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After putting eleven smartwatches through various tests, Consumer Reports rated the Stainless Steel Apple Watch as the best of the category. Putting Apple, Samsung, Pebble, Sony, Martian, Asus, LG, and Motorola in direct competition, the folks at Consumer Reports took the eleven smartwatches through their labs to test for durability, health functionality, readability in bright and low light, ease of use, and ease of interaction.

The Stainless Steel Apple Watch specifically shined in several tests, including step tracking, ease of use, scratch resistance, water resistance, and heart rate monitoring. The Sport version of Apple Watch did great too, but not quite as good when it came to scratch resistance.

At the end of the tests, Stainless Steel Apple Watch was the top rated device. The rest of the ratings were behind a paywall, so if you’re interested in seeing how the Pebble faired, you will have to get a subscription to Consumer Reports.

Source: Consumer Reports

  • hkgsulphate

    not a single gate? 🙁

  • SMH

    Kairos Watch shiits on all these watches. They know not to even dare include it before it it all this junk to shame.

    • Fanboy 

      The Kairos Watch is a gimmick are you kidding…. a very AWESOME gimmick I may add and definitely opens up the potential to some really amazing possibilities, but it has no true function compared to the Apple Watch or even some android watches for that matter.

    • Sterling

      Except none of the Kairos watches are actually smart watches. Not even in the same market.

    • Old Homeless Guy

      Yes, it shits, because it doesn’t exist at all