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Yesterday saw the internet’s top technology reviewers drop arguably their most important piece of the year. A day or two before the Apple Watch is made available for pre-order, the lid has been lifted on the reviews that the likes of John Gruber, Nilay Patel and Joshua Topolsky have been working on. The three I just mentioned, and more besides them, have been wearing an Apple Watch for over a week and have all published their reviews. Most have videos to go with them. They all have word counts running into the thousands.

If you were on the fence about ordering an iPhone come Friday’s pre-order date, then the reviews will make for interesting reading. If you had already decided that the Apple Watch is not for you, they probably won’t. Given the overall theme of the reviews I have read though, I can’t help but wonder whether those who had already set their hearts on an Apple Watch may now have some thinking to do. That’s because none of the reviews I have read have been glowing. In fact, some have been downright negative.

If anyone had been expecting the Apple Watch reviews to go live with massive fanfare and popping of champagne corks in Cupertino, then they have no doubt been disappointed. It’s true that most reviews have some good things to say about the watch as a whole, some of its limitations are getting the flak that they may arguably deserve. Speed problems due to having to load data from an iPhone is one concern, as is whether the watch is a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist for most. The nuances of the points raised by reviewers are best read first-hand, so I’m not going to go into details here but the point is this: the Apple Watch is not without its problems, and a home run it is not. At least, according to most people.

With so many reviews having gone live today I found myself wondering whether the relative negative press may have led to some people altering their pre-order plans. Normally I would ask whether anyone not ordering before today had decided to bite the bullet and buy an Apple Watch come April 24th, but I just don’t see many having gone that route. More likely, I suspect, is the prospect that those on the fence will have decided against buying at the end of April and even more worrying, those who were dead set to order may be thinking twice too.

So my question is a simple one: having read the Apple Watch reviews that arrived yesterday, did you change your decision to buy an Apple Watch either for better, or for worse?

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  • That_Fruitarian

    Nope!! I take them with a grain of salt.

    I remember the reviews of the first iPhone, MacBook Air and even the newly released Mac Pro.

    • Paymon John Vafa

      great point.

      remember people’s response to the ipad when it first came out?

      • Fanboy 

        Or when the first iPhone was announced? This is how all the non-believers sound about the Apple Watch right now:

        “There’s no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance.”
        – Steve Ballmer, 2007

      • NeftyCorrea

        then boom ! Apple exploded

      • jalexcarter

        I definitely disagree. I am very excited about the watch and will without a doubt be ordering one but I definitely don’t think the device will be anything close to a game changer that the iphone and ipad were.

        And the people giving these less than stellar reviews aren’t just judging it from keynotes and tv commercials, theyre actually using the thing first hand.

        Im sure the next apple watch will be much better than the first hopefully at least in terms of battery life if nothing else that alone would be a huge draw to a much wider audience and give it even more merit.

      • Fanboy 

        I havent read much negative reviews, the consensus seems to be its the “best smartwatch on the market” although it it not something “essential” or that anybody needs. Everyone is praising the quality, the software and the battery life is up to par with what Apple claims, if not even better at times. It will definitely be a game changer to the smartwatch market

      • Kurt

        “game changer” you again with that? lol

  • Lagax

    “about ordering an >iPhone< come Friday’s pre-order date"?

  • iBanks

    Nope. I’m my own reviewer.

  • Imad Ghandour

    I wasn’t going to pre-order an Apple Watch to begin with living outside the United States or any country that supports pre-oders. However, unlike the iPhone, the Apple Watch being a totally new product makes this choice harder. Being a product that no one has ever experienced before in other words older generations, the Watch has some people scratching heads on functionality and use therefore makes it a harder choice of whether it is a truly worthwhile product. Reviews are the only thing to go on which is not usually ideal, you have to experience it for yourself in store also meaning waiting for the next generation in order to decide based on colleagues and friends alike.

    • That_Fruitarian


  • Lagax

    I read them and was disappointed about the slow loading speeds for apps, but everything else seems OK so far. Also, I don’t like reviewers to change my mind and Apps aren’t the things we will use most on this watch I think. A lot of what they say is subjective anyway and what I like most about the watch are the notifications. These seem to be very good and the taptic engine has also only got positive reviews, being completely silent as I hoped.

    So I’m going Milanese Loop 42mm

    • Allen B.

      Apple already came out with a statement that said it was because of a beta software which will be fixed by release date.

      • Lagax

        Yeah I know they said that, but trust me they lie… They lie less than any other company, but still you can’t trust their word to 100%, especially on things like this, it’s just not going to be (much) better

      • Allen B.

        They release updates faster than any company if anyone would it would be them

      • Lagax

        Year but it’s not about them, it’s about that it’s just not possible to make it much faster the way it works… The problem is most probably not on it’s side , but on the iPhone’s side…

      • A few easy things have to happen to fix loading issues. Firmware update on the watch and bug fixes in applications. Again both super easy! Once the mass market has a hold on the watch, application developers can change things to streamline what needs to show on the watch. I keep saying it, after a month apple is going to release a firmware update for the watch (bet its sooner) and dev’s will update their applications within the first week or two. Will it be perfect? No, but it will be a lot better then what the reviewers are whining about.

  • Hotrod

    It’s a great idea but it’s just not ready

    • That_Fruitarian

      I remember the same thing was said about the first MacBook Air. I happened to love it, though.

      • iPhoneWINS

        no this is just too little for 2015… and sure in V2 they will give us what v1 should be now.

      • That_Fruitarian

        Yep, they said that too…

      • If you wait for V2 your gonna wait at least 2 years. Not a chance Apple releases a second edition within the first year for a device they claim is about health and fashion. Lets not forget other watches in the market release on a 2 or 3 year cycle as well. It’s a tough market and nothing like the phone which changes almost quarterly these days.

      • Blip dude

        Okay, so Ill wait 2-3 years, and then determine if a smartwatch is right for me then. it’s really no big deal to wait.

  • Thunder Cats

    nope, because it is not worth it to begin with. For $150 then I might consider.

    • Maxim∑

      go buy a 1st gen Pebble then, because you’ll find nothing for $150
      get what you pay for enjoy that plastic screen

      • MR. RIGHT

        Go look up Striiv its only $99

  • iPhoneWINS

    never planed to buy it at all… soon as i saw the crappy retro looking design and sill price tag i know i was out

  • Lance Baker

    I still plan to order tonight. Seems they are working on fixes for the slow loading before launch. It’s just unfortunate that issues plagued review devices.

  • I don’t get the point of a smart watch, your phone pretty much can do the same thing.

    • Lagax

      An android phone for $50 can also do the same thing as your $700-$1000 iPhone… Why do we all love iPhones? Because they do it better…

      • MR. RIGHT

        Samsung, LG, Nexus, and other companies have better phones than the iPhone.

        iPhone just got 1080p screens…

      • Rupinder

        Whether a phone is “better” or not isn’t determined by screen resolution. That’s your own opinion, my friend.

      • Lagax

        The display is not the main selling point for a smartphone, I said $50 android phones… But if you want to troll:
        You can’t determine pixels on the iPhone 6’s screen from a normal viewing distance. Even the 1080p screen on an iPhone is too much, since there is NO need for it. It’s just a dumb decision from apple and other companies, because it’s less energy efficient and doesn’t serve any need. So the display in the iPhone 6 (not 6 Plus) is the best for a normal human.

      • Mike

        It’s one of the main selling points for a smartphone… And if you use a UHD screen then you use a iPhone 6 screen you can tell the difference easily. The UHD screen does serve a purpose because when you take UHD videos that will look better on a device that can play at that high quality.

      • Lagax

        This is not true. It is just wrong. The resolution does not make it look better. Something else could for sure, but the resolution doesn’t because it’s not possible.

      • Mike

        Next you go to a place selling phones compare you iphone 6 or iphone 6+ screen to a note 4 screen. You can tell the difference right there and everything you do on your phone is done from the screen.

      • Lagax

        Sure you see a difference, it is a different technology to some extend

        that is what I am saying the whole time!!!

        , but this has nothing to do with the ppi , next time you go anywhere you compare iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+, they use the same screen technology and iPhone 6+ has more ppi. You don’t see a difference.

      • mike

        Yes because the difference between iPhone 6 and 6+ is 75 ppi. You would barely see that… If the iPhone 6+ had 518 ppi and iPhone 6 had 326 ppi you would be able to tell the difference right there.

      • Lagax

        No. You just have no idea about how optics work. People just don’t have as many “pixels” in their eyes.

      • mike

        But you can still see the difference!!! Go look at the Note 4 or S6 and then come talk to me

      • Lagax

        If the same screen technology is used and you are in a normal viewing distance you don’t see the difference.

      • Doing it better is subjective when comparing different device form-factors (SmartWatch vs SmartPhone). When comparing the same form-factor, higher price doesn’t necessarily equal better either for sure, I beleive my OnePlus One is an example of tha in the SmartPhone market.

    • Dan

      I agree. When smartwatches can replace your phone (at a decent price), then I’ll be interested. Would be nice sometimes to just put the watch on and leave the phone at home.

      • MR. RIGHT

        I think the samsung gear can do that right now. I’m not 100% sure but I think it has a sim card tray inside the watch.

  • TechLove

    Hello everyone!
    I am just laying down my thoughts on the watch.
    1)is it needed?
    -> i bet, if you’ll buy one, you’ll adjust yourself and it will become an integral piece of your life, just like an iPhone. You didn’t needed a touchscreen but now you can’t live without it!
    2)Why should i carry an iphone AND a watch together, is it just plain dumb?
    -> apple watch is a watch. IPhone is iPhone. I dont think everybody with a rolex complained about carying a phone also! No its not at all dumb.
    3)is charging everynight a headache?
    ->no you just have to place the watch on its couch, thats it!
    4)is apple watch better than a rolex, or for matter of fact, any watch?
    ->yes. Apple watch is a smart watch. Apple watch is to a watch, just like the iPhone is to a dumb phone.
    5) is the apple watch ui complicated?
    -> every new os is complicated. Even our beloved dead simple ios was complicated in beginning, people just adjusted.

    • abcd

      Those are some interesting points! Nicely put together.

    • MR. RIGHT

      Hello Everyone!
      I am just laying down my thoughts on the watch

      1) Will the price of the watch go down like falling off a cliff?
      -> You bet, technology is moving quickly and after a year you will be using an old piece of technology.

      2) Do you really need it?
      -> Your iPhone that you already spent around $1000 on does exact the same thing and you wanted a bigger screen right? why are you going small now?

      3) How long will the battery last?
      -> If the battery doesn’t last 1 day then have fun wearing a bracelet.

      4) Is Apple watch better than a rolex?
      -> When people see a rolex 10 years after you buy it is still good and when people see a apple watch 5 years later it’s too old.

      5) Is the apple watch complicated?
      -> No because is doesn’t do anything like all the iPhones.

    • Gary LE

      Lol i agree with #1 the most since if u used it for a while with conviniences of notifications and answering emails and texts for example without pulling out you’re iPhone but… It will be HARD to live without the watch since you feel like youve lost that something.

      Also running with a watch is alot informative and again convinient to use WHILE glancing down and running at the same time but… U cant rin and check on your text while running though. Maybe that will be possible next gen?

  • Kenneth Lin

    No. Despite its flaws, I believe it succeeds in making technology more intimate and unobtrusive in our lives. Yes, the second generation will be better, but the benefits from wearing this watch daily for the first year alone is too good to pass up.

  • Tsk Tsk

    Reviews are not negative or positive, that’s not the right way to look or analyse reviews. What you’re meant to do is read many and pick the ones that sound most like you then if those reviews are in favour or not in favour of product will tell you whtehr the product is for you or not.

  • Black Jesus

    Because of the negative reviews …. I need it more than ever before ….. Come midnight come please …

    • Guest

      You’re clearly racist. Care about people’s character not the color of their skin.

      • Black Jesus

        Am black you fool. How can I be racist to my own skin..

  • Freddy Born

    no i am a sheep

  • leart

    I’m pretty sure that the watch will be a great product like every other apple product in the past, maybe the only factor that may slow down the sales is obviously the price.

  • Stxle

    i gonna need it for development testing anyways … and often my experience with a product is totally different than from reviews i read

  • Stxle

    just tried to make a photo of myself with the rear-facing camera which sucks because you shoot blind … the Apple Watch will make that problem go away … +1

  • Ara Rezaee

    Never was going to buy one anyways…

  • Alexis Marrero

    I was on the fence. now all the reviews confirmed things i was thinking about that made me doubt i was going to get one.. im not going to purchase one.. atleast not from apple….. might wait till they are 100-200 dollars off on craigslist lol

  • Jordan

    I think its bada$$! I’d buy one in a heartbeat if i could afford such a luxury. But that can be said about a lot:macbook pro, 4kiMac, iPad air2,mini3, etc etc. Wether i need it in my life is irrelevant. Who needs the Watch edition? Thats what this comes down to- who can afford it, thats who will buy the wealthiest-company-in-history’s, product upon launch, regardless of reviews/price/battery lol. Eventually we will all have one-but then it’ll be about the iCar…. etc etc

  • Linton Findlay

    I was always gonna wait a couple of generations to overcome the bugs and gripes flagged with the 1st gen reviews

  • Gastón

    Being born in the 80s, I can’t handle the idea of charging a WATCH (yes, it’s a watch) every day. I just can’t, and I won’t. Let me know when these can last at least one year without having to charge them.

    • Gary LE

      Dude im born in the mid 80’s and u make sound like we are really old. Btw this is a FIRST GENERATION SMART WATCH (that has many many features that a regular watch doesnt have) so it will tend to use more juice.

      And yes i am getting one for running to track my distances ran without my iphone.

      • Gastón

        It’s still a watch. My CASIO battery lasts for years. It doesn’t matter if this is the 1st gen Apple Watch. This one last for 18 hours, next gen will last maybe 24hs? Next one 2days?
        We are years away from technology that could make these things last for months or even years.

  • Fardeen Beharry

    apple first gen product never gets stellar reviews. it is the gadget of the future that is not currently in its prime, but the potential is here. give it a few gen 2 or gen 3 and everyone would want one once they “get” it.

  • Paz Bobrov

    no! i like the apple watch and i want it. bitch plsI’m my own reviewer.

  • James G

    I’m still planning to release an Apple Watch app and see how it sells. If it does well, I’ll buy the first generation Watch. If it doesn’t sell at all, I’ll wait for Apple Watch 2.

    The reviews aren’t something I particularly rely on. I’ve read enough about the Apple Watch, watched enough videos and know what I’m getting into. Even though it is not perfect, it still seems like an incredible device that’s fun to play with and still does “something”

  • James G

    The software speed problems cited by these reviews should be caveated. They’re running pre-release versions of WatchKit with apps written by developers who, mostly, didn’t have Apple Watch on hand to do serious testing. I’ve been trying to write a WatchKit app and it’s really tough only having the simulator to debug and test. Plus you can’t even use a home screen in the simulator so you have no feel for what it’s like to launch an app or how it loads data from an iPhone.

    I suspect these 3rd party apps and the slugishness reported by these reviews will be addressed through software updates by Apple and Developers.

    • Gary LE

      So what your saying is that even some media people was given a apple watch to try it and write about it but they didnt give them to developers to try it out with thier apps installed?

      • John Smith

        I know right!

      • Blip dude

        This is an interesting point. Would it have really hurt to give uber or facebook or Transit a watch to test their apps on the actual hardware before giving it to reviewers??

      • James G

        No, some developers got early access to it. But not a lot. And maybe as late as a week ago which isn’t a lot of time to ship apps for these limited press people to play with. We are talking less than a hundred people here which isn’t a whole lot.

  • Ariel

    All this smart watch hype just makes me want a “dumb” watch. What happened to simple? I miss the classic simple days.

  • ravinigga

    Mayby Google paid them? Also a point just saying

    • George

      You can watch the video and clearly see how unresponsive it is at times.

  • Stalin

    The Reviews dont really change anything. But the part that We will loose our Jailbreak for while making me hesitate to get it. but i will be preording mine.
    thank god for for spared iphone 5s.

  • William Melendez

    No , I’m very excited to pre order mine . I’ll be the judge , I have 14 days to decide if this device is for me . Simple as that . Can’t wait until midnight !

  • Blip dude

    I’ll wait until Apple releases the returns rate for the Apple watch, oh wait!? Is there actually a company that does this?? The second I heard the minimal price I was out. That being said, I MAY consider “checking it out” *cough* because 15 min sure as hell isn’t enough for to determine whether or not a smartwatch is for me in the future.

  • Byron Hinson

    No plan to buy one anyway as I simply don’t like the actual design of the watch itself. Reviews didn’t change my mind about things either way and despite apple saying the beta software was the reason for poor performance, why release this to reviewers in that state

  • Rupinder

    I will be preordering it. I don’t want to not be able to get it for 1 month+ just because of a negative review. I’ll be the judge of it.

  • zeekfizz

    Haven’t seen any truly negative reviews.

  • Eikast

    “If you were on the fence about ordering an iPhone come Friday’s pre-order date, then the reviews will make for interesting reading. ”

    Apple Watch not iPhone.
    As for my answer, no they did no change my mind. I already have a Pebble watch and I know the uses of the Apple Watch. It looks like common folk may not see why it’s useful, kind of like how some people doubted the iPhone. Once you use a smartphone you can’t imagine life without. It’s the same with a smartwatch.

    • Blip dude

      Here’s the thing though, and it may sound like I’m contradicting myself here but, I tested the pebble Smartwatch for 3 weeks, and honestly, the only thing I truly paid attention to it was when I realized the battery was dead, and time + forecast. Everything I got a notification, I just ended up pulling out my phone even though the watch also received it. If I wanted to control the music, guess what? I pulled out my phone even though the pebble gave me that ability.

      Calendar alerts? Pulled out my phone before even thinking about looking at the watch. Once I was getting near the return window, I came to the realization that I was only using the watch for time and weather, which thanks to the Forecast Jailbreak tweak, I can do on my phone.

      Now I really want to give Apple Watch a try, which is why I am going to check it out *cough* for 2 weeks, but I already having doubts that besides tracking my health (of which I didn’t even bother to do on pebble because my phone can already do that), I think I’m just gonna find myself charging a device every night that I don’t even use.

      So yeah, I can imagine life without a Smartwatch, and life is just fine.

  • blu

    If you were planning on preordering one, reviews will not change your mind.

    I don’t wear a watch, nor do I want to, so I knew I would never order one.

  • Fidel castellanos

    Are we really in a time of wearable tech?i mean is it relevant to our daily lives or is it just another gimmick?maybe in the future yea things might go that way,but for now I’m of the opinion that the iwatch just isn’t that tech that you look at and say I gotta have it,I felt that with the iPhone,but I mean now with the watch it just doesn’t seem to have that same wow factor.Well that’s my 2 cents

  • J3ff

    I did actually change my mind from a watch edition to a sport. I think I will make a larger investment on the apple watch 2.

  • Hussain Alsanona

    Absolutely not, I will pre-order it midnight. I tried most of apple product and I trust apple and its product’s quality. I’m always satisfied with apple and I’m sure apple watch will satisfied me. I know that nothing is complete, however, I tried many android product and comparing to apple products they are crab. IMO

  • Nope, just the nonstop articles on iDB…

  • @dongiuj

    Nope, I’m still not buying one.

  • Neh, SmartWatches are just lazy gmmicks as of now. Nothing special about them over saving a second or two from not having to pull my SmartPhone from my pocket.

  • ck125

    Apple hand picked them and still got hammered. I mean even iverge only gave it a 7, yet claimed its the best smart watch, yet they gave the Moto 360 a higher score. They had to stay on apples good side lol saying the Apple watch is better

  • Chayuth

    There’re many reviews about Apple Watch. Some are positive, some are negative, some make no sense at all. So I think it would not affect decision nor model I would buy.

    The only review that might affect a lot is from re/code that said thew watch performance is quite poor. That’s shock and might make me delay buying one and step back to see how Apple will use software update to fix this.