Noir Theme

There is a lot of themes in Cydia, many of which don’t get as much attention as they might deserve. A lot of hard work goes into the thought process of creating a coherent design. It has to make sense and look good.

Noir, by Roberto Alvarez (@0phicleide) was born out of his desire to have a clean-looking minimalist theme that would be updated regularly. He started out theming the icons for free tweaks at first, and has plans on moving to paid apps as they’re requested.

All thin lines on a black background, Noir’s icons convey everything that is needed without any wasted pixels. Everything is pretty easy to tell what it is, some icons even look similar to their stock counterparts. Mail looks like Mail, Messages like Messages, and so on.

I haven’t made up my mind on Noir, other than enjoying the minimalist design and dark aesthetic of the icons. It’s a very good looking theme with over 100 icons and the promise of more, and I’ve yet to decide if I’ll use it a lot on my daily driver. I am going to put together a list of icons that I’d like to see themed. First on the list would be Alien Blue and Tweetbot.

Noir is $1.50 for iPhone version and $2.50 for iPad, and can be found on the MacCiti repo. Go check it out if you like this sort of thing.

  • ⓏⒶⓀ

    Looks better inverted honestly

  • Martynet

    it hurts my eyes… Think I would get dizzy after while 🙂

  • lemonhead

    how can this theme be considered minimal, the icons are way to sophisticated…
    it’s just a one colored theme, tbh

  • Carlos Medina

    I’m sorry but this is terrible (my opinion). This will strains the eyes especially at night. If the icons were white for accent on a dark color rather than grey which is a semi lighter shade of black would have been better.But overall in my judgment this is a bigfat… NO. especially if its a paid one.

  • Linton Findlay

    People still make themes? Completely unneeded on ios7 or later

  • El Barto

    I’m an experienced themer, and I know how much effort does one take to make a theme

    But this theme is made by a kiddie, it’s barely legible and some icons aren’t made in a professional way.

    iDB staff, please review better themes or bring back Theme Thursday.

    • Jonathan


      I disagree with your statement. You don’t know the effort put behind this theme. It could have been a copy paste, it could have been weeks of work. No one knows. But I still respect the dev for putting in time to make a theme for others to enjoy. If you notice in the post, it says “…that would be updated regularly” This kind of commitment is a lot of work, and I respect designers to are willing to listen to the community and add requests. I’ve seen your theme and I know the work you put in it. I have my own theme that has been in the making for over a year. The point is, it doesn’t matter the effort put in, it’s the outcome. Though it may not strike your likings, nor does it mine, there are some people who would love this theme.

      FYI, it’s already had at least 300 downloads.

      • I couldn’t have said it better myself.

      • El Barto

        I’ve been a newbie too, and not much time ago, I perfectly know that type of theme, I’ve started making themes in this way.

        The fact is, and I’ve probably chosen the wrong words to express that, that the author probably didn’t take so much attention in developing a top product.

        Look at the white lines in the icons.
        One of the principles of icon design is legibility. That stroke isn’t the best of legibility, anyone should notice that. I would have done the stroke a little thicker.

        Plus, look at the iTunes icon. See that note glyph? Well, that is on e of the stock vectors in Photoshop. How do I know? Well, when I firstly approached theming, I used that glyph too…

      • Jonathan

        I can see your dislikes of this theme. I don’t really like the thin lines either, but it’s how I started out. Everything thin to minimal (too minimal). It’s just a matter of personal preference. You probably love your theme that you created, but there’s probably some things I’m not a fan of. I love my theme, but there’s probably some things you don’t like about it and would change. He loves his theme that he created, but there’s some things other people would change. See what I’m trying to reach?

        I had to learn and I’m still learning. We all have to learn, and that includes him. So I can’t jump to conclusions putting labels on people.
        About the music icon, it’s a small detail, but sometimes still noticeable. Besides, a majority of the users don’t know these kinds of things and just enjoy the theme as is.

  • raulortiz318

    Would be nice to see a screenshot with an all black background.

  • GLL

    This is absolutely FUGLY!!!

  • Never have understood the urge for developers to make ugly themes like this. I would be on board possibly, for a few I have seen, but hardly any even cover the most popular Apple apps. I then end up with a homescreen that looks like my icons are FUBAR.