Star Wars Stormtrooper Splash

The Force Awakens trailer releases are causing a great disturbance in the Force. If you are particularly interested in seeing additional sneak preview details, any Star Wars fan would tell you to view the Disney release Japanese trailer that contains footage not released to English speaking audiences.

With the movie just more than one month away, the Wallpapers of the Week section is hoping to help celebrate the excitement. Inside this week’s installment are a few images from and inspired by The Force Awakens. Of course, we must also pay homage to the original trilogy.

Star Wars wallpaper

The following collection was gleaned from iDeviceArt, which has a large library of download-ready wallpaper images for iPhone and Desktop. Also catch @iDeviceArt on Twitter for previews of the collections.

Force Awakens

Download: iPhone

The Force Awakens Jakku

Download: iPhone

The Force Awakens Stormtroopers

Download: iPhone

The First Imperial Order

Download: iPhone

Boba Fett Gunslinger

Download: iPhone


Download: iPhone

Stormtrooper Hoth

Download: iPhone

Snowspeeder Down

Download: iPhone

R2D2 Tatooine Sunset

Download: iPhone

Previous Star Wars collection

Star Wars Stormtrooper Splash

Visit: April 15, 2015

The Force Awaken Submissions

Currently, we are looking for The Force Awakens wallpapers. With the movie still unreleased, there should be a growing collection of images appearing over the next month. Hopefully, we will have a great collection to release just before the box office opens in mid-December. To submit images, make sure they are pre-formatted for the latest iOS devices and photo quality. There are a lot of garbage resolution versions out there.

Update: Here are a bunch of Star Wars: The Force Awakens iPhone wallpapers

Send them my way on Twitter via @jim_gresham. Remember, twitter compresses imagery. Upload them first to dropbox or a similar service, then shoot them my way! A direct link to the download will work too, if it is already hosted online.

Tip image

  • xFeeZe

    What’s that icloud thingy below for, and how to disable it? Thanks.

    • Anmol Malhotra

      You must be using same Apple ID on another iPhone too. Possibly it’s name is LM. And you’ve iCloud turned on for Safari.
      That icon means your web browsing history is syncing accross your devices so that you can access them from anywhere.
      To turn it off go to Settings -> iCloud-> turn off the safari toggle on both iPhones.

  • stevefe84

    Small contribution.

  • Stefano

    Thanks! I’m a huge Star Wars fan. Very cool screens

  • tiltdown

    Love it thanks!

  • Eliijah Moss

    Love my home screen setup. Thanks for the wallpaper. The Lightning is from weatherboard 2.

    • Christopher Shaun

      This actually looks terrible. It has no flow to it and just looks like a cut and paste job. Just my opinion.

      • Eliijah Moss

        Well… I tried. I’m not familiar with downloading themes from deviantart and 3rd party places, and placing them into ifile and such. I would appreciate the help if you do. Thanks for the opinion too.

      • Tommy

        looks like your battery will last a solid 10 minutes and yea agree with Christoper Shaun xp

      • Eliijah Moss

        2 for 2! And no, it doesn’t last for a solid 10 minutes. Not sure if you were being sarcastic either. It lasts for over 8 hours. Watched 10 30 minute videos. Only went to 80 percent with full charge. I also have it set on both lock screen and home screen. If you know how to add themes via ifile, let me know. I sure as heck would love to know.

    • Brian Mathew Ellison

      Looks good dude, the lightning looks awesome.

      • Eliijah Moss

        Thanks. Wish it could look better though.

    • Jayy

      How do you get the home screen widgets?

      • Eliijah Moss

        I use iwdgets. The widgets that’s on my home screen are called “stripe” and “search widget.” You can do a lot of customizing to both of the widgets. For stripe, you need to find your woeid. If you need help, let me know.

      • Jayy

        Thank you, and the woeid is a 5 digit weather code right?

      • Eliijah Moss

        Well. I tried posting the website go get the woeid. Guess sites aren’t permitted. But yes. Just search on goggle, how to get woeid. The first link should take you to a place that looks like the image.

      • Jayy

        okay, thanks for all you’re help!

  • MrJohnBlaze


    • Tommy

      classy af

      • MrJohnBlaze

        ty a few more

      • Mohammed Garada

        Quick question, how’d you get the weather widget thing there in the corner and how did you change your date and time? Thanks

      • – WeatherBoard 2
        – HideMeX

      • Eliijah Moss

        I have mine set up to were its aligned with the clock.

      • Axel1219

        Please share this wallpaper 🙂 Thanks boy !

      • Eliijah Moss

        Here you go.

    • Eliijah Moss

      Looks sweet. Like it.

    • Dion Travers

      How did you get the storm trooper head down the bottom ? That looks awesome

      • Eliijah Moss

        Probably lockglyph. Not sure what theme it is. I really like his lock screen.

    • luis

      how did you make your lock screen like that?

    • Jayy

      How did you get you’re lock screen like that?

  • RaiTD

    My Respring logo! 🙂

    • DTT255

      Very nice. Where did you get that?

  • Jayy

    What tweak is that where you displayed the time and weather in that little rectangle?

    • Rizal Adikara Djaingrono

      its called catarcs in winneon repo

      • Jayy

        Thank you!

      • jmicha17

        I tried Cataracs but I can’t seem to get it to work, do you know any guide to use it?

      • Eliijah Moss

        The last time I had cataracs installed, I watched a YouTube video. I can’t remember who demonstrated the setup though. Sorry. But I’m sure you can find it. I’ll keep looking, and let you know if I find anything.

  • Jayy

    This is probably like the 10th time I’ve requested this, but iDB team you see how people are posting pics of their lock/homescreens in the comments. It would be really cool if we had a place on iDB where people can post wallpapers and there set up to inspire other jailbreakers. It would bring a lot of traffic to you’re site and it’s something you’re viewers would enjoy and do themselves! Please make it happen!!! Jeff, Christian and everyone else on iDB

    • chachi acola

      And for the 10th time, an excellent idea. 🙂

  • Cesar Ferrer

    wanted to download some but they are designed for iphone, thus, low resolution….