Google has plans to be a wireless carrier, selling mobile phone plans directly to customers, reports The Information. The company is looking at ways to change itself from its core businesses.

The new service is said to run on Sprint and T-Mobile’s networks. Google is expected to reach deals to buy wholesale access to those carriers’ mobile voice and data networks, making it a mobile virtual network operator, or MVNO, according to the publication’s sources.

The company could presumably offer the wireless network to customers buying its Nexus phones and tablets, which work on T-Mobile as it’s unlocked anyways. It’s not clear if other smartphones could use the networks through a “Google SIM-card”.

Google had previously been testing a wireless network at its Mountain View headquarters as early as 2013. Some of the details on this wireless network come from an application the Google submitted to the FCC asking for an experimental license to create what the application called an “experimental radio service.” The application asked for approval to operate a network with a two-mile radius covering its headquarters.

According to the The Information, it sounds like Google’s mobile phone network won’t be using its own hardware, rather rely on hardware and cell phone towers of Sprint and T-Mobile.

There wasn’t a timetable reported as to when Google plans to officially announced the deal. It’s worth noting The Information has had a very solid track record reporting on Google.

Source: The Information

  • Smartest Dev

    They are trying to act as the middleman merge between Sprint and T-mobile.

    • Unlis Ted

      Hay Dante, maebee Yoo cud yooz google spell chek On yore next post?

      • Smartest Dev

        1. I have no idea who Dante is.
        2. It’s very clear you’re trolling.
        3. Good bye.

  • Dante Arellano

    Google is just a search machine thats all evrything they tryd is just a incomplet fallure like the nasa just buttshite

    • Except if they play their cards right this could work out great [for Google]. Googles main business is tracking, advertisement and generally being an anti-privacy company that still doesn’t know how to implement Do Not Track. Think of how often we use our smartphones and then think about how much money Google could make by tracking and marketing absolutely everything on their network…

    • George

      Lmao, atleast they invent new things?

      • Dante Arellano

        What you got from them migth another invent that is in a box that no one use

      • ck125


    • derp

      1. What you said is BS
      2. You know what you said is BS
      3. Everyone reading your comment knows it’s BS

      So…why did you say it?

      a) You’re stupid
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      c) You thought you might get upvotes…aka you’re stupid

      which answer is it?

      • Dante Arellano

        Google glasses where are they? Are they selling it too fast that no one cant buy a pair in a store fellure papi! Google is the big brother that control the information and knows when you are toching your dick. Int’t got nathing from them i think the world will bether place without them well migth not people that cant buy iphones needs the ogry interface that they name os

      • Anthony Nguyen

        Well, Google Glass was suppose to be for people that want it earlier than everyone else, which is why you see celebrities and rich people already have it, and for developers. Google Glass was kind of like in the “beta” stage which the devs could make apps for it. This year, Google Glass is apparently going to released out to the public and it supposed to be a lot cheaper too. Also, your comment didn’t made sense at all, I tried reading it but it’s just full of gibberish like what did you when you said “Int’t got nathing from them i think the world will bether place without them well migth not people that cant buy iphones needs the ogry interface that they name os.” I kind of understand what you were trying to say, it was kind of hard to read, and when did his comment ever mention anything about Google Glass?

      • Rowan09

        Glass was released to the public it was just a bad release and misstep on Googles part. The Glass coming this year is the 2nd gen. These things are for specialized usage not everyday civilian life.

    • Omar Wright


      ( ಠ_ಠ)

    • well there’s youtube, android, google hangouts, and the play store…

  • Jonathan

    Well, that’ll be interesting.. Wonder what’ll happen with their Google Voice and Google Hangouts then because you get unlimited text and call in the US and Canada.

    • Chris Buck

      Good question! My business # is a google voice one and on my biz cards and website. hmmm

  • singhay559

    The more competition the better

    • coLin

      the more Google takes over the internet, voice, space… you name it, the better. NOT

      • singhay559

        Competition is to lower prices for consumers. It dont matter if you like the company and what they produce or not.

      • coLin

        At least that’s what they made you believe

      • singhay559

        Its alrdy a known fact. Most replica new companies produces or service offer always seems to be lower then the current. If you cant see that then i guess your just ignorant.

      • coLin

        I agree that competition is good for consumers, but think what’s behind all of that. Why do you think they didn’t allow AT&T to buy T-Mobile, why T_Mobile couldn’t merge with Sprint, why European Union tries to break Google. Because of a possible monopole. Competition is good, monopole is bad. Please open your eyes and look behind you next time you make a comment. Peace

      • singhay559

        As long as the average consumer can save. Idc about nothing else.

      • coLin

        Who’s ignorant now?

      • singhay559

        So you care about monopoly rather than saving $. Who cares about what these company does or dont. As long as you benefit.

      • coLin

        you just make me laugh. Of course I’m looking to save money, but God gave me wisdom to save in other ways. That’s why blogs like this exists: to inform people.
        My advice to you is: don’t swallow what others have chewed. make your own opinion. get informed. have a perspective about the future, not just now and today. I’m not trying to be hypocrite but people believe everything they are told. Hope you understand my point and sorry for misspelling

      • singhay559

        Lol what makes you think my opion isnt my own. You have no idea how informed i am. The future is us average consumers has no say in what these giants company decides to do. Thats why idc. They can monopolies all they want. We only have an ave of 70 to 90 yrs to live. Unless your part of the government or filthy rich and you shouldnt care what they do either. As i stated. As long as we benefit.

      • singhay559

        And learn how to spell

  • Yujin

    Just buy t-mobile before they run out of money and keep the CEO in.

    • Jake Smith


    • T. Allen

      Have ALWAYS thought Google buying T-Mobile was a good buy for Google to get in the smartphone game. They have the money to pour into the infrastructure buildout. They a dedicated customer base where they can sell both their Android and iOS platforms and would be a major player immediately instead of going the MVNO route. Google is way too big of a company to act as a reseller of anyone’s service.

      • Rowan09

        It’s very expensive to run a cellphone company and very risky. Googles business model is promoting search and that’s all that matters. I would like to see these plans because MVNO carriers usually have horribly plans to promote going to the carrier themselves. I really don’t see this working.

    • sosarozay300

      as long as they keep john legere they will be successful

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    Smart on Google part under the hood self merger.

  • daniel awde

    Google google everywhere
    *buzzlight year pic here*
    Too lazy to search for it :p

    • Jonathan

      Here ya go

      • daniel awde

        Haha Thanks.

  • Andres

    Ads for a Google moble Carrier would be very confusing to the public

  • coLin

    I heard the Google is planning on buying the Moon so he could take over the Universe slowly :))

    • danielson

      yes. they made me a formal offer. but it’s too low right now. plus, they didn’t include nearly enough stock options in their bid.

      • coLin

        Haha, you never know what might happen in 50 years from now

    • daniel awde

      they do invest 1bn$ to spacex i guess you’re right

  • Paul Edmund

    No thanks, need Verizon’s network.

  • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

    Zerg Rush 😛

  • Victor Molina

    Enjoy sending everything you do on your phone to Google. Really REALLY

  • Eventually Google Is going to take over technology.

  • Linton Findlay

    Wonder if they would sell iPhones if they want to become a carrier

  • Unicorn Drank

    Sprint sucks and T-mobile is ok, I would have been interested but not if its those two.

  • iPhoneWINS

    hmmm I can see them buying up Tmobile or sprint or both

  • Google is slowly becoming the real SkyNet