product and does most things well enough but after such a long wait for a newly refreshed ATV, it seems like they kinda dropped the ball in so many areas.
        Sure, most people will be more than happy with what it can do now but there are other products….Roku, Amazon Fire tv and others have caught and past Apple in many ways.

        My preference is still the Apple tv cause I’m in that eco system and I’m still holding out hope that they continue with updates to really turbo charge the product to make it even better.

      • Rowan09

        The only difference is 32GB/64GB which is huge and a real App Store. I want a file system just like on IOS. I’m also upset about only being able to use certain Bluetooth devices, that’s just stupid. The change it was suppose to bring wasn’t released and that’s the tv streaming.

  • Furrnace

    Apple Watch. iPhone 6s and the other tech this year is great, but it’s not new and innovative like the watch. I know there’s some negativity out there about the little piece of tech, but I would venture to say those individuals haven’t tried one. I had my doubts before owning one too (Christmas gift), but I am surprisingly impressed by this thing. It’s helping me be more productive (moving around more and not wasting so much time on my phone). It helps me focus in on the important tasks that really matter in my life. Plus I save so much battery life on my iPhone. Never tried the Pebble–almost got one, but I’m very satisfied with the Apple Watch. Would recommend to people who like watches and want access to notifications real quick without having to pull out their phone so much.

    • Tommy Gumbs

      I agree. I highly doubted the Watch. Then I decided to get one a few weeks ago while it was on sale. I am absolutely blown away. It is the perfect companion to the iPhone. I use my phone so much less, and I am now able to do things so much more seamlessly now.

      Siri is such a pleasure to deal on the watch. They finally figured it how to integrate her in a more fluent way. I am still learning what she can do on the watch.

      The battery life was disappointing at first. But after restoring my phone, which prompted me to restore the watch, I now get 1.5 days of usage. I never fear the Watch dying.

      Texting while driving is amazing. No longer having to have my music stop while I dictate was irritating. Making phone calls, appointments, and telling Siri “play Beats 1, or Latin music” while diving is wonderful.

      As for its flaws, yes it could be cheaper, have a better battery and faster, but it’s just a watch.

      As for a 2nd gen, I don’t see the point on the watch. Every other year would be great.

      • Merman123

        Hey man I remember all your hate towards the watch. Glad to see you’ve come around ;).

      • Tommy Gumbs

        I know right. I was just telling my wife that same thing the other night. As we were both messing with our watches. Lol.

  • Wood1030

    For me, i have 3 of the “2015” (my Phone 6 and iPad Air don’t qualify) products listed…27″ 5k iMac, ATV4 and an  Watch.

    I love them all but I’d have to say the best of those is, without a doubt, my 5k iMac. The image quality on the display is simply stunning and it’s a great performer too. Previously I had a 24″ iMac that died on me and i needed a replacement. Got a great deal on it and have not lost any enthusiasm about the product since I unwrap it from the box.

    I think my ATV 4 and  Watch are very cool products but there is still room for improvement on both, I think the potential for both to be really great products is still an update or three away but nevertheless, I enjoy using both and believe that their ultimate capabilities have yet to be realized.

    Looking forward to what the crispy fruit has to offer in 2016. Can’t wait for the iPhone 7 to drop…that’ll most likely be my next  purchase.

  • xxFoxtail

    I think all of my new devices I love the same, but in different ways. The iPad Pro, Apple Watch and 6s.

  • My vote goes for the beats pill + which seems to have been ignored by this site. It’s a huge upgrade from the last and is actually a respectable product now. I use it a lot for small parties I have.

    • Blip dude

      I will definitely be getting the Beats Pill plus in the future. The longer battery life and the ability to charge it with a lightning cable are 2 big pluses. But the price tag is just too much at the moment, I will just wait until eBay prices begin to lower. So for now the $25 Insignia Bluetooth Speakers (also 12 hours of juice) will do.

      • It had some huge sales over the last couple weeks. But yeah it is a little overpriced but then again all high end speakers are seeming to follow the trend now. I still love it however.

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    The iPhone 6s Plus and mid-2015 15inch MacBook Pro, none of which are listed.

  • GoldenPearMCPE

    Omg! Where’s the Apple Battery Case? 🙁

    • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

      I hope you are joking…

      • tariq

        We might as well put the Apple pencil while we at it lol

      • GoldenPearMCPE

        Of course. 😉

  • Tommy

    6S – cuz I just don’t use the rest.

  • Sleaka J

    iPad Mini 4 finally brought the screen quality from the full size iPad to my favourite iPad form factor.

  • Mark

    I loved my Apple Watch. I just got bored with the iPhone because there is nothing really new on it. So I picked up a note 5 and a Gear s2 and love them. I’ll be back with an iPhone On the next phone though, baring any major lacking of feature or design.

  • Jake Platt

    I am looking forward to seeing how Apple upgrade the 2015 Macbook in 2016. With the new Skylake chips and a year behind them to refine the 2015 model, I think they could make a brilliant ultraportable laptop in 2016.

  • Jerry Sanderlin

    The apple watch for me is a game changer. I don’t have to pull out my phone every time to see what’s going on. So convenient. some fail to realize it’s not your phone but an extension of it. Me busy all day in meetings I don’t have to pull out my phone to see what’s going on with notifications. No other product introduced this year has changed the way we interact with our calls text emails and other notifications like the apple watch. Some people come up with the dumbest things to hate on it. If you don’t own it or never have then they don’t understand really what’s going on with it!

  • n0ahcruz3

    Can’t beat iPhone as the most favorite apple product. Still rocking my 6 waiting for 7